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  • An Pierlé

    (18,210 listeners)

    alternative, female vocalists, singer-songwriter, belgium

    An Pierlé (born An Miel Mia Pierlé in Deurne, Belgium in December 13, 1974) is a pianist and singer-songwriter.

  • Ann Arbor

    (2,019 listeners)

    noise-rock, cowman, instrumental, electronic

    There is more than one artist with this name : These two (count 'em) brilliant CDs (16 Bit & A Long Trip) we have in both rip yer head off & shit down yer neck. For the laugh. Dunno why they aren't mega stars already. So for your caustic journeys of isolation & despair ridden angst filled RAGE look no further.(Norman Records)

  • Arid

    (36,822 listeners)

    rock, alternative, belgian, belgium

    Arid is a Belgian rock band, formed in the mid-90s, made up of four members: Jasper Steverlinck (vocals and guitar), David Du Pré (guitar), Filip Ros (bass) and Steven Van Havere (drums). The group first came to the attention of record label Double T when they were finalist at Humo's Rock Rally, a prestigious Belgian rock contest, in 1996.

  • Bad Dancer

    (460 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, rock, indie, electropop

    Bad Dancer were a female fronted 4 piece from Glasgow and featured members of Take A Worm For A Walk Week, Black Rat Death Squad and Piano Bar Fight. The bassist and drummer also play for Emma Pollock, formerly of the Delgados. Bad Dancer split in 2007 and formed a new band under the name Hindle Wakes. Recordings will be available soon at...

  • Benjamin Schoos

    (4,576 listeners)

    chanson, belgian, pop, francophone

  • Blanche

    (41,198 listeners)

    alt-country, folk, indie, americana

    Blanche is an American alternative country band from Detroit, Michigan. Their music is based in Americana, early country and folk blues with a touch of haunting Southern Gothic stylings and garage rock mentality. Blanche is known for wearing vintage fashion of the early- to mid-20th Century.

  • Bénabar

    (133,305 listeners)

    french, chanson francaise, nouvelle scene francaise, singer-songwriter

    Bénabar (Bruno Nicolini, born June 16, 1969) is a French songwriter and singer, who could be compared to Vincent Delerm and other singers from his generation.

  • Catherine Ringer

    (6,727 listeners)

    french, rock, french pop, female vocalists

    Catherine Ringer is a French singer, one of the two members of the rock band Les Rita Mitsouko.

  • Claire Denamur

    (5,857 listeners)

    french, female vocalists, indie pop, chanson

    Claire Denamur was born February 17, 1984 to French and Dutch father and a Ukrainian and Argentinian mother. Claire Denamur spent part of her adolescence in New York. She returned to France at age 12.

  • Emily Loizeau

    (71,612 listeners)

    french, female vocalists, chanson francaise, singer-songwriter

    Emily Loizeau (born 7 February 1975) is a French singer songwriter. Born in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France to a British mother, Emily’s music is influenced as much by French chanson (Jeanne Moreau, Serge Gainsbourg, Michel Legrand) as by American singer-songwriters and icons like Tom Waits and Randy Newman. She cites Georges Brassens, Bob Dylan, and The Beatles as her primary influences.

  • Great Mountain Fire

    (9,049 listeners)

    belgian, indie rock, luisterpaal, indie pop

    Great Mountain Fire are an indie rock band formed in Brussels, Belgium in 2006. The band first performed under the name Nestor. In 2009, they changed their name to Great Mountain Fire and started to work on new material. Their first album, entitled "Canopy", was released in 2011.

  • Inna ModjaUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (11,571 listeners)

    pop, french, female vocalists, isf2012

    The 25-year-old Malian is a rising star on France’s music scene with titles like “Let’s Go to Bamako”, that might be nostalgic tunes celebrating Mali’s capital, but that sound more like Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera than the music of Modja’s compatriots Salif Keita and Rokia Traore.

  • Jean-Louis Aubert

    (45,913 listeners)

    french, rock francais, chanson francaise, rock

    Jean-Louis Aubert was the lead singer of the famous French group Téléphone, which is now disbanded.

  • Klaxons

    (1,287,695 listeners)

    new rave, indie, electronic, british

    Klaxons are an indie rock band based in London. The band consists of Jamie Reynolds (bass, vocals), James Righton (keyboards, vocals), Simon Taylor-Davies (guitar) and Steffan Halperin (drums).

  • Machiavel

    (5,198 listeners)

    progressive rock, rock, belgium, belgian

    Machiavel is one of the most famous Belgian rock bands, formed in 1976. The band has collected 4 golden records and performed a lot of shows.

  • Mademoiselle Nineteen

    (725 listeners)

    nouvelle scène française, belgium, belgian, french pop

  • Oldelaf

    (8,574 listeners)

    french, chanson francaise, nouvelle scene francaise, cafe


    (73 listeners)

    funk, punk, reggae, hip hop

  • Philippe Kozak

    (0 listeners)

  • Roscoe

    (22,848 listeners)

    west coast, rap, hip-hop, hip hop

    There are at least 4 artists names Roscoe. 1°/ US Rapper 2°/ Hardcore Punk band from california 3°/ Belgian Art Rock band 4°/ UK Metal solo artist


    (420 listeners)

    belgium, electronic, all, seen live

  • The Mash

    (7,285 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, rock, pop, belgian

    There are two artists with this name: 1) "Suicide is Painless", a song written by Johnny Mandel and with lyrcis by Mike Altman for the movie "M*A*S*H" is attributed to "The Mash" on a single released by Columbia/CBS Records. It was recorded by uncredited session musicians.

  • Vegas

    (8,289 listeners)

    hardcore, holy terror, metalcore, pop

    .1. “...Inspired by everyone from Throbbing Gristle via GISM to Integrity, Vegas’ brand of traditional metalcore is complemented by an edgy willingness to experiment, as well as a slew of subversive conceptual activity...”

  • Von Durden

    (150 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, rock, punk, disco

    VON DURDEN is a rock band born in 2007 near La Louvière (Belgium) Since their early days, the band throws away a mix of dirty, energic and dancing pop rock, now with a stronger electronic touch, vintage keyboards included. Formerly known as "The Von Durden Party Project", Von Durden now works on its second album, "Dandy Animals".

  • William Sheller

    (38,233 listeners)

    chanson francaise, french, chanson, singer-songwriter

    William Sheller, born 1946 in Paris, France, is a french singer, pianist and composer. He's most known for his famous song Un homme heureux.

  • Ycare

    (7,651 listeners)

    french, chanson française, nouvelle star, rock

    Ycare Ace, whose real name Assane Attyé, born September 21, 1983 in Dakar (Senegal) is a French singer, former candidate for New Star of the show.