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  • Carly Pearce

    (213 listeners)

  • Channing Wilson

    (30 listeners)

  • Eric Paslay

    (32,139 listeners)

    country, contemporary country, male vocalists, male vocalist

    Eric Paslay (born 1983) is an American country music singer. In mid-2011, Paslay signed to EMI Records Nashville and released his debut single, "Never Really Wanted".

  • Florida Georgia Line

    (202,411 listeners)

    country, country rock, southern rock, male vocalists

    Florida Georgia Line is a duo comprised of members Tyler Hubbard (from Monroe, Georgia) and Brian Kelley (from Ormond Beach, Florida). Their sound combines electrifying, hard-driving rock with honest, expressive lyrics. The Cruise Songfacts explains that both Hubbard and Kelley began playing guitar individually while they were in high school before meeting at Nashville’s Belmont University.

  • Gary Allan

    (403,171 listeners)

    country, contemporary country, gary allan, male country

    Gary Allan Herzberg (born December 5, 1967) is an American country music artist, known professionally as Gary Allan.

  • Josh Thompson

    (147,192 listeners)

    country, modern country, southern rock, contemporary country

    You are Viewing two artists listed as "Josh Thomson" on last.fm 1) The country artist signed to Columbia Nashville: Josh Thompson (born January 23, 1978 in Cedarburg, Wisconsin)

  • Justin Moore

    (302,759 listeners)

    country, justin moore, modern country, usa

    Justin Moore is an American country singer. He was born and raised in Poyen, Ark. One set of his grandparents raised cattle and he helped with the chores. The other grandparents taught him how to hunt and fish. Although he was a star athlete in high school, he moved to Nashville after graduation to pursue a music career.

  • Maggie Rose

    (11,616 listeners)

    country, emo, metalcore, female vocalists

    There are 2 artists who record under the name of Maggie Rose 1. An American country singer. The I Ain't Your Mama Songfacts says that Maryland native Margaret Durante is now recording under her new performing name of Maggie Rose. Her first single under her new moniker, "I Ain't Your Mama," was released through RPM Entertainment in May 2012.

  • Rodney Atkins

    (403,337 listeners)

    country, modern country, contemporary country, rodney atkins

    Rodney Atkins, born March 28, 1969 in Knoxville, Tennessee, is an American country singer. He was an adopted child.

  • Rose Falcon

    (5,571 listeners)

    pop, female vocalists, rock, singer-songwriter

    Rose is a 23-year-old singer/songwriter, born in NYC and raised in Nashville, TN. You might say she's a "little bit country a little bit rock and roll" but then you might be accused of using a cheesy cliché.

  • Sunny Sweeny

    (69 listeners)