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  • Anenzephalia

    (6,456 listeners)

    power electronics, industrial, death industrial, noise

    Anenzephalia was one of the first artists to be signed by Tesco Organisation. B. Moloch is the man behind the project, often helped by Genocide Organ's frontman Wilhelm Herich, therefore Anenzephalia are sometimes refered to as a side-project of Genocide Organ, even if actually they are not.

  • Dogpop

    (370 listeners)

    industrial, angstpop, post-industrial, german

    The noise artists Brigant Moloch (Anenzephalia) and Dan Courtman (Thorofon/The Musick Wreckers) came together to make something completely different. Touching on the sound of D.A.F., Dogpop makes strange danceable music with industrial roots.

  • Genocide Organ

    (17,952 listeners)

    power electronics, noise, industrial, death industrial

    A big group in the German industrial scene, Genocide Organ joined forces in 1986 and eventually set up the notorious label Tesco Organisation.

  • Land:Fire

    (2,314 listeners)

    dark ambient, industrial, death industrial, ambient

    Founded in 1999 by the members of Herbst9. "With land:fire we have tried to create a musical balance to our main project herbst9. It is very important for us to have and use such a balance and we have the possibility to explore and interpret new fields of “ambient” music." (Quote from Land:Fire site http://www.land-fire.de/ )

  • Operation Cleansweep

    (2,984 listeners)

    power electronics, noise, industrial, martial industrial

    Operation Cleansweep is a mysterious German duo who plays a powerful industrial noise music with menacing distorted vocals and provocative samples. Their real names are unknown and there is no way to get in contact with the band.

  • tho so aa

    (116 listeners)

    ambient, exrerimental, dark ambient

  • Tho-So-Aa

    (2,389 listeners)

    dark ambient, ambient, drone, drone ambient

    Tho-So-Aa (acronym for The Other Side Of AADOM), is the dark ambient project of Lutz Rach, operating out of Germany. Albums released on Art Konkret; Drone Records; :Ikonen: Media; and Tesco Organisation. www.tho-so-aa.com myspace.com/thosoaa