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  • 16 Bit

    (56,779 listeners)

    dubstep, electronic, techno, 16 bit

    1) 16 Bit was a Frankfurt-based german band for electronic music. Side project from Luca Anzilotti and Michael Münzing, which they started in 1986 and had a big success with their first single "Where Are You?" and later on "Changing Minds". Sven Väth was only guest vocalist for "Where Are You?" and co-writter for the track "Too Fast To Live".

  • 25 past the skank

    (2 listeners)

  • Alborosie

    (340,453 listeners)

    reggae, dancehall, new roots, italian

    Alberto Dascola aka Alborosie is an Italian reggae singer, deejay and producer based in Kingston, Jamaica. He was born in Sicily in 1977 and in 1993, he formed a reggae band in Italy called Reggae National Tickets.

  • Anti-Vigilante

    (595 listeners)

    ska punk, skacore, under 2000 listeners, hardcore

    ANTI VIGILANTE are a four piece skacore mash up from Milton Keynes, UK. Since forming in 2004 the band has played extensively across the UK alongside the likes of Random Hand, The Flatliners, Ghost of a Thousand and Sonic Boom Six as well as embarking on UK wide tours with The Skints, We Are The Union, The JB Conspiracy and Dirty Revolution.

  • Asian Dub Foundation

    (384,591 listeners)

    dub, electronic, hip-hop, alternative

    Asian Dub Foundation is an alternative electronica band from London, England. Formed in 1993, their style blends breakbeat, dub, dancehall, hip-hop and reggae with distinct Asian influences.

  • BabyHead

    (6,093 listeners)

    ska, reggae, ska punk, dub

    Hi Folks, Just for the record we have not split. New year’s eve saw the last show for messurs Bloodworth, Pleeth and Fluff, life has pulled them in other directions leaving the core to continue the babyhead vibe.

  • Balkan Bandits

    (3 listeners)

  • Balkan Beat Box

    (187,264 listeners)

    balkan, gypsy, world, electronic

    Balkan Beat Box is a world music group consisting of ex-Gogol Bordello member Ori Kaplan and Tamir Muskat of Firewater and Big Lazy. As a musical project they often cooperate with a host of other musicians, both in the studio as well as on stage. Their current live crew consists of Tomer Yosef, Billy Levy, Ben Hendler, Itamar Ziegler, Dana Leung, Eyal Talmudi, Jeremiah Lockwood, and Peter Hess.

  • Barley Mob

    (0 listeners)

  • Batmobile

    (96,684 listeners)

    psychobilly, rockabilly, punk, rock and roll

    Batmobile is a Dutch psychobilly band from Rotterdam and Breda that had its start in 1983.

  • Beat the Red Light

    (681 listeners)

    ska-core, punk, ska, crossover

    Beat the red light are a ska metal, hardcore band from High Wycombe, United Kingdom. They recorded their first EP 'BTRL' in 2009 which was later re-released on TNS Records.

  • Beer Beer Orchestra

    (86 listeners)

    ska, french, ska-jazz

  • Benny Page

    (52,028 listeners)

    drum and bass, jungle, dnb, electronic

    Music has always been a big part of Benny's life, but it really started making an impact on him when he discovered hip-hop at the age of 11; artists such as DJ Premier, Mobb Deep, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog and Nas influenced Benny in a big way.

  • Big Red Ass Band

    (0 listeners)

  • Binewski Murder

    (0 listeners)


    (327 listeners)

    dub, dub punk, ska punk, punk

    The squatted terraces of Dickenson Road and the bitter winter of 2009/2010 provided fertile ground for the formation of Black Star Dub Collective. Influenced by bass soaked sound system culture, radical politics and the reality of the social situation of todays youth, Black Star began....

  • Bootscraper

    (588 listeners)

    folk, folk punk, country and eastern, aggro folk

    Formed in the summer of 2008 in the backstreets of Leeds, 7-piece Aggro-folk mob Bootscraper quickly gained themselves a reputation for their highly skilled musicianship, brilliant song-writing, and a captivating, energetic live show both locally and nationally.

  • Bored of Justice

    (0 listeners)

  • Breakage

    (108,658 listeners)

    drum and bass, dubstep, drumfunk, jungle

    Breakage (b. James Boyle), is a London, UK drum and bass / jungle / dubstep producer / DJ, of the Inperspective Records camp. He has numerous releases on Reinforced, Inperspective & Bassbin (labels recognized as dedicated to the future sound of 'drum and bass').

