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  • Bai Bang

    (3,644 listeners)

    hard rock, hair metal, glam metal, 80s

    Bai Bang - one of the most powerful rock acts from Sweden - features talented and dynamic rockers: Diddi Kastenholt - Vocals Joacim Sandin - Bass Pelle Guitar Johnny Benson – Drums Since the band started in the late 80s the Bai Bang members have spent a lot of time together on their tours all over Europe, Canada, Japan and USA.

  • Bang Tango

    (35,375 listeners)

    hard rock, hair metal, glam metal, 80s

    Although Bang Tango was often lumped in with the whole 80s glam metal movement (their deliberate 'pretty boy' looks and the fact that they hailed from Los Angeles, CA made it inevitable in their view), the hard rock quintet was one of the few L.A.


    (88,297 listeners)

    hard rock, glam rock, sleaze rock, glam metal

    Crashdïet originally formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 2000. Rifts and troubles in the band caused a breakup not long after. In 2002, half of the band took on new members and the band was reformed.

  • Crazy Lixx

    (49,062 listeners)

    hard rock, glam rock, hair metal, sleaze rock

    Crazy Lixx is a Swedish hard rock band formed in 2002 in Malmö, Sweden. The core line-up up until the first album consisted of vocalist Danny Rexon (also known as Dirtchild Danny or D.C. Danny), guitarist Vic Zino, drummer Joey Cirera and bass player Luke Rivano. The current line-up features guitarist Andy Dawson in Vic Zino's place.

  • Fatal Smile

    (4,042 listeners)

    hard rock, heavy metal, metal, swedish

    At a time when Swedish hard rock is undergoing a rebirth of sorts, many bands are staking their claim to a piece of the action. Stockholm's FATAL SMILE have more to offer than most and are only too happy to prove that to anybody prepared to listen.

  • Fate

    (11,724 listeners)

    hard rock, deathcore, heavy metal, brutal death metal

    There are several artists/bands called "Fate": 1) An U.S.-American Metal band 2.) Indian Black Metal Band 3) A Danish heavy metal band 4) A Polish punk rock band 5) A Kurdish folk singer 6) A French death metal band

  • Hollywood Trash

    (9 listeners)

  • Mike Tramp

    (4,838 listeners)

    hard rock, rock, melodic rock, metal

    Mike Tramp (Born Michael Trempenau January 14, 1961) is a Danish singer and songwriter who is best known for his work with the hard rock bands White Lion and Freak of Nature. He has released 14 albums, including seven solo albums.

  • Stephen Pearcy

    (10,105 listeners)

    hard rock, glam metal, hair metal, spotify

    Stephen is best known as the original lead singer of Ratt. Besides Ratt, he has also fronted several short-lived bands, including Arcade, Vicious Delite, and Vertex. He has released several solo albums, and also re-recorded the best of Ratt and Mickey Ratt under the name Rat Attack. That band name was used because he didn't have the right to use the Ratt name.

  • Tigertailz

    (61,660 listeners)

    glam metal, hair metal, hard rock, glam rock

    Tigertailz are a glam metal band hailing from Cardiff, Wales. Known as one of the most flamboyantly sleazy groups of their era, they are most famous for their 1990 album 'Bezerk', which made the U.K. Top 40 and spawned three successful singles including the metal anthem "Love Bomb Baby".