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  • RadogosT

    (16,954 listeners)

    folk metal, pagan metal, polish, folk

    Radogost, slavi metal band from Poland, was formed in 2006 by a guitarist Mussi (Łukasz Muschiol, the creator of the Immemoratus Project), who decided to take the role of the lead singer, and a drummer Łukasz Goszyk. Both musicians had known each other from a metal band, but this time they decided to break the standard conception of metal music by incorporating folk motifs.

  • Airfare

    (10,719 listeners)

    czech, indie rock, rock, indie

    Czech rock-and-roll band. It is led by american guitarist and song-writer Thomas J. Lichtag. The Band is known for their oddball sound, which is a result of recording their songs in the old analogue way. Their live shows are very wild and unpredictable.

  • Krucipüsk

    (9,026 listeners)

    czech, hard rock, hardcore, rock

    Krucipüsk is hardcore band from Liberec. The group arosed at the end of year 1991 when punk band's Hubert Macháně leader Tomáš Hájíček entered thrash metal band Veteš. Current line-up: Tomáš Hájíček (lead vocals)

  • Salamandra

    (8,988 listeners)

    power metal, drum and bass, czech, speed metal

    1) Salamandra is a Gothic Power/Speed Metal band from Czech Republic (Ostrava), with lyrics in English language.

  • Dark Horizon

    (4,093 listeners)

    power metal, symphonic metal, black metal, metal

    There are several artists with the name Dark Horizon: 1) Dark Horizon is an Italian symphonic power metal band based near Piacenza. 2) Dark Horizon is a Gothic Metal band from the United Kingdom.

  • Traktor

    (2,828 listeners)

    screamo, hardcore, post-hardcore, swedish

    1) Traktor from Czech Republic http://www.traktor-rock.cz is a Pub/Rock band. 2) TRAKTOR from Sweden @ http://www.traktorbiz.com

  • Citron

    (2,391 listeners)

    heavy metal, czech, hard rock, rock

    Citron (Lemon) is one of the most known czech rock/heavy metal groups of 70s and 80s. The group was founded in 1976 by experienced musicians Aleš Ulm, Olda Říha, Tolja Kohout from Katapult and Petr Michalík.

  • Kreyson

    (1,864 listeners)

    heavy metal, power metal, czech, christian metal

    Projekt "Kreyson" se začal realizovat v roce 1989. Album "Anděl na útěku" vyšlo v roce 1990. Natáčelo se v Hannoveru, kde vznikla česká i anglická verze.

  • Victorians

    (679 listeners)

    power metal, female fronted metal, gothic metal, symphonic metal

  • The Paranoid

    (458 listeners)

    metalcore, slovak, rock, hard rock

    The Paranoid is metalcore/hard rock band from Šurany, Slovakia. Band THE PARANOID was founded in 2002 by vocalist Igor Belaj and drumer Ondrej Hnat. Bassguitar post was changed few times: Martin Vacho, Martin Krišák and later Roman Klčo and with current member Patrik Sýkora.

  • Rentgen

    (202 listeners)

    thrash metal, under 2000 listeners, rock, hip-hop

    This is a Russian band hip-hop oriented.

  • Sagittari

    (96 listeners)

    power metal, seen live

    Power/Speed Metal from Czech Republic.

  • Hodne Podne

    (29 listeners)

  • Ozzy Osbourne revival

    (1 listener)

    heavy metal, heavy rock, seen live

  • Deep Purple Mania

    (0 listeners)