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  • 9Horizon

    (647 listeners)

    sludge, stoner rock, post-metal, latvian

    Since 2006, 9Horizon, the band from Rīga, Latvia, has been experimenting a lot in various heavy music directions - from fast hardcore punk and classic heavy rock to doom metal and stoner rock. This blend of music is present in album Endstartend, released in 2008, which highly marks the band’s musical thought of the first years.

  • A Strength Within

    (335 listeners)

    hardcore, hardcore punk, belgium, melodic metalcore

    A Strength Within is a hardcoreband from Brabant, Belgium. They've released there first album "Never Lose Sight" on the Austrian label "Burning Season Records" in january 2010. They played shows with Killing The Dream, The Carrier, Rise And Fall, Down To Nothing, No Turning Back and many more.

  • Almost

    (1,605 listeners)

    rock, hardcore, acoustic, house

    Glasgow based producer. https://www.facebook.com/Almostmusic

  • Almost Failed

    (296 listeners)

    metal, metalcore, progressive, melodic hardcore

    Young band from Linz, Austria, founded in spring 2010. Almost Failed have spent every free second in their dusty and smelling rehearsal room trying to assemble all the musical ideas arising in their heads in order to create new songs that will blow minds.

  • Alpinist

    (16,470 listeners)

    neocrust, crust, screamo, hardcore

    Alpinist is a dark hardcore / crust band from Münster, Germany, this four-piece created some unholy and barbaric hardcore that's dark and crusty as hell and even adds slight undertones of screamo in the mix.

  • Anita Kalve

    (0 listeners)

  • Aon

    (431 listeners)

    latvian, female vocalist, pop, alternative rock

    Aon, born Jevgēnijs Načiss, is a sound artist from Jūrmala, Latvia. Played bass guitar in various metal bands until middle of 2011, when started to concentrate on electronic music.

  • Armant

    (13 listeners)

  • Band Mango

    (12 listeners)

    ska, ska punk, 00s, latvian

    Band Mango is a Latvian ska punk sextet hailing from Rīga, Latvia and spreading great tunes of third wave ska / punk rock around since 2007. http://www.facebook.com/bandmango

  • Bitter Taste Of Life

    (338 listeners)

    hardcore, beatdown hardcore, swedish, hardcore punk

  • Breakfake

    (41 listeners)

    dubstep, zvera 2010, breakfake, windscope

  • Brosided

    (87 listeners)

    hardcore punk, hardcore, seen live

    Our band was founded in March, 2007. At the beginning there were 3 members, and then after couple of months we decided to invite a guy named Dima, to support Vytis at vocal, and another guy named Arnoldas, who replaced our first bassist. Now, we stay old-school with a little bit salt of rock'n'roll and hardcore notes.

  • Crystral Sound System

    (99 listeners)

    reggae, jungle, dancehall, jamaica

    Crystral Sound System is a DJ duo, currently based in Rīga, Latvia spinning Jamaican dancehall and reggae-inspired mashup and electronic music tunes, combined with Caribbean-flavoured videos, practically every weekend blazing tropical bass in various clubs and festivals.

  • Cyber Punk

    (562 listeners)

    industrial, latvian, cyberpunk, rhythmic noise

    ///////////////////////////////////////////////// In 1994 two young post soviet punks with the instinct of freedom in their blood started concentrate their minds on the newest and most progressive thing on earth - the personal computer. Many trips and events happened in the next five years.

  • Doctah Jahngle

    (2 listeners)

  • Dubna

    (7 listeners)

    psychedelic, dub, experimental, 00s

    Dubna is a Latgalian leftfield electronic music project by Māris Butlers that was launched in Līvāni, Latvia in 2003. In most of its compositions reggae and hip-hop clichés are fused with psychedelic moods of dub music and the nostalgia for the Soviet world order.

  • E91

    (391 listeners)

    latvian, fidget house, electro crunk, under 2000 listeners

    E91 born at 1991 2nd March in little country called Latvia (it's in European Union). Now living in the same country called Latvia in small town Tukums (Population: 20'000) E91 is DJ at local clubs too. Influenced by playlist of iPod. Hardware: PC with Linux

  • Enhet

    (825 listeners)

    metalcore, latvian, hardcore, metal

    Enhet is a metalcore band from Cēsis, Latvia, formed in 2001. The band's debut album titled Check the Foundation was released in 2008, and it received much positive feedback from audience and media alike. After spending countless hours in their DIY recording studio, Enhet released its second album titled Keep It Clear and presented it on the band's 12th anniversary show.

