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  • Bloody Death Skull

    (28 listeners)

  • Captions

    (586 listeners)

    post-hardcore, under 2000 listeners, ambient, post hardcore

    captions are the movement from "Kill 'Em With A Smile" to something much more mature and with a wider variety of sound. Coming from Sand Springs, Tulsa, and Claremore, Oklahoma, they each bring something unique to the table. With influences ranging from Elliot Smith to Between The Buried And Me, they blend elements of ambience and melody to hard crushing moments and intense climaxes.

  • Chrome CanyonUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (8,398 listeners)

    electro, electronic, electroclash, synthpop

    The future never came. The year 2000 arrived, a new millennium was born, and yet we were not greeted with hover-boards. Our computers did not sprout legs and profess to love us. Enter Chrome Canyon. If we can indeed recover yesterday’s fantasy of what tomorrow would (should) be, then Chrome Canyon is the temporal technician for the job.

  • Cigarette Bums

    (69 listeners)

    5432fun, pay attention, starting artist, so cal

    A couple of scraggly, wide-eyed boys met in school back on free cloud and decided to start a band. After a while of playing together, they started this here group called The Cigarette Bums.

  • Coleman

    (3,332 listeners)

    screamo, emo, hardcore, all

    1) An emo/hardcore band from 90's. "With just a guitar and drums they created a uniquely great sound, alternating between pounding fast parts and winding, rhythmic breakdowns, over which singer Jackie would scream from the floor (when the mike was actually in front of her face).

  • Contact Field Orchestra

    (739 listeners)



    (357 listeners)

    thrash, 8-bit, electro punk, machina muerte

    A band from Tucson Arizona that makes g-lectro face smasher music. Machina muerte. Members: N8 Noface/ vocals, Scumbag Tony/ gameboy and casio cz101

  • Daedelus

    (252,332 listeners)

    electronic, experimental, ninja tune, idm

    This musical romantic weaves together a true "love-sound" that falls between honeyed melody and all out rave. He takes the acoustics further with the husband & wife pairing, The Long Lost.

  • Darude

    (587,426 listeners)

    trance, electronic, dance, techno

    Darude is known worldwide for his anthemic trance style. He is an electronic dance music producer, DJ and lives in Turku, Finland. He debuted in 1999 with the smash single Sandstorm (#1 hit in numerous charts around the world) and subsequent album Before the Storm.

  • Dream Homes

    (1 listener)

  • Duniven

    (88 listeners)

  • Fleeting Heart

    (11 listeners)

  • Glen Iris

    (27 listeners)

    There are two bands with this name. 1) An Atlanta hard rock band featuring members of Rock*A*Teens, Brass Castle and The Close 2) a West Coast band

  • Gravy Train

    (20,771 listeners)

    progressive rock, 70s, hard rock, rock

    Gravy Train (not Gravy Train!!!!) was a progressive rock band from Lancashire, England, formed by vocalist and guitarist Norman Barratt in 1970. Together with J.D. Hughes (keyboards, vocals, wind), Lester Williams (bass, vocals) and Barry Davenport (Drums) they made 4 studio albums. The first 2 were released under the label Vertigo and the latter 2 by Dawn Records.

  • High Places

    (174,350 listeners)

    experimental, psychedelic, folktronica, indie

    High Places began as an experiment in collaboration: two people with diverse artistic backgrounds coming together to merge their skills, aesthetic tastes, and music-making approaches. Robert Barber grew up listening to punk and hardcore, and Mary Pearson studied bassoon performance, but both gravitated toward a DIY compositional style and a love of layers.

  • Imperial Teen

    (75,394 listeners)

    indie, indie pop, indie rock, rock

    Imperial Teen was formed in San Francisco in 1995 by Roddy Bottum (keyboard player for Faith No More), Lynn Perko, Jone Stebbins and Will Schwartz.

  • J-Rocc

    (15,863 listeners)

    hip-hop, turntablism, stones throw, dj

    In 1992, Jason Jackson, internationally known as J. Rocc, launched his vision of forming a DJ crew comprised of talented musicians, by introducing to the world Southern California’s first turntable band - the Beat Junkies. A prized accomplishment enthusiastically received by worldwide audiences, J-Rocc continues to invent musical styles that display his creative expertise.

  • Jared James Nichols

    (49 listeners)

  • JonwayneUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (25,544 listeners)

    electronic, hip-hop, instrumental hip-hop, experimental

    Jonwayne is an incredibly prolific up-and-coming producer and emcee from La Habra, California associated with the Low End Theory, the Wedidit Collective and Stones Throw Records.

  • Karmic

    (28 listeners)

    grand rapids, rock, jam, michigan

    There appear to be multiple artists with this name. (1) n 2004, Laura Baruch and Peter Kastner met, sparking a musical evolution.

  • La Sera

    (107,014 listeners)

    indie pop, lo-fi, female vocalists, indie

    La Sera is an indie rock band from Los Angeles, CA, featuring Katy Goodman - of Vivian Girls. The first album was recorded in spring 2009 by Katy and good friend, filmaker and music producer Brady Hall. They were both inspired by charming, ethereal vocals and '50s/'60s pop influences.

