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  • Crucifier

    (2,469 listeners)

    thrash metal, death metal, black metal, greek thrash

    There are a few bands with this name: The american one: CRUCIFIER was founded under True Black inspiration on the ninth of September 1990 by drummer/vocalist/lyricist Cazz Grant "The Black Lourde of Crucifixion." The initial ensemble was Ira Redden (guitar), Jeff Anderson (guitar) and as aforementioned, Cazz Grant.

  • Dethroned

    (566 listeners)

    death metal, brutal death metal, black metal, deathcore

    There are two artists with the name Dethroned: 1). Dethroned, an alternative rock/metal project based in Ohio; 2). Dethroned based in Atlas city (Semarang-Indonesia), end of 2007.

  • Imprecation

    (2,906 listeners)

    death metal, old school death metal, black metal, american

    Imprecation are a Texan death metal group, featuring members from Infernal Dominion and Blaspherian. Note: David Herrera, vocalist on "Ceremony of the Nine Angles" demo and "Sigil of Baphomet" EP went on to do guitars and vocals for BAHIMIRON. Drummer VOMIT went on to create ADUMUS.

  • Inverted Crucifixion

    (0 listeners)

  • Mortem

    (9,856 listeners)

    death metal, brutal death metal, old school death metal, peruvian

    There are at least 7 bands with the name Mortem. (1) Mortem hails from Lima, Peru. They formed back in 1986 by brothers Alvaro Amduscias (drums/vocals) and Fernán Nebiros (all guitars) Through the years and having very little support from the worldwide scene as a result of being from a Southamerican country and after countless line-up changes…

  • Perversion

    (422 listeners)

    death metal, brutal death metal, old school death metal, polish

    Perversion (USA) is a band from Detroit Michigan. Formed in 2008 they have released one demo, "Metal Is Death", in 2009. Perversion is also the name of a "Brutal Death Metal" band from Dubai.

  • Polterchrist

    (507 listeners)

    death metal, grindcore, brutal death metal, blackened death metal

    POLTERCHRIST originally formed in the summer of 1994. After breaking up in summer 1995, the band tried different projects, but all of the members were drawn back to POLTERCHRIST in 1997.