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  • Alpha Academy

    (594 listeners)

    alternative rock, rock, german, modern rock

    Alternative Rock / Moden Rock from Göttingen, Germany. Band Members: Dominik Dubik – Vox / Guitar Michael Wenski – Guitar Sebastian Hunger – Bass Niko Tsagarakis – Drums

  • Das Pack

    (3,894 listeners)

    liedermacher, german, rock, deutsch

    "Das Pack" is a german band similar to Götz Widmann or Joint Venture... The Band contains of Pensen (Guitar+Singer) Flozze (Bass+Singer) D.Hasselhoff (Drums)

  • Dritte Wahl

    (56,883 listeners)

    punk, deutschpunk, punk rock, german

    Dritte Wahl ("third choice") is a German punk band. In 1988 Gunnar Gunnar (voc/g), Busch'n (voc/bg) und Krel (dr) played their first gig in their hometown Rostock (North/East Germany).

  • Emil Bulls

    (98,576 listeners)

    nu metal, crossover, alternative, german

    Emil Bulls is a crossover band hailing from Munich, Germany, which was founded in 1995. Current members: Vocals, guitar: Christoph „Christ“ von Freydorf Bass: Jamie „Citnoh“ Richardson Guitar: Stephan Karl „Moik“ Guitar: Andy Bock (since 2009) Drums: Fabian „Fab“ Füß (since 2003)

  • Gentleman

    (537,529 listeners)

    reggae, dancehall, german, german reggae

    Gentleman (⋆ as Tilmann Otto 1975 in Osnabrück, Germany) is a reggae musican. Gentleman resides in Cologne, but sometimes names Jamaica as his home away from home.

  • Harthof

    (895 listeners)

    punk rock, rock, germany, indie

    Was kann man schon von einer Band erwarten, die sich nach einem Eistee benennt? Wenn es sich um Harthof handelt ´ne ganze Menge!

  • IchKannFliegen.

    (1,673 listeners)

    german, emo, rock, pop

    Was du denkst und fühlst, was dich wirklich bewegt, das sprechen IchKannFliegen. aus. Es geht um Träume, um Zustände, um dich und mich und alles was dazwischen ist.

  • In My Days

    (46 listeners)

    alternative pop/rock, fritz, under 2000 listeners, rockzone freiberg

  • Jazzica Nabis

    (21 listeners)

  • Jennifer Rostock

    (81,200 listeners)

    german, rock, indie, punk

    Jennifer Rostock is a rock band from Berlin, Germany. Jennifer Weist and Johannes "Joe" Walter-Müller are both natives of the German Baltic island Usedom and first met in kindergarten. Walter-Müller started taking music lessons as a five-year-old; he initially began to learn the violin, later he started to play piano.

  • Johnny Rockskin

    (21 listeners)

    garage rock, psychedelic, hard rock, blues rock

  • Luxuslärm

    (34,568 listeners)

    german, deutsch, poprock, pop

    Luxuslärm is a band from Iserlohn, Germany. They first got started with their cover band Blue Cinnamon before being encouraged to make their own music - Luxuslärm was founded. Work on their first record started in january of 2006. In 07 the band won the NRW "Rock it" final in Gronau, Germany.

  • Marteria

    (135,884 listeners)

    deutschrap, rap, hip hop, german

    Marteria is the german rapper behind the "Marsimoto" Alter Ego. Marteria (* 4. Dezember 1982 in Rostock; bürgerlich Marten Laciny) ist ein deutscher Rapper. Sein Künstlername geht auf die Anfangsbuchstaben seines Vornamens zurück, sowie auf „Materia“, das spanische Wort für Stoff oder Materie.[3] Des Weiteren ist Marteria auch unter dem Namen Marsimoto bekannt.

  • Monsters of Liedermaching

    (38,332 listeners)

    liedermacher, liedermaching, german, deutsch

    Monsters of Liedermaching is a band consisting of 6 liedermacher/singer-songwriters formed in 2003 in Germany. Members: Burger (Frontman of Die Schröders) Fred Timm (Former member of Norbert und die Feiglinge) Rüdiger Bierhorst

  • Montreal

    (20,449 listeners)

    punk rock, punk, german, deutschpunk

    There are 2 bands with the name Montreal: 1) Montreal is a funpunk band from Hamburg (Germany). They formed as "Financial Freaks".

  • Mr. Irish Bastard

    (8,144 listeners)

    folk punk, celtic punk, irish, irish punk

    Irishman Mr. Irish Bastard, or that f@@@ing bastard, as he is fondly known to friend and foe alike, writes drink-drenched songs that capture the spirit of the country and the raw energy of his punk roots.

  • Ohrbooten

    (78,011 listeners)

    reggae, german, dancehall, ska

    Ohrbooten are a Reggae-Ragga formation from Berlin, Germany. They are sometimes compared with SEEED, one of the pioneers in German Reggae-Ragga. Their lyrics are both political and fun (nonsensical). They describe their music as Gyp-Hop from Gypsy and Hip Hop.

  • Parka

    (12,567 listeners)

    dance punk, indie, indie rock, british

    There is more than one band named Parka. 1. Parka are a Scottish indie-electro-dance-pop band from Glasgow, now based in Whitchapel, London. They formed in Feb 2005 when singer/guitarist Matty Thompson grew tired of his studies and decided to make a band, by finding drummer, Neil Johnson, bassist Ian Alexander, keyboardist Mark Hedges and saxaphonist Bob.

  • Royal Republic

    (72,511 listeners)

    rock, swedish, hard rock, garage rock

    Royal Republic is a Swedish rock band formed in Malmö in late 2007. The band consists of guitarist/lead singer Adam Grahn, guitarist Hannes Irengård, bass guitarist Jonas Almén and drummer Per Andreasson.

  • Sondaschule

    (21,636 listeners)

    ska punk, ska, german, punk

    Sondaschule ist eine Ska-Punk-Band aus Oberhausen/Mülheim an der Ruhr. Sondaschule (the band's name is an intentionally misspelled version of the German word "Sonderschule", which means "school for students with special educational needs") is a truly extraordinary ska punk band from Oberhausen, Germany.

  • The BossHoss

    (117,115 listeners)

    country, rockabilly, german, rock

    The BossHoss are seven people from Berlin, Germany. Alec „Boss Burns“ Völkel, Sascha „Hoss Power“ Vollmer, Ansgar „Frank Doe“ Freyberg, Malcolm „Hank Williamson“ Arison, André „Guss Brooks“ Neumann, