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  • Benjamin de la Fuente

    (23 listeners)

  • Caravan

    (156,118 listeners)

    progressive rock, canterbury scene, canterbury, rock

    Caravan is a: 1. British progressive rock band from Canterbury, United Kingdom 2. Thai folk-rock band, active in the 1970s. 3. Japanese singer songwriter. 4. A chaotic hardcore band from Antwerp, Belgium.

  • FAT32

    (523 listeners)

    experimental, glitch, experimental rock, french

  • Hassan K.

    (31 listeners)

  • Kafka

    (10,256 listeners)

    hardcore, screamo, post-punk, experimental

    1) Kafka (카프카) is a Korean trip hop band that released a self titled debut album on SoulShop in 2004. 2) Kafka is also a jazz/folk/world music band from Brisbane, Australia. 3) Kafka are a four-member Italian hardcore band formed in 1994 and disbanded in May 2006. They appeared on a lot of compilations, released four LPs and made some splits and 7".

  • Magma

    (84,288 listeners)

    zeuhl, progressive rock, avant-garde, experimental

    There are multiple artists with this name: 1) Magma is the brain-child of drummer/composer Christian Vander formed in Paris, France in 1969, disbanded in 1983 and reformed in 1996. Starting with a base of experimental rock heavily influenced by jazz and 20th century classical music, the band developed such a unique style of progressive rock that it became a new genre called Zeuhl.

  • Monsieur Le Directeur

    (26 listeners)

  • One Shot

    (11,130 listeners)

    hip-hop, french, progressive rock, fusion

    There are two artists with this name: 1. One Shot (Rolex, Zly Tony & Mali Mire) is Serbian hip hop group from Niš, currently signed to Bassivity Digital. 2.

  • Spoke Orkestra

    (173 listeners)

    trash, slam, nada, poetry slam

  • Strange Enquete

    (0 listeners)

  • Thinking Plague

    (4,882 listeners)

    progressive rock, avant-prog, avant-garde, experimental

    Thinking Plague are a United States avant-garde rock group founded in 1982 by guitarist/composer, Mike Johnson, and bass guitarist/drummer Bob Drake.

  • We Insist!

    (1,548 listeners)

    math rock, avant-jazz, jazz, post rock

    Two years after they met, six musicians coming from radically different universes released an EP under the name of We Insist!, an obvious reference to Freedom now suite, Max Roach’s manifest.