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  • Dendemann

    (164,305 listeners)

    hip hop, german, hip-hop, rap

    Dendemann is a scratchy-voiced lyricist from Menden, Germany, now spreading his raps all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland from Hamburg. His documented career began in 1993 - right in time for the first "hype" of german rap music. But "Diggi-Dendemeier" aka Daniel Larusso aka Volker Racho aka Olaf Mitender, whose real name is Daniel Ebel, never made much money.

  • Glazed Finish

    (35 listeners)

  • Kilians

    (128,714 listeners)

    german, indie, indie rock, alternative

    Kilians (formerly known as The Kilians) were five young musicians from Dinslaken (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) . In 2005 they recorded their first EP and grabbed the attention of Thees Uhlmann, the front man of Tomte. Shortly after they were the supporting act of Tomte during the "Spring Tour" in 2006. Their Song "Jealous Lover" hit the Top-3 of the "Campus Charts".

  • Liquid Lightning

    (215 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, alternative, bumsrock, rock

    ''Dynamischer und energiereicher als ihre Mitstreiter präsentierten sich die Alternativ-Progressiv-Rocker von „Liquid Lightning“.

  • Parachutes

    (71,068 listeners)

    icelandic, post-rock, ambient, screamo

    There are at least two bands called Parachutes. 1. An Icelandic experimental music duo 2. A German post-hardcore band

  • The Fogs

    (5 listeners)

  • Turbostaat

    (52,921 listeners)

    punk rock, punk, german, deutschpunk

    The band Turbostaat was founded in the year 1999 and consists of some members of the bands Zack Ahoi, Unabomber and Exil. After the band had moved to Flensburg, Germany, they released their first album Flamingo via "Schiffen" and "Rookie Records" in the year 2001. In 2003 they released their second album Schwan via the same labels.

  • Zebrahead

    (669,815 listeners)

    punk rock, punk, pop punk, rapcore

    Zebrahead is an Orange County, CA-based punk-pop-rap band which was formed in 1996 by vocalist/guitarist Justin Mauriello (formerly of Once There), guitarist Greg Bergdorf (formerly of 409), bassist Ben Osmundson (formerly of 3-Ply), and drummer Ed Udhus (formerly of 409).