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  • Criminal Colection

    (410 listeners)

    czech, pop punk, punk rock, rock

    Czech band from Vsetin. The band was formed in 2004, and plays energetic and melodic pop punk music with punk rock elements. There is an interest, that drummer serves a post of frontman and singer. Band has recorded one demo: Jeden Velký Problém (2005) and albums: On Hledá Jeho (2007), Rock Show (2010), Something to live for (2013).

  • From Our Hands

    (2,162 listeners)

    post-hardcore, alternative rock, rock, punk rock

    From Our Hands (FOH) is a four piece punk rock band from Bratislava, Slovakia. They formed in January 2007 and consist of Matej Hoťka (Guitar, Lead Vocals), Richard Klimo (Bass), Matej Turcer (Guitar) and Miroslav Šimonič (Drums). 2009 was a very eventful year for From Our Hands.

  • OvoceLenina

    (63 listeners)

    rock, indie, under 2000 listeners, pop

    Band members: Korry ( Guitar / Synths / Vocals / Lyrics ) Kiki ( Bass / Vocals ) Dandy ( Drums / Vocals ) Hynata ( Guitar / Vocals ) www.myspace.com/ovocelenina www.bandzone.cz/ovocelenina

  • Sunshine

    (52,435 listeners)

    czech, post-punk, indie, indie rock

    1) Sunshine Czech band from Prague Members: Kay, Jiri, Tuzex, Dan http://www.sunshinetrash.com/ History: • 1994 Formed in Tábor, Czech Republic • 1998 first US Tour/sponsored by GSL Records