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  • Digitaline

    (10,299 listeners)

    minimal, cadenza, techno, electronic

    Digitaline is Laurent Bovey aka Laps and Gregory Poncet aka Gregorythme. Both live in Lausanne, Swizerland and play music together for about three years. Before Digitaline, Laurent played drums in a grindcore band and Gregory guitar in two post-rock bands : Parazit and Machnick (both bands still exist).

  • Elektro Guzzi

    (6,396 listeners)

    minimal, experimental, techno, electronic

    Elektro Guzzi from Vienna, members Bernhard Breuer, Bernhard Hammer, Jakob Schneidewind Live performances of electronic music have gone a long way since the seminal decision of a few men from Düsseldorf to leave their Krautrock beginnings behind and to become machines.

  • Ernesto Ferreyra

    (3,739 listeners)

    minimal, house, techno, todaysart

    Born in Argentina, Ernesto Ferreyra travels the world in pursuit of musical enlightenment. From Mexico, to Montreal, to Berlin, the newest member of team Cadenza proves rhythm knows no borders.

  • LUCIANOUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (132,531 listeners)

    reggae, minimal, roots reggae, techno

    There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Luciano (born Jepther McClymont on October 20, 1964) is a Jamaican Roots Reggae artist.

  • Maayan Nidam

    (7,011 listeners)

    minimal, minimal techno, house, electronic

    Maayan Nidam aka Miss-Fitz has been spinning and producing music since 1999. Her releases on Archipel CA, Eklo FR, on Kalimari as Uli Kunkel (together with Shaun Reeves & Lee Curtiss) and on Raum Musik, got remixed by Jeff Samuel, Ryan Crosson, Mossa, Pheek, Spasm & more.

  • Mirko Loko

    (5,944 listeners)

    minimal, electronic, techno, minimal techno

    Mirko started when he was 17 years old and quickly got noticed for his musical inspiration, sounds from Detroit and Chicago. He worked as a planner of programm and resident DJ on famous national radio Couleur 3 during 3 years and started to mix in Loft electroclub from the opening in 1998 to build up a name and reputation that are well established today.

  • Paul Kalkbrenner

    (431,009 listeners)

    minimal, electronic, techno, electro

    Paul Kalkbrenner (1977) is a producer, DJ and actor from Berlin, Germany. He is signed to the famous Bpitch control label founded by Ellen Allien.

  • Robert Dietz

    (7,058 listeners)

    minimal, tech house, electronic, house

    „ You see house is a feeling!“ These words of Chuck Roberts are an irreversible truth by itself. Especially in our hectic times where origin, age, technical experience or musical socialisation are almost insignificant if it´s only the result that counts.