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  • ADD/C

    (734 listeners)

    punk, under 2000 listeners, pop punk, orgcore

    ADD/C is a region rock punk band hailing from Chattanooga, TN! Sloppy, intense and catchy-as-hell punk rock in the vein of the Bananas, Hickey & more.

  • Anti-Sociales

    (101 listeners)

    seen live

  • Aye Nako

    (4,974 listeners)

    garage rock, punk, queer, garage punk

    Aye Nako is a rock band formed in Brooklyn, NY in 2010. Mars (guitar, vocals) Angie: (drums, vocals) Jade: (guitar, vocals) Joe: (bass) Visit their official homepage at http://ayenako.org .

  • Boogdish

    (818 listeners)

    comedy, under 2000 listeners, punk, dance

    michael barton is sick as hell. that's all there is to know. He also is building up a reputation for recording local acts in the Central Texas area. He even recorded Hexlust's first demo. http://www.hairychestedrecords.com/boogdish/

  • Busman’s Holiday

    (1 listener)

  • Cindy Milstein

    (64 listeners)

    spoken word, political, anarchist, anti-homophobia

    Cindy Milstein is on the board and a faculty member at the Institute for Social Ecology, where she teaches each summer and works with degree students year round.

  • Defiance, Ohio

    (88,491 listeners)

    folk punk, punk, folk, acoustic

    Defiance, Ohio is a punk band from Columbus, Ohio. They are known for their extensive touring and intense, enthusiastic live shows. They are named (tongue in cheek) after the real town Defiance, Ohio. The band has a unique line-up for a punk act, featuring violin, cello, banjo, acoustic and electric guitars, piano, and electric bass (formerly an upright bass).

  • Delay

    (9,055 listeners)

    pop punk, ohio, electro, synthpop

    Delay is a moniker for multiple bands: 1) An American powerpop band 2) An American shoegaze band 3) A Swiss synthpop group 4) A Hungarian post-rock band 5) A four-piece rock band from Norwich, England

  • Dirty Fist

    (64 listeners)

    gainesville, 5432fun

    Dirty Fist! is a singing and playing duo from Gainesville, FL. Dirty First! consists of Chelsea C. on the banjo and lead vocals, and Chelsea K. on accordion, harp and backup vocals. The band regularly features guest musicians. They went on their first tour in 2008, taking them up the east coast and out to Minneapolis.

  • Dylan Sizemore

    (669 listeners)

    folk punk, folk, all, emo folk

  • Emperor X

    (13,189 listeners)

    indie, indie pop, electronic, lo-fi

    Emperor X is a pop/noise/folk music project headed by American musician C. R. Matheny. The project often performs and records with little more than Matheny on an acoustic guitar and a dynamic microphone, but sometimes also employs large groups of musicians on percussion instruments, various electronic noisemakers, brass/woodwind/string ensembles, and traditional rock instruments.

  • Eric Ayotte

    (3,455 listeners)

    folk, folk punk, acoustic, punk

    Singer of Halo Fauna’s solo acoustic thing, which seems to be the rage these days. If you’ve ever seen Eric you know how heartfelt his songs are.

  • Erik Peterson

    (425 listeners)

    bands ive seen, anarcho folk punk, seen live

  • Foozle

    (192 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, punk, maryland, folk punk

    Jake - Guitar Joanna - Bass Ryan - Drums

  • Future Virgins

    (2,025 listeners)

    punk, punk rock, lo-fi, garage punk

    Penis punx band from Chattanooga, Tennessee

  • gerd dembowski

    (2 listeners)

  • Ghost Mice

    (58,855 listeners)

    folk punk, folk, acoustic, punk

    Ghost Mice is a two-piece folk-punk band that hails from Bloomington, IN. Ghost Mice was created from the ashes of former pop-punk bands The Devil is Electric and Operation: Cliff Clavin. Chris Johnston (aka Chris Clavin) and Hannah who played guitar and bass respectively for OP:CC and TDIE, decided to make their act acoustic so they could tour more easily and play almost anywhere.

