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  • Algernon Cadwallader

    (58,800 listeners)

    emo, math rock, indie, indie rock

    Algernon Cadwallader was a band from the Philadelphia, PA region. Included former members of Halfway to Holland. Members now play in Hop Along, Business Models, Mike Bell & The Movies and Dogs On Acid.

  • Big Troubles

    (49,173 listeners)

    shoegaze, lo-fi, psychedelic, dream pop

    Indie pop act Big Troubles began working together in 2009, but their music speaks of their love for the sounds of the '80s and '90s, ranging from shoegaze bands, jangle pop, and the C-86 brigade to lo-fi pop and the first stirrings of grunge. Big Troubles were formed by Alex Craig and Ian Drennan, two friends from Ridgewood, New Jersey who attended high school together.

  • Black Anvil

    (7,212 listeners)

    black metal, thrash metal, blackened thrash metal, usbm

    New York's Black Anvil were created in 2007 by former members of recently defunct hardcore activists Kill Your Idols: vocalist/bassist P (Paul Delaney), guitarist G (Gary Bennett), and drummer/vocalist R (Raeph Glicken).

  • Creepoid

    (7,009 listeners)

    shoegaze, grunge, philadelphia, philly

    Creepoid is another one of those buzz-worthy local bands crawling out from basements of homes/makeshift practice spaces/recording studios lately in Philly.

  • Eternal Summers

    (91,227 listeners)

    lo-fi, noise pop, garage, female vocalists

    If you haven’t heard of Eternal Summers, you’ll have a lot of catching up to do. On June 2, 2015, the Roanoke, Virginia based noise pop, power rock trio will release their fourth full-length album “Gold and Stone.” Having formed in 2009, Eternal Summers has now been operating as the trio of Nicole Yun, Daniel Cundiff and Jonathan Woods longer then they did as a duo without Jonathan.

  • Forest Fire

    (48,368 listeners)

    folk, indie, rock, indie pop

    Forest Fire is an experimental rock band from New York City led by songwriter/vocalist Mark Thresher. Band members include Natalie Stormann (synthesizer/multi instrumentalist), Galen Bremer (bass/multi instrumentalist) and Robert Pounding (drums).

  • Hoop Dreams

    (2,734 listeners)

    folk, pop, experimental, american

    Straight out of Blacksburg, Va; home of the hokies.

  • Hunx and His Punx

    (46,465 listeners)

    garage punk, garage rock, punk, queer

    A visual cross between the leather bondage movie “Cruising” and the raunchy retro-fuelled imagery of early John Waters movies like “Desperate Living,” San Francisco’s queer Hunx and his Punx (one of whom is Seth Bogart of former Gravy Train!!!!) have injected humor, imagination and fun into their prodigious multimedia output, which includes records and videos.

  • Infernal Stronghold

    (1,446 listeners)

    black metal, thrash metal, blackened punk, blackened thrash metal

    Posted up on the streets of Philly since 2002. Line up : Eddie Chainsaw - Guitars/Vocals Gunslut - Drums/Vocals Richie Rabbid - Bass Abolish Yourself - Guitars

  • Invisible Hand

    (1,013 listeners)

    charlottesville, psych rock, indie, indie rock

    http://www.last.fm/music/The+Invisible+Hand is the same thing

  • Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard

    (15,132 listeners)

    indie, anti-folk, folk, antifolk

    The latest project from anti-folk troubador jeffrey lewis

  • Lower Dens

    (180,569 listeners)

    shoegaze, dream pop, post-punk, indie

    Lower Dens are a shoegaze band from Baltimore, Maryland formed in 2010. Formed by Jana Hunter, the band has released three albums: their debut on Gnomonsong records and a follow up albums on Ribbon Music.

  • Malatese

    (96 listeners)

    psychedelic, garage, ambient punk, trance punk

    This young four piece from Harrisonburg, VA churns out visceral and catchy psychedelic post-punk. Chaotic guitar bombast, hypnotic drum + bass polyrhythms, manic vocals and sweaty spazzouts are typical features of their unique live shows. The group will soon press their debut full-length to vinyl.

  • Psychic Teens

    (1,512 listeners)

    post-punk, shoegaze, goth, noise rock

    PSYCHIC TEENS formed in 2010 and quickly released their full-length debut TEEN followed by a split CD-R of cover songs with Hulk Smash and a digital EP of Misfits cover songs. They have played shows with a wide array of artists including The Dead Milkmen, Zola Jesus, Titus Andronicus, Ceremony, True Widow, METZ and many more.

  • Self Defense Family (End of A Year)

    (295 listeners)

  • Slutever

    (8,025 listeners)

    garage rock, riot grrrl, all, philadelphia

    Nicole and Rachel, aka Slutever, are best friends and students in Philadelphia. They share instruments and vocal responsibilities during their live shows, which are known to result in blood.

  • The Beets

    (41,005 listeners)

    garage rock, lo-fi, comedy, doug

    There are two bands and an improv group called The Beets. 1. The Beets are a garage rock/psychedelic band from Jackson Heights, NY. Lots of reverb, minimalistic drumming, some backwoods vibes, and shouted vocals sung by all three band members. Similar to Thee Oh Sees.

  • The Diamond Center

    (2,375 listeners)

    psych folk, richmond, texas, psychedelic

    THE DIAMOND CENTER pairs a wall of reverb and noise with an eerie gothic country creeper, creating an unique blend that is hard to put a finger on. Influenced by albums spanning the musical spectrum, they hint of Phil Spector and Joe Meek’s experimental studio style, the live rawness of the Velvet Underground, as well as the nouveau psych-folk stylings of the Brian Jonestown Massacre and Espers.

  • the Soil & the Sun

    (3,395 listeners)

    folk, indie, experimental, post-rock

    According to the band's Facebook page: The Soil & The Sun is corn-fed, Michigan-made, New Mexican Space Music, or Experiential Spiritual Orchestral Rock.

  • Tombs

    (34,059 listeners)

    sludge, post-metal, sludge metal, black metal

    Tombs is an Blackened Sludge Metal band formed in Brooklyn, NY in January 2007. The band plays a combination of multiple metal styles, including black metal, sludge metal, and doom metal.

  • Total Slacker

    (10,494 listeners)

    lo-fi, brooklyn, shoegaze, surfadelic

    slackin' is a full-time job

  • ttotals

    (1,064 listeners)

    psychedelic rock, psychedelic, space rock, noise rock

    Ttotals are a duo from Nashville, TN creating some of the finest new psychedelic rock music around. They might pay tribute to some of the old greats, but this sound is all their own.

  • Valkyrie

    (4,462 listeners)

    doom metal, stoner rock, heavy metal, stoner doom metal

    There are 11 bands with this name: 1) Doom Metal from Rockbridge County, Virginia, United States 2) Epic Heavy Metal from Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands: Founded in 1984 and released the "Deeds Of Prowess" demo in 1986.

  • White Laces

    (3,719 listeners)

    indie, all, noise, alternative

    White Laces are from Richmond, Virginia.