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  • Dirty Socks

    (134 listeners)

    indie, power pop, indie rock, rock

    There are at least two artists that share the name Dirty Socks: 1) A band from Santiago de Compostela, Spain formed in 2007. www.nsaio.net/dirtysocks 2) Inactive German Thrash metal band associated to Vitaminic

  • Disco las palmeras!

    (2,913 listeners)

    psicodelia, post-punk, shoegaze, noise rock

  • Dj Amable

    (7,297 listeners)

    indie, electronic, dj, alternative

    Starting his Djing career off with a residencies at L'Hospitalet de Llobregat's club “Deposito Legal” in 1985, Barcelona, Amable went on to became a regular dj at some pubs and discotheques including Compliche, Bikini, Final and After Hours, and also create, manage and play at some of the most amazing Barcelona's clubs including A Saco, Kgb, Db, Uhf, After Rock and Toque/A Saco.

  • El Columpio Asesino

    (45,894 listeners)

    indie, spanish indie pop, spanish, electronic

    An indie and modest band from Pamplona, Spain. Their music is kinda Psycho-rock with electronic sounds. Their official web is http://www.elcolumpioasesino.com

  • Fangoria

    (70,026 listeners)

    electropop, spanish, pop, electronic

    Fangoria is an electro-pop band from Madrid, Spain, the brainchild of Alaska and Nacho Canut. In 1977 Alaska, along with Nacho Canut and Carlos Berlanga formed the band Alaska y los Pegamoides.

  • hangtheguille

    (30 listeners)

    dj sessions

  • Jane Joyd

    (870 listeners)

    all, alt-country, folk, spanish

    Jane Joyd is the musical name of Elba Fernández. She's a Spanish musician who has played different musical styles, including rock, pop and funk. She has a self-titled ep, which you can hear and download on: http://www.janejoyd.com

  • Klaus & Kinski

    (15,776 listeners)

    indie pop, spanish, indie, spanish indie pop

    Klaus & Kinski is an indie pop band from Murcia, Spain formed in 2005. Their debut album Tu hoguera está ardiendo was released in 2008. Official website: www.myspace.com/klausandkinski

  • La Casa Azul

    (71,866 listeners)

    indie pop, pop, spanish, spanish indie pop

    La casa azul is a pop band from Barcelona, Spain formed in 1997. Their sound is often described as combining many of the qualities of 1960s American pop bands like the Beach Boys and 1970s European disco-pop acts like ABBA with clean, clear production reminiscent of Shibuya-kei.

  • Lori Meyers

    (91,176 listeners)

    indie, spanish indie pop, indie pop, spanish

    Lori Meyers is an spanish indie pop band from Loja, Spain, formed in 1998. The members are Antonio López, Julián Méndez, Alejandro Méndez and Alfredo Núñez. First their style was asociated to the noise pop of Los Planetas (Granada is near Loja) but later the 60s revival influences with rich vocal harmonies related them with other granadian band: Los Ángeles.

  • Los Enemigos

    (26,660 listeners)

    rock, spanish rock, spanish, blues rock

    Los Enemigos is a music band formed in 1985 in Madrid, being for about 20 years one of the most important bands of the spanish rock.

  • Los Pilotos

    (2,179 listeners)

    electronic, spanish indie pop, los planetas, banin y florent

    Los Pilotos is a project by Florent Muñoz (guitar) and Banin Fraile (keyboars, guitars) from the Spanish band, Los Planetas. http://soundcloud.com/lospilotos

  • Love of Lesbian

    (116,754 listeners)

    indie, spanish, spanish indie pop, indie pop

    Love of Lesbian is a Spanish pop band. In the beginning there were Influences of The Cure (they toured with them in Spain), Radiohead and R.E.M. Today they have the personal Love of Lesbian sound and style. There is always a "sold out" at all their concerts. Each one is a mix of party-concert-celebration-catharsis.

  • Nancys Rubias

    (12,659 listeners)

    electropop, electroclash, glamour, spanish

    Nancys Rubias (Nancy's Blondes) is a Spanish rock-band created in 2004 in Madrid. The group has released 5 albums.

  • Pegasvs

    (6,451 listeners)

    chillwave, shoegaze, psychedelic, surf rock

    Pegasvs were Sergio Pérez García and Luciana della Villa from Barcelona, ES, both members from Thelemáticos.

  • Polock

    (28,676 listeners)

    indie, indie rock, spanish, rock

    Sin ser hermanos de Emma ni tataranietos de Jackson, podría parecer que hubieran pasado un tiempo en la Gran Manzana ya que sus canciones pasan desde el rock guitarrero mas clásico hasta los despuntes modernos de la música creada con bases rítmicas cíclicas con gran peso de sintetizadores.

  • Rafa Morcego

    (0 listeners)

  • Sandrita Dinamita

    (0 listeners)

  • Varry BravaUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (8,126 listeners)

    indie, spanish, pop, murcia

    Varry Brava is a pop band formed in Murcia in 2009 and composed by Oscar Ferrer oriolanos Aaron Saez and Vicente Illescas.