  • Good Luck

    (17,283 listeners)

    pop punk, indie rock, plan-it-x, punk

    Good Luck are a punk band from Bloomington, Indiana comprised of past members of Matty Pop Chart, One Reason, K-10 Prospect, Abe Froman, Mt. Gigantic, Bodyhammer, and Los Gatos Negros. Members: Ginger Alford - Bass, Vocals Matt Tobey - Guitar, Piano, Clarinet, etc... Vocals

  • Harry and the PottersUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (70,747 listeners)

    wizard rock, indie, harry potter, rock

    Harry and the Potters are an indie rock band that was formed in Norwood, Massachusetts in 2002 by brothers Joe DeGeorge and Paul DeGeorge. The band was inspired by the J.K.

  • High Dives

    (0 listeners)

  • Inky Skulls

    (257 listeners)

    folk, indie pop, american, indie folk

    INKY SKULLS is a Uke-Pop band, consisting of Chris Clavin (Captain Chaos, Ghost Mice) and Emily Rose. The band formed on August 1st of 2011 in Bloomington, IN. They recorded their first demo, "Introduction to Alchemy", 15 days later. A full-length self-titled album was released February 20 2012 featuring songs from the demo and a few covers (Vaselines, Misfits).

  • Kepi Ghoulie

    (5,260 listeners)

    pop punk, punk rock, punk, acoustic

    Kepi was the bassist and vocalist for Sacramento, California based pop-punk band the Groovie Ghoulies. He has been recording and touring both with a full band and as an acoustic soloist since the Ghoulies' break-up in mid 2007.

  • Landlord

    (2,330 listeners)

    electronic, epic black metal, under 2000 listeners, rock

    There are at least six artists which have used this name: 1. Landlord is a rock band from Bloomington, Indiana 2. An electronic rock band from New York, New York 3. An electro-hip hop artist 4. The Landlord, a rock band

  • Les Louise Michels

    (0 listeners)

  • Mitch The Champion

    (85 listeners)

  • Nana Grizol

    (47,505 listeners)

    folk, folk punk, indie, indie pop

    "Less of a band than an exuberant orbit of bright weird planets circling the joyful kinesis of main-songster Theo Hilton, Nana Grizol's debut album "Love It Love It" sees release on Orange Twin on May 13, 2008.

  • Onsind

    (9,287 listeners)

    folk punk, acoustic, punk, diy

    Onsind is a DIY acoustic pop punk band from Pity Me, Durham, UK. They have releases on Plan-it-X, Discount Horse, Specialist Subject and more. You can listen to and download all of their songs at http://onsind.bandcamp.com .

  • Operation: Cliff Clavin

    (8,547 listeners)

    folk punk, punk, pop punk, plan-it-x

    Operation: Cliff Clavin was one of Chris Johnston's (more commonly known as Chris Clavin) first bands and one of the earliest bands on the Plan-It-X label. They were a simple DIY political pop-punk band that had a rotating roster of bassists and drummers, the last being Hannah Jones and Frankie.

  • Paul Baribeau

    (69,149 listeners)

    folk punk, folk, acoustic, singer-songwriter

    Paul Baribeau's warm, witty sounds and gnarly beard bring something truly unique and interesting to the folk-punk table.

  • PheRamones

    (770 listeners)

    pop punk, mix tape, 5432fun, pop-punk maybe

    Simplistic, minimalistic keyboard pop jams from Steve Smith and Pat Crann. Guaranteed to make you groove hard. Columbus, Ohio represent.

  • Ramshackle Glory

    (13,896 listeners)

    folk punk, punk, folk, pat the bunny

    Ramshackle Glory are a punk rock band from Tucson, AZ formed in early 2011. Their music is marked by unconventional instrumentation, an emphasis on lyrical content, and low-quality equipment. The band self-releases music on Savage Wasteland, a collective label run by members of the band, as well as cooperating with friends at Plan-It-X Records and DIY Bandits.

  • Rat Storm

    (245 listeners)

    crust, punk, hardcore, hardcore punk

    Rat Storm is a hardcore, punk, crust, powerviolence, d-beat band from Bloomington, IN. Jon - drums, Micah - former bass, Nathalie - vocals, Zach - guitar and Joel - current bass.