  • Faust Again

    (11,320 listeners)

    metalcore, hardcore, deathcore, polish

    Faust Again is a metal hardcore band from Poznan (Poland). Current line-up: Adrian "Ady" Klementowski - bass Aleksander "Olas" Data - guitar Wojtek "Dyzio" Warnke - guitar Marcin "X" Palecki - drums Marcin "Pysh" Pyszora - vox Biography:

  • Freelancers

    (631 listeners)

    punk, punk rock, melodic punk, latvian

    Freelancers is a five-piece melodic punk band from Rīga, Latvia formed in year 2007. Previously part of the members also played in other notable Latvian punk rock band Fact You.

  • Gines Rekordu Orkestrs

    (0 listeners)

  • Grieved

    (2,628 listeners)

    hardcore, dark hardcore, swedish, stockholm

    Five piece hardcore punk band formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 2010 by some Swedes inspired by dark hardcore.

  • Hyperpotamus

    (3,420 listeners)

    experimental, a cappella, acapella, avant-garde

    Hyperpotamus is a London, United Kingdom-based multi-vocal solo artist from Madrid, Spain. He makes music using only his voice, a few microphones and a loop pedal.

  • I Am A Curse

    (1,187 listeners)

    screamo, hardcore, crust, french

    We are a four-piece emotive hardcore band. We come from this city of half-hearted men and restless ghosts called Le Mans, France http://iamacurse.bandcamp.com/

  • Indygo

    (1,073 listeners)

    latvian, rock, indie, progressive

    There are two bands named IndyGo: 1. IndyGo is an alternative rock and progressive rock band formed in 2002 in Rīga, Latvia.

  • Jeramy Hollow

    (160 listeners)

    dubstep, alternative, under 2000 listeners, trip-hop

    Jeramy Hollow – real name Arturs Paberzs was born in 23.03.1990 in Riga. Latvia. Stared to produce his music in 2006. His musical career started with Rap and Hip-Hop that eventually evolved to Dubstep.

  • Masakari

    (10,635 listeners)

    neocrust, crust, hardcore, dark hardcore

    Masakari unleash a devastating blend of d-beat crust and anxious hardcore descendant to His Hero Is Gone and From Ashes Rise, as well as more punk/crust founders G.I.S.M.

  • Mixmaster AG

    (7 listeners)

  • Mr. Zivs

    (4 listeners)

  • Mācītājs on Acid

    (164 listeners)

    punk, latvian, indie, underground

    Mācītājs on Acid is an American Latvian experimental rock, art rock and punk rock band formed in 1992 in Washington, District of Columbia, United States. The band split up in 2003, to return on stage in 2006. The original lineup: Kristaps Krēsliņš - guitar, vocals;

  • Nightstar

    (136 listeners)

    rock, hard rock, alternative, alternative rock

    Nightstar is a hard rock / alternative rock band from Saldus, Latvia formed in March of 2010. The group's original lineup consists of the lead vocal and guitar Martins Sliede, back vocal and guitar Nauris Zeltins, bass and back vocal Ingus Dambis and drums Lauris Polis.

  • Pararealitāte

    (0 listeners)

  • Parára

    (947 listeners)

    experimental, math rock, post-rock, latvian

    Parára is a five-piece experimental rock and post-punk band from Rīga, Latvia formed in the dawn of 2009. Featuring two drumsets, frequently complex rhythm structures and some intense breakdowns their sound can be very dense yet just as melody driven and humble as your neighborhood singer-songwriter guy.

  • Ragava

    (0 listeners)

  • Rebel Riot

    (76 listeners)

    heavy metal, latvian, hard rock, rock'n'roll

    Rebel Riot is a four-piece hard rock and heavy metal band formed in 2007 in Rīga, Latvia. Members: Roberts Cēris - guitar, vocals; Jānis Kažemaks - guitar, back vocals; Krišjānis Galiņš - bass guitar, back vocals; Kristīne Segliņa - drums. Former members:

  • Reign Supreme

    (35,703 listeners)

    hardcore, straight edge, hardcore punk, metal

    Reign Supreme is a Hardcore band from Philadelphia, PA, comprised of ex-members of Blacklisted, Palehorse, Roundhouse NJ and Braindead.

