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May 30


Featuring Biokinetix, Cosmic Lotus and 42 more artists at Sahara Desert


Wednesday 30 May 2012Sunday 3 June 2012


Sahara Desert
Zagora, Morocco

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* Sahara Desert - Morocco -*
From May 30th to June 03rd 2012
- Full moon edition -

... ------------------------------------------ENGLISH-----------------------------------------

Dear friends and lovers of electronic music!

After a long awaited reunion, ETC and MEMCO are proud to announce the 2012 edition of ZAGOA FESTIVAL.

Over a full moon period and during 4 days & 4 nights in the Moroccan Sahara region, you will attend a wide range of sensory and visual experiences showcasing a mixture of different artistic disciplines.

This exceptional gathering will offer a top class interdisciplinary show of lighting and musical performances.

The location is an alluring place offering tranquility, clear skies,bright stars, simmering vistas, intense colours, big dunes and magical experiences. This can all be comfortably enjoyed at the festival site.

This festival will bring together some fifty artists around an original programming at the borderline of visual arts, performing arts, multimedia, design and electronic music.

DJs, dancers, jugglers, fire breathers, painters, filmmakers... will make every effort to provide a quality event where creativity and professionalism are key values.



--- LIVE ACTS ---

ABSOLUM (3D Vision – Ibz)

ATYSS (Sonic Motion Rec - Fr)

BIOKINETIX (Geomagnetic Rec - Fr)

BIONIX (United Beat Rec – Mind Control Rec – Fr)

BIORIZER (Geomagnetic Rec - Fr)

BLACK HOLE (Digital Park Rec – Fr)

CRISTO DISTO (Moon Spirits Rec – Fr)

D-SENS (Bus records - Fr)

DAVINA (Wrecked Rec - Ibz)

DNI (Ultravision Rec - Brz)

DRAKPHASER (Lua Rec - Mor)

ELECTROCULT / (Digital Park Rec - Fr)

ENDLESS EUFORIA (Ultravision Rec - Brz)

FEUERHAKE (Synergetic Rec - Free Form Rec - Ger)

FFT (Dacru Rec – Mex)

HUICHOLITY (Morphonic Rec - Fr)

HYPNOS (World People - Fr)

KINESIS (Moon Spirits - Fr)

KOBOLD INSTINCT (Bionic Instinct Rec - Mor)

LAMAT (Morphonic Rec - Mex)

MASSIVE aka SIRIUS ISNESS (Nutek Rec - Phantasm Rec – Ibz)

MEKKANIKKA (United Beats Rec - Sp)

MESMERIZER (Mind Control - Moon Spirits - Fr)

METAPHASE (Point-Zero Rec - Uk)

NAKED TOURIST (Parvati Rec - Ger)

PARASENSE (Boom Shanka Rec - Rus)

PERPLEX (Fineplay rec - spun rec - Nl)

PHONIC REQUEST (Digital Park - Fr)

POLYPHEME (Moon Spirits Rec - Fr)

PROFOUND (Panmusic Rec - Swe)

RONEN DAHAN (the voice rec - tiger rec – Nl)

SENSIFEEL (Spintwist Rec - Fr)

TRYAMBAKA (Bhooteshwara – Spectral Rec - Por)

UTOPIAN CONSPIRACY (Geomagnetic Rec - Fr)

X.S.I. (Mind Control - Wild monkeys Rec - Fr)

--- DJ SETS ---

ANNELI (Phantasm Rec – Swe)

ANAKK (Epidemic Trance Corp. - Mor)



CYRENIE (Epidemic Trance Corp. - Over Lovers - Fr)

CROMANIAC (Bionic Instinct Rec / Bijah Rec/ Raag Taal Recs -Mor)




DRISS (Hadra Rec - Fr)




IGUANA (Parvati rec – Ger)

KAFAR (Samaveda – Por)


MISS TICK (Spintwist Rec – Fr)


REEPAÏ (Epidemic Trance Corp. - Fr)


ZEUS (Point Zero Rec – Uk)


* More artists to be added soon..."

"ALTERNATIVE STAGE/CHILL-OUT : Line-up coming soon."

The reunion of ETC and Memco aims to highlight and develop the Moroccan electronic music scene by bringing in Moroccan artists among other international performers, but it also offers an insight to the local traditional music scene with several attending artists such as Gnawa, the Hmadchas & the Ahwach…

• Deco:
- Cosmic Lotus – Portugal (
- Fluorobotanics – Czech Republic (

• Vjs:
- Akaz - France (
- Contact Vj
- Kalamour Vj

• Show Laser
- LASERBEAMFACTORY – Netherlands (

• Light Show

• Performers

• Eco-management

The festival appeals to everyone's responsibility and awareness.
Please show all due respect to the camp and help us sustain an ecological balance to the environment that is both precious and fragile.

Prevention in terms of hygiene and cleanliness will be a central concern of the organization and through flyers and displays, any medium will be used in order to ensure the maintenance of the site and its preservation.

In any case please do not throw down anything and collect all your polluting items before leaving the camp.

Leave the environment behind you as clean as possible.

---- At your disposal ----

• 2 Stages • Camping area • Camping-car area •
• Village market (Bars-Restaurants-Shops) • Healing area • Info point •
• Toilets • Showers • First Aid • Security •

• Presales

- From Jan 30th to March 31st : 55 Euros
- From April 1st to May 15th : 70 Euros
- At the gate: 85 Euros



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