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  • Maverick Sabre

    (95,793 listeners)

    soul, hip-hop, alternative, british

    London born, Irish raised singer songwriter Maverick Sabre is breaking the mould. With his soulful voice and skillful guitar playing, he draws audiences in a leaves them in wonder. Silencing crowds with his lamenting social-political content, this young rising star is generating a lot of interest from press and booking agents alike.

  • Maya Jane Coles

    (93,327 listeners)

    deep house, house, techno, tech-house

    Maya Jane Coles (aka Nocturnal Sunshine), is a London, UK tech house / deep house / techno producer / DJ / musician / songwriter. She débuted with the single "Sick Panda" (2008, Dogmatik Records) and her latest is the EP "Focus Now" (May 2011, 20:20 Vision).

  • Michael Woods

    (86,873 listeners)

    trance, electronic, progressive trance, progressive house

    Michael Woods is one of the UK’s most popular producers having remixed everyone from Ian Van Dahl & Sonique to Iio & Energy 52.

  • Aly & FilaUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (83,054 listeners)

    trance, uplifting trance, progressive trance, melodic trance

    Aly Amr Fathalah (Aly) and Fadi Wassef Naguib (Fila), the Egyptian duo, were both born in 1981 and have known each other since kindergarten.

  • Jack Beats

    (80,373 listeners)

    fidget house, dubstep, electro, electronic

    The brainchild of Beni G (Mixologists) and Plus One (Scratch Perverts), Jack Beats represent part of the new wave of British house music. Wobbly basslines, big breakdowns and edgy accapella’s are cut, copied and pasted together to create a floor-filling brand of house.

  • Mark Knight

    (80,619 listeners)

    house, electronic, dance, progressive house

    Not to be confused with, the similarly named, video games and Chiptune composer - Mark 'TDK' Knight.

  • Giuseppe OttavianiUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (70,164 listeners)

    trance, progressive trance, uplifting trance, electronic

    Giuseppe Ottaviani (born in 1978) is an Italian trance music producer. After the music project NU NRG, which he did together with Andrea Ribeca, he is working and producing solo since 2005. Most of his tracks are released on the label VANDIT Records, such as Linking People, Through Your Eyes and No More Alone with the vocals of Stephen Pickup[1].

  • Simon Patterson

    (67,525 listeners)

    trance, progressive trance, uplifting trance, tech-trance

    From being the driving force in the engine rooms of two of the biggest shows on Radio 1, he utilised his finely tuned ear working as the tastemaker behind Seb Fontaine and Judge Jules, peak-time Saturday nighters.

  • Andy C

    (65,694 listeners)

    drum and bass, drum n bass, jungle, dnb

    Andy C, real name Andrew Clarke, is a British DJ and producer and co-founder of record label RAM Records. A pioneering Drum and Bass DJ since the genre's emergence in the early '90s, he has consistently been voted World's Greatest Drum and Bass DJ . He specialises in fast mixing, often employing three turntables, and is known for mixing established classics with cutting edge releases.

  • Ashley Wallbridge

    (63,004 listeners)

    trance, progressive trance, progressive house, electronic

    Ashley Wallbridge started his career very early on as a DJ. Known as a prodigy for winning some over 18 dj competitions in the UK with fake ID. Ash was been featured on Radio 1 at the tender age of 16 alongside Fergie and Dave Pierce. During this time he also played at Newcastle superclub IKON to over 2500 people.

  • tyDi

    (65,625 listeners)

    trance, progressive trance, vocal trance, electronic

    Since bursting onto the scene only a few short years ago, tyDi has already achieved more than some can say in a lifetime. During the start of his journey, this extremely young musician was busy balancing his musical career and his studies. tyDi graduated with a music degree from the prestigious Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

  • Maceo Plex

    (55,966 listeners)

    house, tech house, electronic, electronica

    Located deep within the circuitry of a mechanical alien host known as Maetrik you will find a complex web of synaptic dispersements resembling what could be called a soul.

  • P Money

    (47,678 listeners)

    grime, uk, hip-hop, p money

    1) P-Money is New Zealand’s most renowned Producer/DJ. His incredible talents in the studio and behind the decks have made him not only a household name in NZ but an artist to watch internationally.

