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  • Adam Stearns & The Glass Animals

    (3 listeners)

  • Battery Face

    (128 listeners)

    alt rock, experimental, punk rock, post punk

    Battery Face are 3 cosmic warriors who crash landed in the deepest darkest reaches of Scotland. Now they are on a quest to destroy all that is pleasant. Super-subliminal sound waves from their finger tips to your ears. Don't be afraid. Let the noise wash over you like a tidal wave of tiny stars. Soon you will be at peace.

  • Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat

    (5,611 listeners)

    spoken word, jazz, scottish, indie

    A collaboration eight years in the making, Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat's paths first crossed in 2003 when Arab Strap invited Bill to contribute some music to their new album, Monday At The Hug & Pint.

  • Bwani Junction

    (4,963 listeners)

    indie, scottish, highlife, nme new bands

    Produced by Paul Savage (Franz Ferdinand, Brakes, Mogwai, Teenage Fanclub), the Edinburgh-born band are already recipients of the 'Best Breakthrough Act' at the Scottish Alternative Music Awards and are nominated for 'Scottish Album of the Year'.

  • Ceylan Hay

    (64 listeners)

    folk, beautiful, ethereal, glockenspiel

    Ceylan Hay is from Ayrshire in Scotland. She wanders around the place, singing songs and telling filthy jokes.

  • Curiosity Shop

    (63 listeners)

  • Davey Horne

    (77 listeners)

    Flying the flag for the singer/ songwriter, Davey Horne from Falkirk is a real talent, like a glorious mix of Neil Young and Ryan Adams, this guy knows how to craft a song. Soulful, bluesy, lazy, summery – a wonderfully authentic sound. http://www.daveyhorne.com

  • David Barbarossa

    (19 listeners)

  • Dead Saints Bones

    (0 listeners)

  • Deathcapades

    (21 listeners)

  • Driver Drive Faster

    (5,534 listeners)

    madchester, british, indie, psycho

    Driver Drive Faster are a new band from Manchester, but you wouldn’t necessarily tell: this masterful debut album presents a rich, timeworn sound that exists somewhere between Americana and spectral indie rock. It’s crafted song-writing at its best, hinging on stirring chord sequences and moments of fragile beauty.

  • Esperanza

    (4,778 listeners)

    hardcore, techno, hardcore punk, nu disco

    There are six Esperanzas being referred to on this page. 1. La Esperanza (the name is Spanish for "the hope") Mixing flamenco-styled guitars with contemporary dance rhythms, La Esperanza was led by songwriter, producer and session ace Carlos Villaloba, who assembled guitarist Andre Barboza, keyboardist Randy Wheeler and drummer Danny Cruces to record the group's self-titled 1998 debut LP.

  • Galoshins

    (186 listeners)

    seen live

    www.facebook.com/galoshins www.myspace.com/galoshins Download the EP at Bandcamp - www.galoshins.bandcamp.com

  • GK Machine

    (16 listeners)

  • Helicon

    (1,947 listeners)

    power metal, italo disco, psychedelic rock, psychedelic

    Power metal band from Aachen, Germany. Helicon is also a psychedelic band from the UK: http://www.myspace.com/helicon1band

  • Hidden Orchestra

    (85,997 listeners)

    downtempo, nu-jazz, jazz, electronic

    Hidden Orchestra is an electronic jazz collective based in Edinburgh. Their debut album Night Walks was released in September 2010. The group was previously known as the Joe Acheson quartet.

  • Holy Mountain

    (3,026 listeners)

    stoner rock, psychedelic rock, hardcore, emo-screamo

    Holy Mountain can refer to more than one artist. 1. Holy Mountain is a high-energy trio that creates psychedelic 70’s rock with elements of doom and stoner rock in the style of the MC5, Black Sabbath and Iron Monkey. Formed in Glasgow, December 2008, the band consists of Andy McGlone (guitar, vocals), Pete Flett (drums) and Allan Stewart (bass, vocals).

  • Human Don't Be Angry

    (4,283 listeners)

    scottish, instrumental, alternative, post-rock

    Malcolm Middleton's new guitar-focused, mostly instrumental project. The self-titled debut album was released in 2012.

