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  • Bad Noids

    (563 listeners)

    hardcore punk, punk

    Hardcore punk rom Cleveland, OH. They released their debut LP "Everything From Soup to Dessert" via Katorga Works in May 2013.

  • brainwashed youth

    (101 listeners)

  • Brown Sugar

    (7,238 listeners)

    dancehall, hardcore punk, punk, hardcore

    There are at least five groups with this name: 1) Hardcore punk the way it should be. 2) British lovers rock group in 70's. 3) Thrashy punk rock band from buffalo. 4) Japanese female dance hall reggae group. 5) A co-ed Hindi/English fusion acapella group from Northwestern University ( http://www.last.fm/music/Northwestern+Brown+Sugar )

  • Cheater Slicks

    (14,797 listeners)

    garage rock, garage punk, trash blues, garage

    Started in Boston in 1987, the Cheater Slicks have built a huge body of recorded trash-garage-noise-melancholy pop-psychedelic dementia-rock n’ roll that has gone largely unrecognized by the music press and has made many garage rock purists run for the door. Their music is sometimes abstract and always intrusive.

  • Claw Toe

    (198 listeners)

    punk, garage rock, garage, deathrock

    Nihilistic drum-machined punk jams from the mastermind behind chicago's Criminal IQ records. Darius Hurley, doing creepy metronomic dub-punk with a slightly goth-y feel. For fans of PIL and Flipper.

  • darvocets

    (527 listeners)

    punk, hardcore, cleveland, seen live

    The Darvocets are no longer a band because they were abducted by aliens.

  • ET Habit

    (2 listeners)

  • Gary Wrong Group

    (95 listeners)

  • Homostupids

    (7,258 listeners)

    punk, noise rock, noise punk, garage punk

    Pure excellence.

  • Liquor Store

    (2,343 listeners)

    garage rock, garage punk, punk rock, punk

    New Jersey garage punk. Their music employs big, solid riffs flung from multiple electric guitars, memorable choruses and tons of energy.

  • LiveFastDie

    (2,257 listeners)

    punk rock, garage punk, punk, garage rock

    Live Fast Die (USA): http://www.myspace.com/livefastdienow Not to be confused with LIVE FAST DIE! from Hong Kong. Also not to be confused with scaldy rockers Live Fast Die! from Dublin, Ireland.

  • Mr. Quintron and Miss Pussycat

    (10 listeners)

    electronic, dance-punk, alternative dance, elektro

  • Obnox

    (1,707 listeners)

    rock, punk, garage rock, noise

    Obnox is a solo project of Lamont "Bim" Thomas. Lamont "Bim" Thomas is a staple of the Ohio North Coast's evolving rock scene, most notably atop a drum throne in This Moment in Black History. As OBNOX, Thomas takes full reins, tackling vocals, guitars and drums on a feral mix of tunes collected as I'm Bleeding Now.

  • Plain Dealers

    (6 listeners)

    Punk band from Cleveland, OH. http://www.myspace.com/dontpulltheplug

  • Pleasure Leftists

    (2,600 listeners)

    post-punk, punk, post punk, gothic rock

    Cleveland music band.

  • Puffy Areolas

    (4,633 listeners)

    garage rock, psychedelic rock, punk, psychedelic

    Supersonic Ohio psychedelic mafia all-star band, assaulting your ears with acid-damaged feedback downer sludge jams and heavy metalloid krautrock freak-outs. "Hawkwind meets Hijokaidan at Ash Ra Tempel". Real people, real damage. The Puffy Areolas are: TEETS-GUITAR VOX SYNTH TAPES... PRINCE TWAN-BASS... CHUCK-GUITAR SYNTH SAX... LAMONT THOMAS- DRUMS VOX

  • Terrible Twos

    (2,473 listeners)

    punk, garage rock, acoustic, detroit

    Terrible Twos of Detroit, Michigan. "Punk rock" Deconstructionists. Members include Danny Bing. Chris Campbell. Jonathan Arthur. Jeffrey Jordan. Craig Brown. Myspace Profile: http://www.myspace.com/terribletwos

  • The Hookers

    (4,755 listeners)

    punk, punk rock, rock, garage

    There are two bands under the name The Hookers: 1. Hardcore punk from Lexington, KY formed in 1994. 2. Short lived pre-Murder City Devils band from Seattle, WA.

  • Watery Love

    (1,131 listeners)

    noise rock, garage punk, punk, garage

  • White Load

    (543 listeners)

    punk, garage punk, hardcore, rac

    There are 2 bands called White Load: 1) A Punk/Hardcore band from Rhode Island, NY 2) A RAC band.