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  • 1984

    (19,091 listeners)

    post-punk, cold wave, new wave, polish

    There are at least 15 bands with the name 1984: 1. A French indie band 2. A Polish coldwave band 3. A British indie rock band 4. A funk group 5. An American progressive melodic hardcore band 6. An Italian indie rock project

  • Absynthe Minded

    (103,868 listeners)

    belgian, alternative, indie, rock

    The Belgian alternative rock outfit Absynthe Minded is heavily influenced by thirties jazz, soul, Merseyside pop, balkan and gypsy music.

  • Aeromaschine

    (1,684 listeners)

    all, house, deep, deep house

    http://www.facebook.com/aeromaschine/ There are few artists out there that can make house music interesting, and Aeromaschine is definitely one of them. To be able to turn slow, repetitive, droning tracks into an epic performance that teases the dance out of you is quite the skill. And Aeromaschine has plenty of that.

  • Agent Side Grinder

    (10,370 listeners)

    post-punk, industrial, minimal synth, swedish

    Agent Side Grinder is an electronic band from Stockholm, formed in 2005. Their first two albums, "Agent Side Grinder" (2008) and "Irish Recording Tape" (2009) were rooted in post-punk, industrial and dark electro. The band quickly gained an underground following throughout Europe.

  • And The Golden Choir

    (1,229 listeners)

    indie, alternative, indie pop, under 2000 listeners

  • Anna Aaron

    (11,015 listeners)

    singer-songwriter, swiss, piano, female vocalists

    Anna Aaron (born ~1986, living in Basel, Switzerland) is a singer-songwriter and pianist known for her enchanting stage presence and her intense, often dark and dramatic songs somewhere between folk, pop and jazz. Anna's said to be revered by Sophie Hunger, whom she's being compared with way too often. The two both release under the Two Gentlemen label.

  • B. Fleischmann

    (126,890 listeners)

    electronic, idm, ambient, electronica

    Bernhard Fleischmann was born in Vienna in 1975. His first bands were Speed Is Essential and Sore!. Together with the latter his first record: „My Idea of Fun“.

  • Birgit Bidder

    (1,119 listeners)

    swedish, singer-songwriter, female vocalists, scandinavian girls

    Swedish artist Birgit Bidder managed to persuade a relative to take a loan for the money she needed to record her debut album. Shortly thereafter Birgit risked everything and traveled to southern Sweden where she recorded 11 of the first songs she ever wrote, live, in a rebuilt barn, together with her band and producer Jari Haapalainen (Camera Obscura, Ed Harcourt).

  • Björn Kleinheinz

    (5 listeners)

  • Björn Kleinhenz

    (11,372 listeners)

    singer-songwriter, indie, swedish, indie pop

    Björn Kleinhenz was born in Germany. Short time after his birth he moved to Sweden. He is now a singer/songwirter who sings with a twanging voice his beatutiful and honest songs. Until now, he has released two albums (Yeah Baby Whooaa and Trans Pony) but also worked on some split CDs and some songs were released on sample CDs.

  • Bloom

    (19,261 listeners)

    electronic, rock, grime, metal

    There are at least four bands with the name Bloom. A few more undoubtedly exist. Bloom (Slovakia) *Bloom (Gainesville FL) **Bloom(Hungarian) ***BLOOM_ (Cardiff, Wales) ****Bloom (Rockford IL) *****Bloom (County Antrim, Northern Ireland) ******Bloom (Nashville, TN)

  • Botibol

    (4,181 listeners)

    folk, indie, french, singer-songwriter

  • Bottled in England

    (2,551 listeners)

    drum and bass, roskilde 2011, dubstep, nothing but hope and passion

  • Budam

    (3,275 listeners)

    podcast, indie, cabaret, alternative


  • Bunny Lake

    (16,911 listeners)

    electroclash, electronic, electropop, electro

    Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of BUNNY LAKE. File under: Blues Electro, Rave-a-billy, Haunted House. Music for packed dancefloors and throbbing hearts alike. Music that tells lurid tales of insatiable desire, of the fever of irrationality, of opposites as inextricable as exciting.

