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  • Kanon Wakeshima

    (25,494 listeners)

    japanese, neoclassical, female vocalists, cello

    Kanon Wakeshima (分島花音) is a vocalist and classically trained cellist who has been playing cello since the age of three, under the recommendation of her parents. Mana (Malice Mizer, Moi dix Mois) is responsible for the composition, programming and arrangement and Kanon writes the lyrics. Her debut single, Still Doll, was released on DefSTAR Records (Sony) on May 28th, 2008.

  • Moi dix Mois

    (97,172 listeners)

    visual kei, j-rock, japanese, gothic

    Moi dix Mois is the solo project of Mana, formerly the leader and guitarist of the influential Japanese visual kei band MALICE MIZER. He started the band in Tokyo, Japan in 2002, three months after MALICE MIZER went on hiatus.

  • Stereopony

    (43,122 listeners)

    j-rock, japanese, j-pop, anime

    STEREOPONY (ステレオポニー, Sutereoponī) is a Japanese all-girl rock band that formed in Okinawa in 2007, consisting of AIMI (Vocal/Guitar), NOHANA (Bass guitar), and SHIHO (Drums). They are signed onto Sony Music Japan's gr8! Records music label. The band gained their first opportunity on the Japanese rock radio program SCHOOL OF LOCK!!.