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  • Addison Groove

    (32,593 listeners)

    juke, dubstep, electronic, house

    Addison Groove is the jukin' alter-ego of Headhunter (Antony Williams). Over the last 12 months he's become notorious for ripping through fierce sets of Chicago juke music; the mutant niche offspring of DJ Funk and Slugo's booty house designed to incite mind-blowing dance moves from liquid-hipped quicksteppers.

  • Akira Kiteshi

    (51,192 listeners)

    dubstep, glitch, idm, bass

    After honing his skills in the badly lit basements and velcro floored clubs of Edinburgh, Akira Kiteshi AKA Tommy Forrest has pulled off a meteoric ascension of nose bleeding proportions. With his debut release, Pinball smashing is way out of the Hip Hop scene crashing through the walls of Dubstep and high-jacking the decks at many an electro night.

  • Al Tourettes

    (2,049 listeners)

    dubstep, techno, electronic, uk

    Al Tourettes, known to his Mum & Dad as Alec Storey, has been playing drums since he was 9. His father is also a musician, & he started DJ’ing when he was 15, writing music on an Atari 2 years later. He studied Creative Music Technology at Bath Spa University from 2002 - 2005 - incidentally the same course as Appleblim, Gatekeeper and Wedge.

  • Atomic Drop

    (1,760 listeners)

    chillout, ambient, electronic, downtempo

  • Bar 9

    (112,826 listeners)

    dubstep, electronic, bass, dub

    Dubstep artists hailing from Leicester UK, known for their dark grimey basslines and hard punching tunes.

  • Bare Noize

    (79,967 listeners)

    dubstep, grime, filthstep, electronic

    https://soundcloud.com/barenoize https://facebook.com/barenoize Oliver Pile & Daniel Brown are Bare Noize, a Music Production duo from London, UK Current Location: UK General manager: barenoize@gmail.com Booking agent: Saleem/Mike @ CTA

  • Blacksmif

    (2,351 listeners)

    dubstep, electronic, future garage, 2-step

    Eclectic electronica producer - Blacksmif is the moniker of London-based-and-bred Yemi Olagbaiye. The strength of Blacksmif, much as his name suggests, lies in his ability to carefully forge and meld a host of genres, melodies and instruments into one signature sonic formula.

  • Blawan

    (37,794 listeners)

    techno, dubstep, future garage, electronic

    Blawan is electronic dance producer Jamie Roberts releasing EPs on R & S Records and Hessle Audio. His song "Getting Me Down" was named Resident Advisor's best single of 2011.

  • Boddika

    (32,134 listeners)

    techno, electronic, dubstep, acid house

    Boddika is the solo project of Al Green (a.k.a. Al Bleek) who, together with Damon Kirkham (Kid Drama) as Instra:mental, has earned a reputation in recent years as one of the most innovative producers in underground dance music.

  • Culprate

    (46,542 listeners)

    dubstep, electronic, idm, drum n bass

    If you wack Culprate into youtube, you’ll be hit with some pretty spectacular dubstep. Magnificently produced and perfectly executed, Culprate is the name that seems to be on everyone’s lips at the moment. See for yourself, dubstep idioms such as ’sick, ‘heavy’ and ‘pure filth’ are being spoken out from fans across the globe.

  • Drumsound & Bassline Smith

    (119,227 listeners)

    drum and bass, dubstep, drum n bass, jungle

    Drum & Bass would not be the same without Drumsound & Bassline Smith (aka Andy Wright, Benjamin Wiggett and Simon Bassline Smith).

  • Foreign Beggars

    (185,716 listeners)

    hip-hop, grime, rap, dubstep

    Voted "Best Group" and winners of "Best single" at the Lyric Pad Hip hop awards 2005, Foreign Beggars for London are a 4 man crew comprising of rappers Orifice Vulgatron and Metropolis, Dj NoNames and Producer Dag Nabbit.

  • Ghost Mutt

    (5,715 listeners)

    wonky, glitch-hop, dubstep, bass

    There are multiple artists that share this name: 1. Ghost Mutt is a producer and DJ from Brighton. Expect sparkling synth arpeggios, chunky rhythms, chopped up divas, dirty bass and maybe a few dollops of new jack swing. He is a resident at Brighton's acclaimed Donky Pitch club night alongside Slugabed.