  • JD Twitch

    (3,533 listeners)

    electronic, electronica, electro, optimo

    aka Kelvin Bridge, aka Mount Florida (one half of), a(ctually)ka Keith McIvor......is one of the two DJ's that founded Optimo (espacio) which runs on Sunday nights / Monday mornings at the Sub Club (Glasgow). Previously he was the resident DJ at the legendary Pure in Edinburgh, a club started with his former partner, behind the decks, Brainstorm.

  • Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard

    (14,941 listeners)

    indie, anti-folk, folk, antifolk

    The latest project from anti-folk troubador jeffrey lewis

  • John Knox Sex Club

    (467 listeners)

    rock, all, scottish, fucken

    John Knox Sex Club are a six-piece band from Glasgow, Scotland. They formed in 2008. In 2009 they performed at The National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh, causing it to close until 2011 after inflicting severe structural damage. In 2010 they performed at House for an Art Lover, causing Charles Rennie Mackintosh to twist and shake in his grave.

  • Josie Long

    (425 listeners)

    comedy, comedian, british, stand-up


  • Jouis

    (228 listeners)

    singer-songwriter, alternative rock, indie rock, under 2000 listeners

  • Kamihamiha

    (24 listeners)

  • Kid Canaveral

    (8,576 listeners)

    indie, scottish, birp, geohash:gfn082kqs5u1

    Kid Canaveral are a two-boy/two-girl group from Edinburgh. They write indiepop tunes you can move around & flail your limbs to. In true indie spirit, they have self-released four 7" singles and their debut album, on their own label, Straight To Video Records.

  • King Creosote

    (96,699 listeners)

    folk, singer-songwriter, scottish, indie

    King Creosote is the stagename of Scottish singer-songwriter Kenny Anderson (from Fife, Scotland). Anderson began recording albums under the name King Creosote in 1995.

  • Kochka

    (73 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, indie

    Kochka are: Sheryll (Drums) Stew (Geetar) Markk (Vocals) Scott (Bass) We make music that will make you dance your feet off or rip your heart out; Electro-Cabaret-Bolshevic-Folk-Trotskyite-Soul-Klezmer-Rock-HappyBluesPop-Post Surf-CircusDance-TribalScreaming-Yeah!? and whatever else may come to your mind.

  • Laura J Martin

    (5,701 listeners)

    experimental, folk, freak folk, under 2000 listeners

    Laura J. Martin hails from the suburbs of Liverpool and mines the darker, esoteric underbelly of folk.

  • Les Bof!

    (241 listeners)


    www.lesbof.fr www.myspace.com/lesbof After years as a musical enemy number one of the town council of Marseilles, Laurent Mombel estimated that his talents were ignored and wrongfully punished.

  • Loch Awe

    (2,294 listeners)

    folk, all, scotland, edinburgh

    Loch Awe was a doom-folk band from Edinburgh. They're all doing other things now. They released their debut mini-album, 'Artificial Life from a Digital Sea', on August 30th 2010, and their final single on October 18th 2012. Both can be downloaded for free from their Bandcamp page.

  • Miaoux Miaoux

    (3,574 listeners)

    synthpop, electronic, electronica, electropop

    Miaoux Miaoux, a.k.a. Julian Corrie, a 22 year old Glasgow based musician, creates stunning post-rock/electronica/breakbeat, and this album, released on his own Koshka Records, represents an astonishing debut for a young artist enjoying a creative high.

  • North American War

    (113 listeners)

    psychedelic, pop, experimental

    Glasgow based band. http://www.myspace.com/northamericanwar

  • Olympic Swimmers

    (2,755 listeners)

    all, scottish, indie pop, shoegaze

    Formed as Hindle Wakes in 2008 they renamed to Olympic Swimmers in 2009. They feature members of Take A Worm For A Walk Week, Strike The Colours, Piano Bar Fight and Emma Pollock. www.myspace.com/olympicswimmers

  • Palms

    (38,064 listeners)

    post-rock, experimental, post-metal, indie

    There are 4 bands with this name: 1) Palms is an American rock band that formed in 2011. The group features Deftones vocalist Chino Moreno and three members of the post-metal band Isis: bassist Jeff Caxide, drummer Aaron Harris and guitarist Bryant Clifford Meyer.

