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  • Born Low

    (3,746 listeners)

    hardcore, nyhc, hardcore punk, oldschool hardcore

    Born Low is a 5 piece hardcore band from Albany, NY. ORDER THE NEW RECORD "Refuse To Beg" at REAPER-RECORDS.com

  • Choose Your Weapon

    (348 listeners)

    hardcore, metalcore, modern metal

  • Cold World

    (42,020 listeners)

    hardcore, hardcore punk, hip-hop, rapcore

    1) extreme fast hardcore punk band from Vienna (Austria) active from 1988-1994. They have reunited in 2008 for a 20th Anniversary Gig and recorded a new album on the Australian label "Shortfuse Records" in 2013.

  • Day Of Suffering

    (1,682 listeners)

    metalcore, hardcore, vegan, straight edge

    This vegan straight edge metalcore band from North Carolina started in the mid nineties and officially broke up in early 98. Their lyrics deal with many political and social issues, animal liberation and holding on to your goals.

  • Dead End Path

    (14,159 listeners)

    hardcore, metallic hardcore, metalcore, usa

    1) Dead End Path is a Hardcore band from Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, USA. Released their first Demo in 2009 and an EP called "Death Walks Beside Us" on Triple-B Records in 2010. They released their first LP on Triple B records in 2011, called Blind Faith.

  • Ensign

    (13,524 listeners)

    hardcore, hardcore punk, melodic hardcore, punk

    Hardcore/punk band from New Jersey. The band's sound incorporates typical first and second wave hardcore punk with the modern-day version of the genre. There is also emphasis on melody similar to the likes of Kid Dynamite, Lifetime and Husker Du.

  • Expire

    (23,471 listeners)

    hardcore, hardcore punk, punk, melodic

    At least 2 artists with this name: 1) Heavy metallic hardcore (Early), and old-school metalcore (Later) from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Ex-members of Take Control, Wholehearted, and Barriers Now Bridges, recently signed to Bridge 9 Records.

  • Fire & Ice

    (36,819 listeners)

    hardcore, neofolk, trance, apocalyptic folk

    1) Fire & Ice is a hardcore punk band from Richmond, Virginia. They are inspired by such bands as Burn, Leeway and other New York Hardcore. 2) Fire & Ice is a trance formation consisting of Laurent Véronnez aka L-Vee and Jurgen Leyers aka DJ Fire.

  • FoundationUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (24,879 listeners)

    hardcore, straight edge, hardcore punk, acoustic

    Multiple artists are known as Foundation: 1) An Atlanta straight edge band which recently signed to Bridge 9 Records.

  • Incendiary

    (12,891 listeners)

    hardcore, hardcore punk, nyhc, oldschool hardcore

    Incendiary began in the summer of 2007 on Long Island, New York playing an angry style of 90's hardcore. Incendiary's debut LP "Crusade" was released on May 16th, 2009.

  • Kids Like Us

    (43,616 listeners)

    hardcore, straight edge, hardcore punk, oldschool hardcore

    There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Kids Like Us started in the winter of 2002, after massive touring and 4 records later it's 2009 and they are still ever present in the North Florida hardcore scene. Known for their energetic and all around fun live show they set themselves apart for the majority of bands out today.

  • Life After Death

    (3,494 listeners)

    hardcore, hard rock, heavy metal, midwest

    1. Life After Death is a hardcore band from Northern Indiana formed in April of 2011. It features ex-members of Iceberg and Karloff. Life After Death released an EP entitled "Respect is Collected" in May of 2011. They released their full length "Scum of Society Forever" in February of 2012.

  • Lifeless

    (4,049 listeners)

    death metal, hardcore, beatdown, crossover

    There are mutliple artists with this name: 1) Lifeless was a 90s straight edge hardcore/metalcore band from Salt Lake City, Utah formed in the fall of 1995. They realeased one self-titled 7" on Life Sentence Records in 1996. http://www.myspace.com/lifelesssaltlake

  • Line of Scrimmage

    (2,393 listeners)

    beatdown hardcore, beatdown, hardcore, nyhc

    New York beatdown/metalcore with ex - Just One Chance members. They have been around since 2005 and are signed to On The Attack Records. and Filled with hate records NEW ALBUM OUT FEBRUARY 2011

  • Nervous Breakdown

    (2,585 listeners)

    hardcore, punk, hardcore punk, thrash

    4 Bands: 1) Punk/Hardcore band based out of Orlando, FL. Features ex-members of Reversal of Man. http://www.myspace.com/nervousbreakdown 2) Hardcorepunk/Thrash band from Münster, Germany http://www.myspace.com/nervousbreakdowntrash 3) Hardcore punk from East Jakarta, Indonesia

  • Overlooked

    (885 listeners)

    hardcore, under 2000 listeners, punk, nc


  • Power Trip

    (18,306 listeners)

    hardcore, crossover, thrash metal, thrash

    There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Formed in early 2008, POWER TRIP is a crossover band from Dallas, Texas in the vein of late 80's thrash, heavy metal and hardcore punk. For fans of Exodus, Vio-Lence, later Cro-Mags, and Prong. Lockin' Out Records.

  • Reign Supreme

    (36,624 listeners)

    hardcore, straight edge, hardcore punk, metal

    Reign Supreme is a Hardcore band from Philadelphia, PA, comprised of ex-members of Blacklisted, Palehorse, Roundhouse NJ and Braindead.

  • Suburban Scum

    (14,843 listeners)

    hardcore, hardcore punk, crossover, metallic hardcore

    New Jersey Crossover Facebook Twitter Tumblr

  • The Mongoloids

    (21,267 listeners)

    hardcore, straight edge, hardcore punk, mongo stomp

    2005-2014 The Mongoloids were a straight edge hardcore band from Edison, New Jersey. Discography: The Mongoloids / This Means Everything Split EP (2006) Time Trials EP 7" (2007) Live at Sound and Fury (2007) Time Trials LP (2008) The Mongoloids / Kids Like Us Split EP (2009)

  • Will To Die

    (747 listeners)

    hardcore, punk, metalcore, mosh

    Knoxville hardcore. https://www.facebook.com/will2die http://willtodie.bandcamp.com/

  • Young and in the Way

    (18,594 listeners)

    crust, black metal, hardcore, blackened crust

    Young and in the Way is a blackened crust band from Charlotte, NC. The lineup consists of vocalist Kable Lyall, guitarist/vocalist Rick Contes, drummer Randy Baucom, and bassist Chris Nolen. Derrick Gause is their live bassist. Their music is described as cold, hard and loud with ties to crust punk, black metal and sludge. They are currently signed to Deathwish Inc.