  • Ghosttown

    (598 listeners)

    rock, alternative, dubstep

  • Hooky

    (5,615 listeners)

    dubstep, punk, pop punk, 5432fun

    There are three artists named Hooky: 1) Hooky is a punk pop band from Seattle, Washington. One of its members is Erica Freas, who has been in other bands such as RVIVR & Glue!. 2) Hooky is a Japanese punk hardcore band.

  • Hungry Man

    (51 listeners)


  • JFB

    (25,080 listeners)

    dubstep, drum and bass, liquid funk, turntablism

    JFB Turntablist/DJ/Producer from Brighton UK UK DMC Champion 2007 Vestax Champion 2003 Currently: Mixing, Beatjuggling & Scratching: Drum&Bass, Hip-hop, Breaks, Dub, Jazz, Funk & Beats in venues across Europe.

  • Kamikaze Space Programme

    (981 listeners)

    techno, dubstep, bass, techno bass dubstep

    Estonian based Chris Jarman is no stranger to the world of waiting endlessly in airports and developing obsessive compulsive studio habits.

  • Kanji Kinetic

    (13,042 listeners)

    dubstep, speed garage, bassline house, rave

    Heavy bass music producer from London/Bristol, UK. Kanji's first major release on Rag & Bone Records in 2008 saw him grab the attention of Mary Anne Hobbs and Drop The Lime with its fresh, energetic mix of bassline, techno, dubstep and chiptune influences.

  • KOAN Sound

    (165,558 listeners)

    dubstep, electronic, filthstep, glitch hop

    KOAN Sound is an electronic music production duo from Bristol, United Kingdom. The duo consists of Will Weeks and Jim Bastow. The name is taken from the word kōan. A track from the Max Out EP is titled "One Hand Clap" - a reference to a well-known kōan with the implied answer of silence, an element used in their music to draw extreme contrast.

  • Krumble

    (14,902 listeners)

    breakcore, raggacore, jungle, electronic

    Krumble is a Drum & Bass/Hardcore producer from France. His real name is Julien Cuenin, and he has toured with Venetian Snares, Bogdan Raczynski, Alec Empire, Spor & Vex'd, among others.

  • Kuedo

    (51,659 listeners)

    dubstep, wonky, electronic, experimental

    Kuedo is Jamie Teasdale, who since quietly disbanding the Vex'd vehicle he formerly operated with Roly Porter, has been moving towards a slower, ornately detailed sound with his Kuedo project. But he's now re-emerged with a stripped down and luxurious variant on 'Severant', clearly referencing Chicagoan Footwork and 808-driven Coke and Road Rap, with strong traces of Vangelis-style synth opulence.

  • Marco Del Horno

    (19,303 listeners)

    dubstep, all, house, electronic

  • Maribou State

    (39,357 listeners)

    ambient, future garage, electronic, dubstep

    Maribou State is Chris Davids and Liam Ivory from Hertfordshire. Liam asked Chris to play bass for his band. When they moved up north to go to university, the band fell by the wayside and the pair began making electronic music in their home studio, forging a partnership that would soon become Maribou State.

  • Millions Like Us

    (17,513 listeners)

    dubstep, drum and bass, electro, dub

    Formed from the death of a Brighton band, Millions Like Us are a trio of like-minded musicians writing electronic dance music that fuses captivating melodies with heavy dance floor bass lines.

  • Mosca

    (54,330 listeners)

    electronic, dubstep, uk funky, idm

    1. Mosca is a London based musician who has released tracks or remixes on various labels including Night Slugs, Fabric, Numbers, No Hats No Hoods and Local Action. While he has previously released tracks inspired by baltimore club, UK funky, dubstep, grime, etc., much of his current output takes the form of dark, sleek house and techno.

  • Murlo

    (4,316 listeners)

    grime, dubstep, electronic, uk bass

    Murlo is a British music producer and DJ from East Midlands, currently residing in London.

  • Noisses

    (8,368 listeners)

    dubstep, grime, shauns radio, electronic


  • Om Unit

    (41,337 listeners)

    dubstep, electronic, bass, hip-hop

    An Electronic music producer and DJ from London. One of many but with a very distinctive sound, Om Unit has already captured the minds of beat fanatics with his work to date. Style-wise you could say “post-genre” or just “Electronic Beats?”... Genres are like borders, rapidly becoming obsolete when we see the world today as having an ever increasing merging of styles and influences.