  • Budzillus

    (8,030 listeners)

    folk punk, gypsy punk, swing punk, cabaret punk

    Budzillus is a Berlin street band that will be happy to take the stage and whose music style is difficult to describe: trash gypsy swing core or street polk'n'roll. Started up in 2006 as "Budzillus & Die Antikörper" have the Budzilli rid 2008 of the antibodies and has been touring as "Budzillus". During that time the current two EP's and the first BudZillus album were created.

  • Bush Chemists

    (29,646 listeners)

    dub, reggae, uk, dub-u-dub

    Bush Chemists are Dougie 'Conscious' Wardrop & Chazbo. Dougie started making tunes with Centry in the late 80s, which led to the start of his label and studio Conscious Sounds.

  • Captain Accident

    (750 listeners)

    dub, ska, reggae, spotify

  • Cartoon Violence

    (715 listeners)

    ska, british, 2 tone, uk

    There are at least two band named Cartoon Violence: 1. An insanely catchy affair that mixes super bouncy 2 tone ska with distinctly British sounding pop & indie stylings. The songs capture the classic Brit Pop storytelling vibe of the likes of The Kinks, Madness, Squeeze & Parklife-era Blur.

  • Caspa

    (151,091 listeners)

    dubstep, electronic, grime, bass

    Caspa grew up in West London, and was brought up on a diet of jungle & hiphop. At the time he wasn't old enough to go to the jungle raves so had to be content with his tape packs of Brockie and Det. When garage emerged he naturally progressed into the sound and started attending garage raves.

  • Celtic Rasta

    (11 listeners)

    Celtic Rasta are an eight piece roots reggae/dub act from Northamptonshire, known for blending melodic soulful harmony's with uplifting powerful live performances.

  • Cordellia Fellow

    (0 listeners)

  • Dapper Cadavers

    (5 listeners)

    ska, reggae, other

  • Dinamo

    (1,577 listeners)

    ska, latin ska, latin, ska punk

    Dinamo... es la mancomunion musical de gente muy dispar, de culturas antagónicas... pero con el mismo impulso por generar ambiente y euforia cosmopolita dentro y fuera del escenario.

  • Dirtyphonics

    (68,296 listeners)

    drum and bass, electronic, dubstep, jungle

    Dirtyphonics is a French electronic music band from Paris, consisting of members Charly, PitchIn, and Pho. Their music style is based on electro, dubstep, drumstep, drum and bass and trap.

  • DJ Hype

    (110,927 listeners)

    drum and bass, jungle, drum n bass, dnb

    http://www.myspace.com/hypehypehype 1. Essentially Hype is to drum and bass as Afrika Bambaata was to the development of hip-hop. He first became involved in music through the legendary Shut Up and Dance sound system, like many before him his interest growing from physically building the speakers that made up the rig to DJ'ing, spinning reggae, house and hip hop throughout the eighties.

  • Dub From Atlantis Band

    (0 listeners)

  • Dub Mafia

    (1,221 listeners)

    dub, drum and bass, dubstep, chillout

    Dub Mafia are an explosive new dub heavy live drum and bass band from Bristol who have been taking the UK and Europe by suprise, with a unique combination of talented musicians forming a live dance music sensation.

  • Dub Phizix

    (10,748 listeners)

    microfunk, drum and bass, drum'n'bass, drum & bass

    Dub Phizix is the Manchester based Drum and Bass producer George Ovens. Dub Phizix began his obsession with music over 20 years ago when he was just someone who annoyed the neighbours. By 10 years into his career of music construction, Dub Phizix was an accomplished producer having made music in a variety of styles for MTV, BBC, Nokia and 4Music.

  • Dub PistolsUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (173,886 listeners)

    dub, electronic, breakbeat, hip-hop

    From their early singles for Concrete Records to their genre defying ‘Worshiping the Doller’ lp, the Dub Pistols have always added a much needed Rock n Roll swagger to the UK’s dance scene. Chewing up hip-hop, dub, techno, ska & punk & spitting them out in a renegade futuristic skank they have consistently defied genres & exceeded the highest of expectations.

