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  • A-rise

    (761 listeners)

    death metal, cologne death metal, anime, female vocalists

    A-RISE is an idol group in the series "Love Live!", the most popular idol group in the series universe.

  • Aardvarks

    (2,456 listeners)

    death metal, thrash metal, german, german underground deathmetal

    There is one band called "AARDVARKS" and a few more called "The Aardvarks", several of whom have tracks listed against this listing for Aardvarks.

  • Chronic

    (511 listeners)

    gothic thrash metal, all, under 2000 listeners, your-gig

    Obscure English punk band that put out a split flexi 7" with a band called Living End (obviously not the 90s Australian band) in 1981.

  • Contradiction

    (2,498 listeners)

    thrash metal, rock, metal, german thrash metal

    There are 2 bands sharing that name. 1) "Contradiction" is a crust / grind band from Varna, Bulgaria, including members from Bömbshelter. Line-up: -Nasko - Vocals -Vanka - Guitar -Danny - Guitar -Vantka - Bass Guitar -Svilka - Drums Check out their official MySpace profile at http://www.myspace.com/contradictionbg .

  • Custard

    (30,818 listeners)

    power metal, australian, metal, rock

    There have been at least two bands called Custard: 1. Custard was a Australian alternative rock band band led by singer Dave McCormack. They formed in Brisbane and had a few triple hits with songs like Apartment and Girls like That (Don't Go for Guys Like Us)

  • Destroyer

    (378,644 listeners)

    indie, indie rock, canadian, singer-songwriter

    There are multiple artists with this name: 1) Destroyer is a Canadian indie rock band from Vancouver formed in 1995 and fronted by singer-songwriter Dan Bejar.

  • Dragonsfire

    (1,580 listeners)

    power metal, heavy metal, german, metal

    The name Dragonsfire can refer to one of 2 bands: 1)The heavy metal band DRAGONSFIRE was founded on January 1st in the new year of 2005 by the singer and bass-player Torsten Thassilo Herbert, both guitarists Matthias Bludau and Thorsten Brand and the Drummer Jan Müller in the Rhein-Main-Area.

  • Iron Kobra

    (1,525 listeners)

    heavy metal, speed metal, german metal, metal

    Dirty Retro-Metal band from Germany formed in 2008. http://www.myspace.com/cultofthesnake

  • Messenger

    (2,882 listeners)

    power metal, heavy metal, german, metal

    There are at least six artists named Messenger: 1. a German metal band 2. a mostly live improvisational duo consisting of Andrew Mayton and Silas Ciarán focusing on noise / drone / doom sounds

  • Motorjesus

    (8,730 listeners)

    hard rock, heavy metal, stoner rock, metal

    Motorjesus is a german heavy rock band from Mönchengladbach/NRW. They started 1992 as a German Hardcore/Metal band named "The Shitheadz". In 2005 they changed the band name into Motorjesus. The band in it's actual occupation consists of Guido Reuss (guitar), Andreas Peters (guitar) Mark Neschen (bass), Oliver Beck (drums) and Christoph Birx (vocals).

  • Perzonal War

    (4,796 listeners)

    thrash metal, power metal, heavy metal, metal

    Perzonal War is a power/thrash metal band from Germany. The band was founded by Matthias Zimmer (vocals; guitar), Martin Buchwalter (drums), Sascha Kerschgens (guitar) and Frank Buchwalter (bass) in 1996. After a couple of demo releases the band recorded their first album "The Inside" in 1998 which got very good reviews in the magazines all over Europe.

  • Sober Truth

    (241 listeners)

    thrash metal, metal, under 2000 listeners, heavy metal

  • The Gate

    (616 listeners)

    germany, power metal, heavy metal, symphonic metal