  • Patchwork Pirates

    (366 listeners)

    hip hop, electro, trap, field day 2007

  • Pinch

    (111,527 listeners)

    dubstep, electronic, experimental, dub

    Pinch is Rob Ellis, a dubstep and techno artist from Bristol, United Kingdom. He is noted for his fusion of styles such as reggae, world music, and dancehall with dubstep. He released his first album, Underwater Dancehall, in 2007 on Tectonic Records, which he founded in 2005.

  • Randomer

    (29,402 listeners)

    dubstep, drum and bass, electronic, experimental

    In a short time, Randomer has built up a small but heavy hitting catalogue of work – releasing on Hessle Audio, Hemlock, L.I.E.S. and Clone.

  • Rusko

    (487,164 listeners)

    dubstep, electronic, grime, massive dubstep

    1) Rusko was punk band from Czechoslovakia (1992). Frontman Filip Venclík was murdered by neonazi-skinhead in 1993.

  • Septic Insurgent

    (801 listeners)

    dubstep, under 2000 listeners, electronic

    The Septic Insurgent (a.k.a.Huw Sinclair) is more than just a goat, he’s a goat that has an ear for, and talent to, make fucking great music.

  • Slugabed

    (57,292 listeners)

    wonky, dubstep, electronic, glitch

    Greg Feldwick is 23 years old and from Bath, UK. He makes noises as Slugabed. His first releases were on stuffrecords, Ramp Recordings and then, Planet Mu, but now he is signed to the mothership, Ninja Tune Records. His music is suffused with a unique mix of humour, next level production, dancefloor smarts and melancholic emotion.

  • Slugrave

    (52 listeners)

    The ethos of Slugrave is about stopping, sitting back, letting go of the earnest need to be on top of things, and just getting your groove on. It’s about taking it easy.

  • The McMash Clan

    (5,226 listeners)

    dubstep, mash-up, turntablecore, breakcore

    The McMash Clan are Dudgy, Hallmark and Majorkooms - a unique, exciting and very technical 3 man DJ team based in the UK. Having combined forces in 2005, the trio have intensely focused on DJing as an artform. Pushing creative and technical boundaries, they create epic turntablist rave sets designed to smash dance floors.

  • Throwing Snow

    (38,598 listeners)

    dubstep, future garage, downtempo, electronic

    One day Throwing Snow woke up imprisoned in a studio somewhere in the south west of England. The air smelt funny, not at all like the fresh air of the north, but it was somehow addictive and sort of green.

  • Toddla T

    (64,268 listeners)

    electronic, dancehall, grime, dubstep

    Cut yer boy TODDLA T open and you’ll be vapourised by the pure Sheffield, England electronics crackling inside him. The Steel City ‘Bleep’ bubbles right through the blood, brains and musical meat of this dirty rascal’s DJ stints, rerubs and original night-time material.

  • Tom Encore

    (10,958 listeners)

    dubstep, electronic, polish, ambient

    Fizyk aka Tom Encore (Tomasz Stempniewicz) is a producer / dj from Warsaw. His stage debut took place in 2003. It was a period of fascination with Dieselboy's output and a harder side of drum & bass in general. He had played all over Poland ever since but never stopped experimenting with different styles of music.

  • Tomb Crew

    (2,952 listeners)

    all, grime, dubstep, seshendale

    "We're not a band" proclaims the Myspace page, "we're a lot". No arguments there; they’ve been packing out stages from London to New York in matching t-shirts bearing the Tomb Crew legend for the last year. With two DJs and one MC, they launch dancefloor destroying mixes of anything bass heavy - from b-more to dubstep, garage, grime, electro-house and old skool.

  • Vent

    (10,720 listeners)

    breakbeat, black metal, drum and bass, dubstep

    There are at least 4 bands using the name Vent. 1) Breakbeat / Drum'n'bass / Hip-hop / Dubstep duo from the UK, consisting of Sam Ashwell (Abstrakt Knights) and Dan Havers (DC Breaks)

  • Wascal

    (2,033 listeners)

    dubstep, electronic, techno, jungle

    From his first release under the Wascal moniker in 2007 through to his recent output on a plethora of bass music labels, Bristol based breakbeat-botherer Will Andrews has infiltrated the ranks of the post-dubstep diaspora while never sticking to one sound for long enough to get pidgeonholed.