  • Charlie Straight

    (9,377 listeners)

    czech, indie rock, indie, alternative

    "Catchy vocals and poppy mellow melodies" Charlie Straight uploaded their first demos on the net... After being picked as "the band of the week" by the Czech largest band database, the owner of the website became their producer. With him, they recorded an album through the summer and autumn of 2007.

  • Colt Silvers

    (6,556 listeners)

    french, electro, rock, indie

  • Concrete Knives

    (28,049 listeners)

    french, indie, pop-rock, france

    Some may see them as the worthy heirs to the B-52s, while others will find in their music a flavour of the early naughties New York music scene.Fronted by both male and female leads, with strong and distinctive vocal style,

  • Didi Bruckmayer

    (0 listeners)

  • Dillon

    (143,704 listeners)

    female vocalists, experimental, electronic, piano

    Every now and then, the collaboration of heart and mind is a mystery. It is not sufficient to have a mind of one’s own. It is important to know how to use it the right way.

  • DJ Phekt

    (88 listeners)

  • Dust Covered Carpet

    (1,281 listeners)

    folk, creative, under 2000 listeners, love

    Dust Covered Carpet is an Austrian indie band, that started to form in Wien in 2003 by Volker Buchgraber along with his brother Armin, but the final group plays just from 2007. In 2008 they came out with great debut CD "Rededust the Doubts I Trust". They describe themselves like melodic- dramatic- experimental- harmonic- folk pop.

  • DZA

    (23,113 listeners)

    wonky, instrumental hip-hop, experimental, hip-hop

    Sasha Dza is an electronic music producer from Moscow, Russia. One of the first in Russia, began experimenting with a new instrumental hip-hop and beats music. He is also founder of well know russian community How2make Crew, where Sasha with friends, doing crazy party in the most unusual places, staged action movie style theatrical performance and toured throughout Russia and Europe.

  • Einar Stray

    (19,662 listeners)

    post-rock, norwegian, acoustic, singer-songwriter

    August 2014 the band changed their name to Einar Stray Orchestra. Inspired by Bright Eyes, Sufjan Stevens and Godspeed You! Black Emperor the 16 year old started out in 2006, recording songs in his bedroom in Sandvika, Norway.

  • Electric Suicide Club

    (350 listeners)

    indie, pop punk, rock, french

  • Eloui

    (346 listeners)

    female vocalists, indie, austrian, private:watchlist

  • Esteban's

    (2,047 listeners)

    austrian, under 2000 listeners, solo, seen live

    Esteban’s is the solo-project of Christoph Jarmer, who is also guitarist of Austrian indie-heroes Garish. He combines indie-folk with coltish pop and adds a slightly Mediterranean flair.

  • Fadi Dorninger

    (10 listeners)

  • Fenster

    (17,284 listeners)

    folk, indie, indie pop, indiepop

    There are several artists called Fenster. 1. FENSTER (Berlin/New York) — formed in 2010 by JJ Weihl (NY), Jonathan Jarzyn (Berlin). Later joined by Lucas Chantre (FR) and Will Samson (UK).

  • Friedrich & Ludwig

    (8 listeners)

  • Frostfelt

    (160 listeners)

    instrumental, electronic, english, faroe islands

  • Ghostpoet

    (139,269 listeners)

    electronic, beats, abstract hip-hop, experimental

    Ghostpoet (born Obaro Ejimiwe, 18 January 1983) is a Mercury Music Prize Nominee from Coventry, UK, raised somewhere between London, Coventry, Nigeria and Dominica.

  • Gold Panda

    (375,088 listeners)

    electronic, chillwave, psychedelic, dubstep

    Hailing from Chelmsford in Essex, but now located to Berlin, Germany, Gold Panda started writing beats and collaborating a few years ago, beginning a journey that ultimately saw him nominated in the BBC's Sound of 2010 list and won the Guardian newspapers prestigious First Album Award 2010 for his debut album Lucky Shiner.

  • Got Blue Balls

    (186 listeners)

    stoner rock, alternative, alternative rock, garage

    Nová slovenská nádej Got Blue Balls je na scéne síce iba rok, no za toto krátke obdobie si stihli vyslúžiť obdiv mnohých známych kapiel, hudobníkov či organizátorov.

  • Gravenhurst

    (128,831 listeners)

    post-rock, indie, shoegaze, indie rock

    Gravenhurst was a project by singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Nick Talbot, from Bristol, England, signed to Warp Records.