  • Pram

    (45,960 listeners)

    post-rock, experimental, dream pop, electronic

    Pram are a band formed in Birmingham, England in 1990. The band originally consisted of Rosie Cuckston and Sam Owen, and their first album "Gash" was self-released and sold by mail order and at gigs.

  • Pumajaw

    (19,357 listeners)

    female vocalists, electronic, noir, avant-pop

    Pinkie Maclure and John Wills have recorded 7 albums since 2000, the most recent being Song Noir.

  • Rudi Zygaldo

    (96 listeners)


  • Selective Service

    (191 listeners)

    rock, guitar, alternative, alternative rock

    Formed in January 2009 in Glasgow, Scotland Selective Service are going to hit the ground running. Having just completed a week’s recording at Glasgow’s prestigious La Chunky Studios, the band have been gigging from April 2009. To date the band have released various singles including the 3 tracks Awkward Stage Thing Of The Past Don't Talk Too Loud available to buy from Bandcamp.

  • Skullwizards

    (1 listener)

  • Sophie Ramsay

    (48 listeners)

    folk, scottish, scots

  • Sparrow and the Workshop

    (21,154 listeners)

    folk, indie, alternative, scottish

    Sparrow and the Workshop are a three-piece based in Glasgow consisting of Belfast-born, Chicago-raised Jill O’Sullivan (vocals, acoustic guitar), Welshman Nick Packer (guitar, bass, basstard) and Scotsman Gregor Donaldson (drums, vocals). They formed in early 2008 and released a single and EP on Distiller in 2009, followed by their first album 'Crystals Fall' in early 2010.

  • Spartan Tartan

    (0 listeners)

  • The Cosmic Dead

    (7,888 listeners)

    space rock, psychedelic rock, krautrock, psychedelic

    The Cosmic Dead are a psychedelic rock quartet from Glasgow, Scotland, UK. They formed in early 2010, and have since released an album on CD & Cassette, as well as a few download only compilation releases. They have played a large amount of gigs in and around Glasgow since forming, sharing the bill with the likes of Cave, White Hills, Pontiak, Abouretum, Gnod, Bong & Mandog.

  • The Good Daze

    (13 listeners)

  • The Imagineers

    (1,168 listeners)

    indie rock, progressive trance, scottish, glasgow

    The Imagineers are a band from Glasgow, created in the Summer of 2009. The band bring together various musical influences from surf to latin tinged pop and have crafted a sound defined by months of writing.

  • The Lovely Eggs

    (14,404 listeners)

    garage rock, lo-fi, british, indie

    David and Holly are lovely eggs. They like to play music together and share a drink (although David doesnt like Strongbow anymore. It doesnt agree with him.) Holly likes books and historical things.

  • The Meatmen

    (11,000 listeners)

    punk, hardcore punk, punk rock, hardcore

    The Meatmen were a Michigan, USA punk band headed by Tesco Vee from 1980 to 1995. Very crude and funny, The Meatmen made fun of the "hardcore scene" of the early 80s but really typified the best of the punk scene of the era.

  • The Phantom Band

    (43,715 listeners)

    indie, scottish, experimental, rock

    The Phantom Band are scottish proto-robofolk band from Glasgow. Members: Duncan De Cornell (Guitars & Fast Cars) Gerrard "Hartbreak" Harvard (Bass & Big Business) Andrew T Oxford (Keyboards & Cheeseboards) "Richard The Turd" Princeton (Harmonies & Libraries) Damien Duke Stanford (Drums & The Law) and Greg Yale (Pedals, Gold Medals, Banjos & ASBO's).

  • The Plimptons

    (2,856 listeners)

    glasgow, glasgow indie eyespy, worth further investigation, scottish

    Plimp was born in 1999 when the unrelated Adam and Martin met in high school, attempted to form a Smiths tribute band but very quickly realised the songs were too difficult to replicate.

  • The River 68s

    (12 listeners)