  • Rocky LeonUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (8,462 listeners)

    reggae, indie, modern reggae, ukulele

    pure awesomeness! Ska/Punk/Rock/Reggae/Dub/HipHop/Drum'n'Bass by Austrian/American guitarist, singer/songwriter, musicproducer Rocky Leon. Killer sh*t! http://www.myspace.com/rockyleon http://www.facebook.com/rockyleonmusic

  • Rīgas Neons

    (0 listeners)

  • Rīta Stienis

    (29 listeners)

    punk, punk rock, latvian, 10s

    Rīta Stienis is a Latvian punk rock band that formed in Rīga, Latvia in 2012. "World's first sport punk orchestra," as they say. http://www.facebook.com/ritastienis

  • Sairam

    (46 listeners)


    SairaM is a dubstep / electronica DJ project by Māris Skuja from Rīga, Latvia since 2006. http://www.soundcloud.com/sairam

  • Sakhta

    (4 listeners)

    progressive metal, math metal, latvian, technical metal

    Sakhta is a Latvian technical metal and progressive metal band formed in 2009 in Rīga, Latvia. The original lineup: Verners Biters - vocals; Ansis Auders - guitar; Artis Barkāns - guitar; Ingemārs Jēkabsons - bass guitar; Agris Perro - drums.

  • Sarkanais

    (428 listeners)

    electronic, idm, melodic, latvian

  • Satellites LV

    (1,294 listeners)

    latvian, indie, rock, post-rock

    Satellites LV, formerly known as The Satellites in their early Britpop period (1996-1999), is a Latvian musical group formed in 1996 in Riga, Latvia. The core members of The Satellites are brothers Jānis Žilde and Edgars Žilde. Other projects and groups related to Satellites LV include Kuba, Mofo, Raadio, Autobuss Debesīs, Augusts IV and Stāvi, the experimental solo album of Jānis Žilde.

  • Skyforger

    (36,451 listeners)

    folk metal, pagan metal, black metal, latvian

    Skyforger is a folk metal band from Rīga, Latvia. They have been tempering their music in the smithy of the Thundergod since 1995. For the last decade, the band has been fighting under the flag of Latvian pagan metal; an extreme blend of traditional Baltic folk music and various metal influences ranging from Norwegian inspired black metal through to 80s-rooted heavy metal.

  • SoundArcade

    (2,308 listeners)

    post-rock, latvian, progressive rock, psychedelic

    SoundArcade is a progressive rock band, formed in 2002 and hailing from Rīga, Latvia. Their music features influences ranging from Latvian folk music to structures of progressive rock but is often heavier and more dream-like.

  • Striķis

    (224 listeners)

    reggae, roots, roots reggae, under 2000 listeners

    Striķis is a Latvian roots reggae band formed in 2005 in Rīga, Latvia. http://www.myspace.com/strikisband

  • Synthetic Violence

    (1,651 listeners)

    idm, breakcore, darkstep, experimental

    Synthetic Violence - real name Igors Golovins, is Latvian underground scene`s musician, producer and promoter, one of Latvian drum&bass arena`s headliners, SYNESTHESIA events co-organisator and promoter.

  • Tesa

    (17,946 listeners)

    sludge, post-metal, post-rock, post-hardcore

    Tesa is a three-piece band from Rīga, Latvia, mostly associated with post-metal genre, consisting of Dāvis Burmeisters (guitars), Kārlis Tone (bass guitar, vocals) and Jānis Burmeisters (drums, vocals). Since 2005, the band has gained much attention from local listeners as well as from rest of Europe and Russian Federation with numerous tours and festival appearances.

  • The Seventh Floor

    (109 listeners)

    rock, pop punk, easycore, indie

    The Seventh Floor is a pop punk band from Ventspils, Latvia. Established in November 29, 2010.

  • The Signs

    (265 listeners)

    rock, punk, pop, new wave

    There is more than one artist with this name: 1. The Signs (or Signs) is the band of metalcore and post-hardcore, formed in 2010 in Rīga, Latvia. In the end of 2011 they released their first single Side by Side.