  • Hal Flavin

    (1,296 listeners)

    electronic, electro-pop, electro rock, hot chip

    Hal Flavin are an edgy electro-rock band, grit, dirt and all, who hang their stage with a futuristic dangle of cables, effects and finery, as if prepared for some strange ritual of the soul. The blood flowing through those jacks and data chips seems pumped from the Indie and Electro-roots of their teens, with live energy to match.

  • Housse de Racket

    (119,330 listeners)

    french, indie, electronic, indie rock

    "Winners of runs, losers in love" is the leitmotiv of Housse de Racket. It is first and foremost a smart, sport concept, a musical match between two childhood friends devoted to love and sport. Not sufficiently heavy weight to become high-level sportsmen, Pierre and Victor opted for high flying pop music.

  • HVOB

    (24,669 listeners)

    house, deep house, electronic, female vocalists

    HVOB - short for "Her Voice Over Boys" - is an Electronic Pop Duo from Vienna, Austria. First samples of their work appeared on Soundcloud in April 2012, after that their career took off: Oliver Koletzki was pretty impressed by their samples and signed them for his Label "Stil vor Talent".

  • Inborn

    (1,044 listeners)

    progressive metal, jamendo, metal, indie

    Combining innovative songwriting with the experimentations of progressive music and the dynamics of modern hardcore structures, Inborn have forged their own path far from the musical trends of their time. Largely inspired by modern architecture and the artistic landscapes of the bizarre, the band always displayed a will to put their ambitions into concepts and design-oriented patterns.

  • Juveniles

    (53,089 listeners)

    new wave, synthpop, french, french electro

    Juveniles is an electro duo from Rennes, France attracting attention with their synth-heavy eighties sound.

  • Kamp!

    (60,677 listeners)

    electronic, polish, electropop, indie

    Kamp! has been around for a while having grown a massive domestic popularity in their native Poland and a niche global fanbase thanks to their smooth synth pop, that brings the new-wave feel to the retro chic of disco.

  • Kavinsky

    (672,905 listeners)

    electronic, electro, french, dance

    Kavinsky, also known as Vincent Belorgey, is an electro house artist from Paris, France, and has released EPs on the Record Makers label and another one with Fool's Gold label. He has worked with several prominent electro artists including Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and SebastiAn. OutRun, his first studio album, was released in 2013.

  • Kidcat lo-fi

    (191 listeners)

    livelivelive, take a look at

    Kidcat Lo-fi is the newest signing of Problembär Records. A singer-songwriter-wunderkind from nowhere. Her Debut-Album will be released in late 2012 or early 2013. Pop disguised as folk, her songs are full of irresistible melodies, singalong harmonies, and catchy choruses but always contain a bittersweet vibe, an underlying sadness.

  • Konea Ra

    (1,658 listeners)

    pop, electronic, dubstep, electropop


  • La Mort de Darius

    (370 listeners)

  • Lucy Rose

    (183,590 listeners)

    folk, female vocalists, indie, indie folk

    Lucy Rose Parton (Born 1989) is an English singer/songwriter from Warwickshire . She contributed vocals on the Bombay Bicycle Club albums Flaws, A Different Kind of Fix, and So long, See You tomorrow. Her debut single, "Middle of the Bed" came out August 8th 2011, followed by two more singles: Scar, and Red Face.

  • Luise Pop

    (5,087 listeners)

    austrian, indie, female vocals, swedish

    Luise Pop are a four piece electropop-postpunk-surf-noir band from Vienna, Austria, comprised of Lisa Berger (keyboard, vocals), Vera Kropf (guitar, vocals), Erin Stewart (bass, backing vocals) and Martin Lehr (drums). The MP3-only release FM4 Soundpark Studio2 Session #6 contains four live tracks by Luise Pop in addition to six by Go Die Big City!.

  • Luma.Launisch

    (0 listeners)

  • Mario & Vidis

    (16,241 listeners)

    deep house, chillout, all, lounge

    Lithuanian’s Marijus Adomaitis & Vidmantas Cepkauskas first met in 2007 and it was from this meeting that the duo Mario & Vidis was formed. After a string of remixes, the duo released their debut album, Changed, in January 2012.

  • martin riegelnegg

    (0 listeners)