  • Citizen

    (47,533 listeners)

    pop punk, melodic hardcore, hardstyle, punk

    Several artists are known under this name: 1) A pop punk/Indie band from the Southeast Michigan/ Northwest Ohio area. They are currently Signed to Run For Cover Records and City of Gold Records (UK). ( http://facebook.com/citizentheband ) ( http://citizenmi.bandcamp.com/ )

  • Jamie Jones

    (40,351 listeners)

    tech house, minimal, electronic, house

    Jamie Jones is renowned for his innovative music; his cross genre band, Hot Natured; and his pioneering label, Hot Creations.

  • Flux Pavillion

    (37,478 listeners)

    dubstep, filthstep, spelled wrong, electronic

    Incorrectly spelled name for Flux Pavilion. There is only ONE L in the word "pavilion". Please click the "Suggest a Correction" link at the bottom of the artist page to vote for the correct spelling.

  • Funkagenda

    (36,179 listeners)

    electronic, tech-house, house, tech house

    If you havent heard of Funkagenda by now then where have you been hiding? Over the last 18 months, Groovedigitals in-house engineer has become a name synonymous with quality house music. Already having featured on labels as prominent as SUBLIMINAL, POSITIVA, BIG LOVE and TOOLROOM, his production and remix skills are highly sought after worldwide.

  • Ummet Ozcan

    (44,375 listeners)

    trance, tech trance, progressive trance, tech-trance

    Ummet Ozcan iUmmet Ozcan, originally from Turkish descent but rooted in The Netherlands, is best known for the production of grand Trance records.

  • Plastician

    (33,406 listeners)

    dubstep, grime, electronic, dub

    Chris Reed, also known as Plastician (formerly Plasticman), is a grime and dubstep DJ and producer from Thornton Heath in the London Borough of Croydon. Plastician has played a role in the popularity of the genre thanks to his participation in the Rephlex Grime compilations, his primetime pirate radio shows and his recent BBC Radio 1 Residency slot.

  • N-Type

    (27,325 listeners)

    dubstep, grime, electronic, dub

    N-Type is a dubstep DJ / producer / label owner who reigns from the deep south UK ( Surrey in-fact ). He has been knocking about on the underground scene for many years. He began mixing drum and bass in the late 90's at the age 14.

  • Nina Kraviz

    (30,552 listeners)

    deep house, house, minimal, techno

    Producer, occasional vocalist, and DJ Nina Kraviz hails from Irkutsk, Siberia -- not exactly a dance music hot spot. Kraviz fell under the spell of house music during the mid-'90s through radio. A few years later, she moved to Moscow for the sake of studying dentistry and was, briefly part of a trio called MySpaceRocket.

  • Stefano Noferini

    (22,514 listeners)

    house, tech house, funky house, electro house

    Stefano Noferini begins his artistic career in 1980 as one of the main contributors to the development of the nightlife in Florence, Italy. With his support, Florence becomes one of the focal points for the Italian and foreign music trends. After being identified as a pioneer of the electronic trend, Stefano Noferini gets closer to house music once again.

  • Nic Fanciulli

    (21,684 listeners)

    progressive house, house, electronic, techno

    Nic Fanciulli is a DJ, producer and label owner who has remained one of the UK’s finest exports in electronic music throughout the last decade. A Grammy nominated producer, Nic has worked with artists as diverse as Underworld, Kylie Minogue, U.N.K.L.

  • The Zombie Kids

    (17,003 listeners)

    electro, electronic, dubstep, live seen

    The Zombie Kids is a creation of two DJs/producers: Edgar Candel Kerri and Cumhur Jay who come from totally different musical backgrounds.

  • Ørjan Nilsen

    (12,451 listeners)

    trance, progressive trance, vocal trance, uplifting

    Ørjan Nilsen, born the 14th of June 1982 in Kirkenes in Norway, started his interest in music at an early age. He started banging on drum sets at the age of 1 and was thoroughly instructed by his father and brother for the first 9 years of his life.

  • Paul Thomas

    (11,855 listeners)

    electronic, techno, minimal techno, minimal

    Paul Thomas: a biography The last five years has seen the UK house music scene storm the world like never before, with a vanguard of talented new DJs and producers who have welded the traditional sound with techno, progressive, trance and electro influences in explosive fashion. Their time is now, and Paul Thomas is amongst this new wave’s brightest stars.

  • Spy

    (11,349 listeners)

    drum and bass, trance, dnb, punk

    There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Spy was a project by Joshua Ralph that made the album Music to Mauzner By. He has also released work under the name J. Ralph. 2) Spy was a Swedish punk band. 3) Spy is a South London (UK) based, independent beatmaker, producer and engineer.

