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  • Akira Kiteshi

    (50,731 listeners)

    dubstep, glitch, idm, bass

    After honing his skills in the badly lit basements and velcro floored clubs of Edinburgh, Akira Kiteshi AKA Tommy Forrest has pulled off a meteoric ascension of nose bleeding proportions. With his debut release, Pinball smashing is way out of the Hip Hop scene crashing through the walls of Dubstep and high-jacking the decks at many an electro night.

  • Baxta

    (3,216 listeners)

    all, dubstep, spotify

  • Ben UFO

    (3,686 listeners)

    dubstep, minimal, future garage, uk funky

    Ben UFO (b. 1986) (Hessle Audio, Ruffage) Ben UFO is a London based DJ and co-founder of the record label Hessle Audio, alongside Ramadanman and Pangaea. He's on the radio every Thursday night on www.rinse.fm from 9pm - 11pm. He is one of the few DJs in the UK to make a name for himself solely as a DJ, without having entered the world of production.

  • Blawan

    (34,585 listeners)

    dubstep, techno, future garage, electronic

    Blawan is electronic dance producer Jamie Roberts releasing EPs on R & S Records and Hessle Audio. His song "Getting Me Down" was named Resident Advisor's best single of 2011.

  • C.R.S.T

    (3,322 listeners)

    dubstep, uk garage, house, garage

    sleazy ny style house from the 90's sounding

  • Disclosure

    (532,121 listeners)

    electronic, uk garage, future garage, dubstep

    There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Disclosure are Guy and Howard Lawrence, two brothers from the UK making house/future music.

  • High Rankin

    (50,947 listeners)

    dubstep, drum and bass, darkstep, dnb

    High Rankin is a Dubstep producer. Subscribe to the Rankin Radio podcast http://bit.ly/JNgMNQ Subscribe to the YouTubes http://bit.ly/PDhBGQ http://www.twitter.com/highrankin http://www.soundcloud.com/high-rankin

  • Kry Wolf

    (3,544 listeners)

    grime, dubstep, uk funky, all

    Terrapin DJ/Producer from London. releases primarily on Sounds of Sumo

  • Maribou State

    (29,173 listeners)

    ambient, future garage, electronic, dubstep

    Maribou State is Chris Davids and Liam Ivory from Hertfordshire. Liam asked Chris to play bass for his band. When they moved up north to go to university, the band fell by the wayside and the pair began making electronic music in their home studio, forging a partnership that would soon become Maribou State.

  • Monsta

    (52,485 listeners)

    dubstep, electronic, drum and bass, new band of the day

    Monsta is a name of at least four artists: [1] A trio of Bryn Christopher, Rufio Sandilands & Rocky Morris. Their first official release was the Monsta EP (Oct 2012, Owsla - Skrillex's label). Their latest release is the Evolution EP, released on Polydor Records. The group also changed their name to I See MONSTAS prior to this release, due to a supposed copyright claim from another group.

  • Mungo's Hi Fi

    (34,594 listeners)

    dub, dubstep, reggae, electronic

    Mungo's Hi-Fi are a dub reggae, dancehall and dubstep soundsystem in the original roots tradition based in Glasgow. Tom Tattersall, Douglas Paine and Craig Macleod debuted in 2001 with Wickedness feat Brother Culture on London’s Dubhead label, taking the dub world by storm and getting heavy plays from Jah Shaka and Iration Steppas.

  • Rednek

    (38,214 listeners)

    dubstep, massive dubstep, electronic, hip-hop

    The roaring bass producer and serial crowd wrecker performer, Rednek, is fast becoming a legend in the world of Dubstep.

  • SKisM

    (143,621 listeners)

    dubstep, electronic, idm, electronica

    There are multiple artists named "Skism" 1) Skism (often typeset as SKisM) is a London, UK based dubstep artist releasing on Wicky Lindows. http://www.myspace.com/weareskism . Formerly known as Dash from Ctrl Z.

  • Slamboree

    (1,423 listeners)

    electronic, trip-hop, dubstep, gypsy

    Slamboree is a live 10-piece live band with a Smörgåsbord of circus performers, daredevils and entertainers. We take each show as it comes, assembling a different crew from our collective for each show and every gig is very different to the last.

  • Slugabed

    (51,550 listeners)

    wonky, dubstep, electronic, glitch

    Greg Feldwick is 23 years old and from Bath, UK. He makes noises as Slugabed. His first releases were on stuffrecords, Ramp Recordings and then, Planet Mu, but now he is signed to the mothership, Ninja Tune Records. His music is suffused with a unique mix of humour, next level production, dancefloor smarts and melancholic emotion.

  • TC

    (182,369 listeners)

    drum and bass, dnb, jump up, clownstep

    There are two artists named "TC". The first is a Drum and Bass producer from the UK, the second is a songwriter and vocalist from Kentucky, USA.

  • True Tiger

    (35,206 listeners)

    grime, dubstep, all, rap

    True Tiger is one of the UK's biggest street music label's releasing true music since early 2004. Releasing everything from UK Garage, Grime, Dubstep, Hip Hop, RnB,Bassline, Acoustic + Nu Rave. Consisting of West London artist Purple, producers Scandalous Unltd, Misty Dubs, Duncan Powell, Paul Fynn, Blue Bear, Sukh Knight & fusion producers Swara Sound.