  • Dunkelbunt

    (29,156 listeners)

    balkan, electronic, klezmer, dub

    Vienna, Austria based DJ & producer dunkelbunt , or rather, as he prefers, "" (alias Ulf Lindemann; originally from Hamburg, Germany) has travelled Eastern Europe by bike to discover and collect different sounds and emotions. In his music traditional Balkan and Klezmer sounds meet reggae, dub and electronica.

  • Ed Cox

    (4,064 listeners)

    clowncore, breakcore, speedcore, hardcore

    LIFE4LAND’s co founder Ed Cox’s ‘CLOWNCORE’ has had international recognition due to his unique performances. Fusing traditional music with ska, jungle and breakcore, Ed Cox wraps the lot in his live performances whilst playing the accordion.

  • Ed Solo

    (43,165 listeners)

    dubstep, electronic, drum and bass, dub

    Ed Solo is a production whiz kid who cut his teeth in the world of Drum n Bass, but is perhaps best known for his collaboration with the breakbeat elite including Krafty Kuts and Deekline

  • Electric Swing Circus

    (1,275 listeners)

    Correct tag The Electric Swing Circus

  • Empress of Fur

    (2,654 listeners)

    psychobilly, gothabilly, surf, under 2000 listeners

  • Engine Earz

    (978 listeners)


    Spirit meets programming. Emotion meets logic. Man meets machine. Engine=EarZ Prashant 'Engine-EarZ' Mistry - Electronics Kabir Kainth - Percussion Sam Sowerby - Drums Luxy - Co-Production Nathan "Flutebox" Lee - Flutes Hometown - Reading, UK

  • Flap

    (1,207 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, post rock, indie rock, powe-trio

    Multiple bands with this name. 1) Atlanta acoustic guitar duo Andy Hopkins and Matt Miller 2) The band in the picture.

  • Freestylers

    (388,298 listeners)

    breakbeat, electronic, breaks, dance

    United Kingdom The Freestylers formed in 1996 when DJs and dance music producers Matt Cantor, Aston Harvey and (initially) Andrew Galea joined forces. All three of them had been involved in the British dance music scene since the 1980s. Cantor had recorded as Cut n' Paste and Strike with Andy Gardner (Plump DJs).

  • Gadjo

    (67,370 listeners)

    house, dance, electronic, vocal house

    There are two artists under this name: 1. Gadjo is the alias of German DJ/producer/remixers Serhat Sakin and Murat Aslan. They are best known for their Ibiza/House flavored track "So Many Times", which featured Alexandra Prince on vocals.

  • Gappy Ranks

    (15,360 listeners)

    reggae, dancehall, under 2000 listeners, soul

    Gappy Ranks, born gifted, half-Dominican, half-Jamaican, Jacob Lee Williams AKA Gappy Ranks spent his younger years discovering his passion for music and strengthening his own musical talents. At school Jacob devoted time in lessons to his own creative writing assignments that built the foundations upon which the persona Gappy Ranks was created.

  • Gecko

    (9,727 listeners)

    electronic, techno, indie, manchester

    There are at least three bands using the name Gecko: 1) Gecko are an upbeat acoustic band currently based in South East London but with many ties back in the South West. Influences include Lightyear and Randy Newman. Gecko have played alongside many acts including The King Blues, Sonic Boom Six, Chris Murray, The Aggrolites, Malakai, The Skints, Babar Luck and John Hegley.

  • General Levy

    (30,575 listeners)

    ragga jungle, jungle, dancehall, reggae

    The mighty General Levy gained worldwide fame for his 1994 jungle hit 'Incredible', although by then he'd already received several accolades such as Best British Reggae Single, Best British Reggae Album, and Best British Reggae MC.

  • Gentle Mystics

    (3,711 listeners)

    folk, dub, balkan, hip hop

    www.gentlemystics.com www.emergingspecies.com The Gentle Mystics were a trio which miraculously tripled into a full blown 9-piece band with a finished album and every musical instrument under the sun, almost.

  • Gypsy Hill

    (2,487 listeners)

    all, world, gypsy, balkan

    Gypsy Hill is the latest project to come from London DJs / producers: DJ Kobayashi and Herbert Newbert.

  • Halluminati

    (0 listeners)

  • Heist

    (26,376 listeners)

    drum and bass, hardcore, jump up, powerviolence

    There are four artists with the name Heist: 1. Heist was a short lived Australian hardcore punk / powerviolence band from the mid 1990s.