  • Leftover Cuties

    (16,452 listeners)

    indie pop, retro, folk, indie folk

    Shirli McAllen (singer/songwriter) and Austin Nicholson (bassist/songwriter) began working together in 2003, but it would be over three years before they began their lives together as Leftover Cuties. It was, in fact, an impromptu jam session with Austin's ukulele that led to the creation of the Cuties first song and the title track of their debut EP.

  • Low Flying Owls

    (4,492 listeners)

    indie rock, avant-pop, experimental, indie

    Low Flying Owls had quite the hiatus but we’re back. After touring behind our first official release, Elixir Vitae, and supporting noteworthy luminaries The Fall, Clinic, and Blonde Redhead, we disbanded in the latter part of 2005. Seven years forward, we have a new album on the musical horizon.

  • Nine

    (32,907 listeners)

    hardcore, hip-hop, rap, swedish

    1) New York rapper 2) Japanese trance artist 3) South African (Cape Town) rock, metal, trip-hop, drum 'n base, jazz funk, soul reggae band 4) Swedish hardcore band 5) Both a Tony Award Winning Musical and Film based on the Musical

  • Peanut Butter Wolf

    (110,492 listeners)

    hip-hop, turntablism, stones throw, hip hop

    As a young kid growing up in San Jose, Chris Manak soon realized he needed an escape from the realities of suburban life in the Silicon Valley. The age of nine was his coming of age. This was the year he discovered sports (Pittsburgh Pirates), video games (Pac man), girls (Anita Balderama), and hip hop ("Rappers Delight").

  • Pilgrim

    (5,040 listeners)

    doom metal, traditional doom metal, metal, american

    There is more than one known artist who once went under the name Pilgrim: 1. Pilgrim is a Doom metal band from Rhode Island.

  • Robert Schwartzman

    (2,490 listeners)

    rock, indie, electronic

    Robert Coppola Schwartzman is the frontman and lead singer of american alternative band Rooney.

  • Sadie & the Blue Eyed Devils

    (52 listeners)


  • So Many Wizards

    (11,977 listeners)

    indie, experimental, spotify, indie pop

    "Syd Barrett lives with the Cunningham family on Happy Days and records in their basement in the 1960's while listening to FRENCH pop during the days and watching nothing but Spaghetti Westerns at night." (from the official album description)

  • Tawny Ellis

    (24 listeners)

  • The Beat Club

    (4,075 listeners)

    house, electronic, electro, electronica

    The Beat Club started off in Miami, USA in the late 80s as a studio project of producer Ony Rodriguez; with his girlfriend and future-wife, Mireya Valls on vocals.

  • The Henry Clay People

    (26,952 listeners)

    indie, kickasstic, recommended, pay attention

    The Henry Clay People are a rock and roll band from Los Angeles. With common comparisons to Pavement and The Replacements they play a type of no-frills, pretention-free rock that has sorely been missing from LA. The band is made up of brothers Joey (vocals, guitar) and Andy (guitar, vocals) Siara, Jonathan Price (bass, vocals) and Eric Scott (drums).

  • The Lions

    (21,053 listeners)

    reggae, rock, dub, britpop

    There are several artists with this name: 1) The Lions. Hailing from the same neighborhood in Dundee, Scotland, Darren and Chris, 10 years later, would meet half the world away, to create, The Lions.

  • The Record CompanyUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (2,473 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, seen live

    There are at least 2 bands with the name The Record Company. The newest is a blues/roots/indie band from Los Angeles, CA with members Chris Vos, Alex Stiff and Marc Cazorla. The debut album will be released in early 2012.

  • Thundercat

    (63,370 listeners)

    electronic, funk, jazz, soul

    Thundercat is a pseudonym of Stephen Bruner (b. Los Angeles, CA, USA), a virtuoso bassist, composer, producer and singer. He débuted with No Curfew's "18" (2001) and his latest album is "Apocalypse" (Jun 2013, Brainfeeder).

  • Tijuana Panthers

    (15,729 listeners)

    surf rock, surf, indie, american

    Tijuana Panthers are a surf rock band from Long Beach, California. After a series of 7"s, the band self-released their debut LP Max Baker. http://tijuanapanthers.tumblr.com/

  • Triple Chicken Foot

    (75 listeners)

  • Vex Ruffin

    (3,806 listeners)

    experimental, stones throw, no wave, garage rock

    On paper, Vex Ruffin’s music is simple: an untrained punk musician who uses a few basic instruments in uncomplicated ways. He calls the style ‘minimalist.’ Although it may not seem like it upon first listen, Vex’s music is rooted in sampling and hip hop beat-making culture. The SP 303 sampler provides the drums and other sounds, a purchase inspired by Madlib.

  • Vinyl Williams

    (14,226 listeners)

    shoegaze, experimental, psychedelic, lo-fi

    Vinyl Williams is a lifelong music & art project by Lionel Williams from Los Angeles. Works include improvisations in Berlin w/ Machinedrum, Verity Susman of Electrelane, Jochen Arbeit of Einstuerzende Neubauten, with help of The Mindpirates. Exhibitions in LA, NY, Seoul, Berlin.

  • Vum

    (1,469 listeners)

    psychedelic, rock, psychedelic rock, surf

    “I recommend it”- Henry Rollins, KCRW “Minimal and elusive”- August Brown, LA Times “usic for people who see all too well in the dark”- Chris Ziegler, LA Weekly “Totally ruling L.A. noir”- Aaron Aldorisio, Amoeba Music