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  • Bordeauxxx

    (938 listeners)

    check out, indie pop, twee, shout-pop

    Since forming in a 70’s themed Guildford bar one hazy night in October 2009, Bordeauxxx have troubled dance floors up and down the country with their infectious, upbeat indie-pop. Laden with four-part harmonies, handclaps, synth and glockenspiel lines to compliment the driving guitars and restless drums, their music feels like it was written by summer itself.

  • Brother & Bones

    (5,404 listeners)

    rock, blues rock, southern rock, folk

    "...one of the most formidable, must-see bands of the current decade..." The Boar.org “....Absolutely astounding.... genuinely so unique and so special that comparing them to other bands is a fairly redundant exercise...” Ltd State “...Devastatingly pure....Arena sized soul...” Ilike Music

  • Corn Mo

    (1,359 listeners)

    accordion, quirky, rock, funny

    Corn Mo (aka Jon Cunningham) is a singer, keyboardist, and accordion player from Texas. Known for Busey Boy, his songs are usually comedic with a bit of glam rock influence. He recently toured with They Might Be Giants and The Polyphonic Spree and has recently opened for Ben Folds. He is also a member of the band .357 Lover.

  • emily underhill

    (13,824 listeners)

    ambient, electronic, chillstep, chillout

    Emily Underhill is a Composer/ Performer/ Singer Songwriter from The University of Surrey. Her first EP Snow was released in February 2012 and is available to download from http://emilyunderhill.bandcamp.com/ .

  • MassMatiks

    (48 listeners)

    MassMatiks are an infectious collective, a trait that is common through their quintessentially British indie rock music, live performances and personalities.

  • Math the Band

    (28,475 listeners)

    electronic, 8-bit, mathpop, fun

    Math the Band is equal parts Atom and His Package and Andrew WK. Sampled casio sk1 drums, paired with solid square waves and more BPMs than can possibly be considered reasonable.

  • MC Lars

    (112,340 listeners)

    nerdcore, hip-hop, rap, post-punk laptop rap

    MC Lars, real name Andrew Nielsen, (born October 6, 1982 in Berkeley, California) is an American rapper. He is the self-proclaimed originator of "post-punk laptop rap".

  • Wheatus

    (496,856 listeners)

    rock, alternative, alternative rock, indie

    Wheatus is a rock band from Northport, New York formed by Brendan Brown (vocals, guitar) in 1998. After writing a few songs, Brown enlisted his brother Peter Brown (drums) and Rich Ligey (bass) to record a demo. In 1999 the band signed with Columbia Records and released their debut album, Wheatus, the following year.