  • Annie Mac

    (8,890 listeners)

    electronic, dj, bbc radio 1, dance

    Annie Mac is most well known for her Radio 1 show, The MASH UP, where she broadcasts 2 hours of dance music around the world every Friday night.

  • Jaguar Skills

    (8,730 listeners)

    mixtapes, mashup, hip-hop, british

    Who Is He??!! He came from London, England, and went into the mountains of northern Spain, to a hide out, to hang with Ninja Master Sho Kosugi and Wayward Taoist guru Barefoot Doctor. Now he's back, fools! Who? The Ninja Warlord of the Fillionaire party scene, DJ Jaguar Skills, thats who!

  • Manuel de la Mare

    (7,534 listeners)

    house, electro house, italian, dance

    Tuscan born producer/dj, Manuel De Le Mare has spent the past 24 months delivering money-shot releases and remixes, whilst marrying a lifetime of passion and dedication to his love of DJing.

  • Heidi

    (7,408 listeners)

    female vocalists, japanese, finnish, denmark

    There are multiple artists called Heidi: 1) Heidi is a danish sing and songwriter, know form the Danish edition of X-Factor. 2) Heidi is Canadian born, Berlin based DJ and producer. 3) Heidi is a Japanese rock band.

  • Major Look

    (7,885 listeners)

    drum and bass, hip-hop, jungle, grime

    Major Look is Crystal Clear and Stapleton....... Crystal Clear & Stapleton's paths first crossed when they had the same Saturday job when they were 15. Both followed their own paths in dnb, Crystal Clear following the more upfront sound and Stapleton following the deeper/techier side.

  • Jordan Suckley

    (8,371 listeners)

    trance, uplifting trance, hard trance, progressive trance

    Jordan Suckley is a name that has quickly made people’s tongues wag on the dance scene over the last year. In the short time of 3 years that he has been performing out in clubs, he was picked up by the almighty PFAgency as a fresh signing for 2009, which is also host to other artists such as Eddie Halliwell and John O’Callaghan...

  • Japanese Popstars

    (4,260 listeners)

    electronic, dance, irish, evolution festival 2009

    Official Bebo Band Page Official Myspace Page

  • Fred V and Grafix

    (3,491 listeners)

  • Mistajam

    (2,025 listeners)

    dubstep, british, electronic, drum n bass

    MistaJam is a UMA award winning DJ and Radio presenter for BBC Radio 1Xtra and BBC Radio 1. His BBC Radio 1Xtra show is broadcast every weekday between 7pm-10pm.

  • Roska & Jamie George

    (1,854 listeners)

    uk funky, uk, seen live

  • Screendeath

    (1,490 listeners)

  • Mark Storie

    (1,092 listeners)

    minimal techno

  • Zane Lowe

    (1,020 listeners)

    i would rather beat myself to death with a hammer than listen to this, fuckhead, dickguzzler, turd burglar

    Zane Lowe (born Alexander Zane Reid Lowe on 7 August 1973) also known as 'Zipper', is a radio DJ and television presenter. He was born in New Zealand, before moving to England]. He currently presents BBC Radio 1's evening show, where he plays a variety of alternative music, including rock, punk, drum and bass, and British hip hop.

  • VisionQuest

    (404 listeners)

    house, techno, electronic, death metal

    Visionquest are… Seth Troxler, Ryan Crosson, Shaun Reeves and Lee Curtiss, the most innovative and exciting new breed of DJ/producers to come out of the city of Detroit in a generation.

  • Negus

    (378 listeners)

    rock, progressive rock, classic rock, drums

    You could write a book on the accomplishments of Steve Negus and fellow Saga band members, in fact, several people are doing just that!! So, here is a very compressed version of what the Lord of the Drums, as he is affectionately known to his fans, has done.

  • Lewis Boardman

    (425 listeners)

  • Jem Atkins

    (204 listeners)

  • B Traits

    (108 listeners)

  • Northbase

    (104 listeners)

  • Pete Jordan

    (73 listeners)

    Pete Jordan is a DJ, producer and creator of the reverred club brand Spectrum and Sound of Spectrum records. He produced mix for iDJ Magazine called "Warehouse Is A Feeling" in May 2009.

  • Indecent Kearnage

    (38 listeners)

  • Marc Spence

    (17 listeners)

  • Zinc & Tippa

    (5 listeners)