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  • Alina Devecerski

    (62,409 listeners)

    swedish, pop, electronic, electro

    Alina Devecerski is a Swedish Electropop-singer from Sundbyberg, Stockholm. On the 23rd of April, 2012 she has released her debut single "Flytta på dej", including the song itself and a B-side (Jag svär).

  • Ane Brun

    (382,133 listeners)

    singer-songwriter, female vocalists, norwegian, acoustic

    Ane Brun (IPA ænə brun), real name Ane Brunvoll (born 10 March 1976), is a Norwegian singer/songwriter, born and raised in Molde, Norway. She lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

  • Beglomeg

    (78 listeners)

    fysisk format

  • Death by Unga Bunga

    (4,151 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, surf, garage, artists i have seen live twice

    Norway’s hottest garagerockers at the moment hail from the forests of rural Østfold and are a study in style, energy and the deepest depths of garage rock dogmatics. Unforgettable.

  • Gerilja

    (2,309 listeners)

    hardcore, norwegian, straight edge, norwegian hardcore

    There are two groups with the aforementioned name: 1. Gerilja is a psych-disco-rock outfit from Oslo, Norway. Conscious of their nostalgic connotations, and Rickenbacker-coloured scheme, Gerilja delivers modern, hard-bopping disco-doom.

  • Halvdan Sivertsen

    (14,908 listeners)

    norwegian, singer-songwriter, folk, guitar

    Halvdan Sivertsen is a singer-songwriter from Bodø, Norway whose career spans the last three decades starting in 1973.

  • Ingrid Olava

    (32,948 listeners)

    norwegian, singer-songwriter, female vocalists, piano

    Ingrid Olava Brænd Eriksen (known as Ingrid Olava, born 18 March, 1981) is a Norwegian musician and singer and musician, best known for her debut single "Only Just Begun" from 2007 and as a backup singer for Madrugada. After hearing her live performance, EMI Music Norway invited her to play in a studio, and later signed her.

  • Josh T. Pearson

    (43,086 listeners)

    folk, singer-songwriter, bella union, alt-folk

    Josh T. Pearson is a American musician from Texas. In 1996 he formed the short-lived but now critically-acclaimed band Lift to Experience, who released one double album, The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads, in 2001 before splitting up soon after.

  • Le Corps Mince de Françoise

    (43,693 listeners)

    finnish, electronic, electro, female vocalists

    Le Corps Mince de Françoise (known as LCMDF for short) consists of sisters Emma and Mia Kemppainen. The duo formed in 2007 and started playing out on their local scene in Helsinki, Finland. Their energetic and highly stylized live performances quickly became a sensation and they're now set to unleash their talents to the rest of Europe. In 2010, member Malin Nyqvist left the band.

  • Lukas Graham

    (38,423 listeners)

    soul, pop, retro pop, danish

    Lukas Graham (born in 1988) is a Danish musical act signed to Copenhagen Records. Luke Graham is a Danish-Irish artist whose father was a folk singer. Luke was a child star playing Grunk in "Krummerne" (Danish movie hit in the 90'ies). Graham started writing songs and performing, and recorded a number of demos in New York and assembled a solid band around them.

  • Lång-Kalle

    (4 listeners)

    seen live

  • Manu Chao

    (1,063,021 listeners)

    reggae, latin, alternative, world

    Manu Chao (born José-Manuel Thomas Arthur Chao on 21 June 1961 in Paris, France) is a singer of French and Spanish (Basque, Galician) origin.

  • Mhoo

    (2,264 listeners)

    country, bluegrass, folk, sett

    Country / bluegrass band based in Tønsberg, Norway, which has recently been gaining a lot of publicity in Norway http://www.myspace.com/mhoomusic

  • Moddi

    (43,867 listeners)

    folk, norwegian, singer-songwriter, indie

    Pål Moddi Knutsen (born February 18, 1987) is a Norwegian musician from the island Senja. Moddi is self-taught, counting accordion and acoustic guitar as his main instruments. His music has been described as a blend of folk music, pop and post-rock.

  • Neneh Cherry & The Thing

    (15,924 listeners)

    free jazz, jazz, experimental, female vocalists

    Neneh Cherry & The Thing is a collaboration between Neneh Cherry from Sweden and a group named The Thing, starting around 2010. They released an album The Cherry Thing in June 2012.

  • Raggabalder

    (59 listeners)

    reggae, artists i have seen live, marcus garvey, north-norwegian

    Raggabalder is a dancehall/ragga soundsystem from Norway. The two members used to be in Tungtvann.

  • Razika

    (21,347 listeners)

    ska, indie pop, indie, norwegian

    Razika is an all girl group from Bergen, Norway. The group made the debut album Program 91 during one year on weekends. http://www.myspace.com/razika

  • Sivert Høyem

    (45,107 listeners)

    norwegian, rock, singer-songwriter, alternative

    Former lead singer of the now defunct Norwegian rock band Madrugada, and solo artist (second album as Sivert Høyem & The Volunteers) with the albums Ladies and Gentlemen of the Opposition (2004), Exiles (2006), Moonlanding (2009) and his latest effort Long Slow Distance (2011) .

  • The Whitest Boy Alive

    (649,812 listeners)

    indie, electronic, indie pop, norwegian

    The Whitest Boy Alive were a Norweigan-German musical group based in Berlin. The band comprises Norwegian singer/guitarist Erlend Øye, who is also a member of the band Kings of Convenience, bassist Marcin Öz, drummer Sebastian Maschat, and Daniel Nentwig on Rhodes piano and Crumar. Erlend Øye is from Norway, Marcin Öz is Polish while the rest of the band is German.

  • Todd Terje

    (210,569 listeners)

    space disco, electronic, nu disco, electro

    Following a string of celebrated releases leaning on everything from kitschy euro sounds to deep funk and latin jazz, the relatively new to the scene Todd Terje has already made his mark within dance music circuits.

  • Æ og Dem

    (147 listeners)

    political, rock, folk, pop

    Æ is a Erling Ramskjells solo project. Sometimes he plays together with Dem who are: Are Bredal Simonsen, Trond Tømmerberg, Hallstein Sandvin, and keyplayers from his old band Schtimm: Kåre, Bjørg and Peder.