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  • Bonafide

    (9,606 listeners)

    hard rock, blues rock, rock, rock n' roll

    There is more than one artist with this name: 1. Bonafide is a blues rock and hard rock band from Malmö, Sweden. http://www.bonafiderocks.com 2. Bonafide was an electronic rock band from Tel-Aviv, Israel. Currently known as Bonafide3000.

  • Caravan

    (157,339 listeners)

    progressive rock, canterbury scene, canterbury, rock

    Caravan is a: 1. British progressive rock band from Canterbury, United Kingdom 2. Thai folk-rock band, active in the 1970s. 3. Japanese singer songwriter. 4. A chaotic hardcore band from Antwerp, Belgium.

  • Chantel McGregor

    (1,565 listeners)

    blues, blues rock, female vocalists, guitar

    Realising at an early age that if you picked up a guitar you got attention, especially from her dad whose guitar it usually was, it was inevitable that she would get one of her own. So at the ripe old age of three, she got her first guitar, a half size acoustic.

  • Don Airey

    (2,131 listeners)

    progressive rock, hard rock, rock, keyboard virtuoso

    Don Airey (born June 21, 1948) is the keyboardist in the rock band Deep Purple from 2003, succeeding to Jon Lord. He has had a long and productive career, playing with such people and bands as Gary Moore, Ozzy Osbourne, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Jethro Tull, Whitesnake, Colosseum II, Sinner, Michael Schenker, Uli Jon Roth, Rainbow, and Living Loud. He has also worked with Andrew Lloyd Webber.

  • Focus

    (245,470 listeners)

    progressive rock, classic rock, rock, dutch

    Focus is a Dutch progressive rock band founded by classically trained organist/flautist Thijs van Leer in 1969, along with guitarist Jan Akkerman.

  • Heather Findlay

    (486 listeners)

    female vocalists, progressive rock, british, alternative rock

    Originally known for her lead vocalist role in Mostly Autumn from 1997 to 2010, Heather Findlay is also one half of Odin Dragonfly and personified the emotion 'love' on Ayreon's Human Equation album.

  • It Bites

    (24,616 listeners)

    progressive rock, neo-prog, rock, british

    It Bites are a rock band formed in Egremont, Cumbria, England, in 1982. Original singer and guitarist Francis Dunnery departed from the band in 1990, to be replaced by Lee Knott (ex-Innocence Lost), who had supported the band on a recent tour at the time. However, in 1991 the band changed its name to Navajo Kiss and then Sister Sarah before splitting in 1992.

  • John Otway

    (6,851 listeners)

    punk, singer-songwriter, rock, alternative

    John Otway, (born October 2, 1952, in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom) is a self-confessed unsuccessful singer songwriter, who built a large cult audience through unrelenting touring, a surreal sense of humour and a winning underdog personality.

  • Kyrbgrinder

    (1,043 listeners)

    progressive metal, progressive rock, english, metal

    Kyrbgrinder are one of the most talked about emerging bands in the UK. A trio from London they play a unique style of metal that incorporates funk and several other musical genres.

  • Manning

    (1,048 listeners)

    progressive rock, progressive folk, folk, folk rock

    We are currently trying to bring together the two entries (Guy Manning & Manning (as they represent the same artist. So please check out GUY MANNING page too.

  • Mostly Autumn

    (32,798 listeners)

    progressive rock, folk rock, celtic, folk

    Mostly Autumn are a rock band from York, UK. Their music contains elements of progressive rock, hard rock, folk-rock and celtic rock, and has included flute, violin, whistles and Uilleann pipes alongside traditional rock instruments. Their music has changed and evolved over the years although much of their work retains a strong 70s classic rock feel.

  • Mr. So & So

    (799 listeners)

    progressive rock, art rock, prog, favourites

    Mr So & So were formed at Leigh Music college in 1989 by Dave Foster and Shaun McGowan. Brought together by a passion for the same bands such as Yes, Genesis, The Who, The Beatles they began writing songs together.

  • Panic Room

    (6,720 listeners)

    progressive rock, hard rock, alternative rock, female vocalists

    There are two registered bands with the name Panic Room: 1) A rock band from Wales/England, fronted by vocalist Anne-Marie Helder. 2) A six-piece alt-metal/hard rock band from Parma, Italy. 1) PANIC ROOM (UK) PANIC ROOM are a UK rock band who released their debut album in 2008.

  • Sankara

    (139 listeners)

    melodic rock, rock, hard rock, progressive rock

  • Sankara Music

    (5 listeners)

    sankara music, sankarab, sankaramusic, sankaraband

    WHO ARE SANKARA? Once upon a time there was a Welsh folk-goth-psychedelic-metal band called Bluehorses. They released five albums, 2 live videos/dvds and played lots of folk and rock festivals all over Europe. The band ended in 2008, leaving guitarist Jay MacDonald & bassist Rhayn Jooste to look for something else to do.

  • Silverjet

    (193 listeners)

    rock, rnb, british, rock n roll

    This hard rockin', foot tappin', ballsy, bluesy, sexy, sleazy goddamn good time rock 'n' roll band from Sheffield, England have been strutting up and down the UK kicking the hell out of some of the finest stages in the coolest venues. Silverjet have played alongside some of the Nation's greatest rock bands big and small.

  • Stolen Earth

    (183 listeners)

    progressive rock, female vocalists, good, uk

    Stolen Earth are a rock band from York, UK, formed in 2011. Described as "A powerhouse of atmospheric rock", they include four members of the short-lived final incarnation of the York progressive rock band Breathing Space, the long-standing rhythm section of Paul Teasdale and Barry Cassells…

  • Touchstone

    (9,003 listeners)

    progressive rock, progressive metal, celtic, irish

    There are multiple bands named Touchstone: 1. A modern Progressive Rock band from England. 2. One of the forerunners of the traditional Irish music craze in the USA, formed in Chapel Hill, NC in 1979. [1] Touchstone, based in Hertfordshire are a UK band whose music is a crossover of melodic and progressive rock.

  • Tygers of Pan Tang

    (43,152 listeners)

    heavy metal, nwobhm, hard rock, metal

    Tygers of Pan Tang is a New Wave Of British Heavy Metal band originating from Whitley Bay in the North-East of England.

  • Virgil And The Accelerators

    (418 listeners)

    blues rock, guitar, blues, uk blues

    Stunning young blues rock trio, currenty creating a storm in the UK with their explosive live shows. Led by guitar virtuoso19 year old Vrgil McMahon with his younger brother a powerhouse on drums, Jack Timmis providing a ooolness on bass that rounds the trio off.

  • Winter In Eden

    (6,412 listeners)

    symphonic metal, gothic metal, female fronted metal, melodic metal

    Winter in Eden, a dark yet beautiful cocktail of power and passion. Their music builds from delightful symphonic instrumentals to crunching aggressive Metal. It is identifiable by its compelling vocals, muscular riffs, memorable hooks, swirling keyboards together with pounding bass and thunderous drums.