  • rubrics

    (210 listeners)

    punk, hardcore, seen live

    a gnarly 4 piece quasi-melodic punk band from Greenville, South Carolina. www.rubrics.bandcamp.com

  • Spraynard

    (23,206 listeners)

    pop punk, emo, punk, indie rock

    2008–2012, 2014–present The self-proclaimed "demi gods of horror-core" known as Spraynard formed in 2008 with one intention in mind: to plant the ideological seeds of unrestrained patriotism in the minds of their listeners.

  • Street Eaters

    (991 listeners)

    punk, female vocalists, under 2000 listeners, post-punk

    Truewave/Punk band from Berkeley+Oakland, California

  • Super Famicom

    (1,946 listeners)

    acoustic, folk, freak folk, anti-folk

    Super Famicom is an Florida-based DIY musician named PJ who doesn't call himself a singer-songwriter or a one-man band, but rather prefers the term "imaginary band" because the rest of the band has to happen inside the listener's head. A "greatest" "hits" album has been compiled at CLLCT and can be downloaded here.

  • the boy who could fly

    (376 listeners)

    twee, indie, lo-fi, 5432fun

    Lo-fi female singer-songwriter in the K records tradition, similar to Mirah or Get The Hell Out Of The Way of The Volcano. Origins in Provo, UT and Columbus, OH.

  • The Max Levine Ensemble

    (20,201 listeners)

    pop punk, plan-it-x, punk, folk punk

    Sometime at the turn of the century a small gang of boys grouped together in the noble pursuit of transcending suburban boredom through the traditional performance of punk rock songs.

  • The Wild

    (12,726 listeners)

    folk punk, folk, punk, punk rock

    The Wild is a Folk Punk band from Atlanta, Georgia. From their label: http://www.quoteunquoterecords.com/qur028.htm

  • Traveling

    (1,243 listeners)

    pop punk, country, punk, pop

    Traveling starting playing pop music in Bloomington, IN in September 2011. Ginger Alford has also played in the bands Good Luck and One Reason, as well as touring with Paul Baribeau playing Bruce Springsteen covers in the Darkness on the Edge of Your Town Tour. "End of the Summer Demo" is being released by No Idea Records as a 7" in January 2012.

  • Un Final Fatal

    (490 listeners)

    from puerto rico, puerto rico, punk rock, bands of puerto rico

    Un Final Fatal is a hardcore punk band from Puerto Rico.

  • Vacation

    (4,806 listeners)

    punk, diy, garage punk, pop punk

    There appears to at least three artists that use the name Vacation: 1) VACATION is an noisy poppy punk band from Cincinnati, Ohio.

  • Watercolor Paintings

    (11,809 listeners)

    folk, twee, lo-fi, indie

    Rebecca Redman and Josh Redman (siblings). They live in Santa Barbara, California. Songs are quiet for now, but the band is working on becoming louder. This band is NOT cute.

  • Waxahatchee

    (74,054 listeners)

    singer-songwriter, female vocalists, indie, alternative

    Solo project of Katie Crutchfield of P.S. Eliot and Bad Banana. Waxahatchee is a solo project of songwriter Katie Crutchfield formed after the breakup of P.S. Eliot. She released her first music as Waxahatchee as a split cassette with Chris Clavin on Plan-It-X Records. Her bedroom-recorded debut album, American Weekend, was released on Don Giovanni Records in 2012.

  • Werewolves

    (3,435 listeners)

    grindcore, hardcore, screamo, southern rock

    An indie pop band from Athens, Ga. fronted by Wyatt Strother. They have released two full lengths and two EPs on the label Athens Horse Party which is run by the band.

  • Your Heart Breaks

    (16,833 listeners)

    plan-it-x, indie, queercore, indie pop

    Your Heart Breaks is an indie (pop and punk) queercore band located in Seattle, Washington. Their music is available at masarecords.com, archive.org and plan-it-x.com. The official website at yourheartbreaks.com.

  • Zippers To Nowhere

    (5 listeners)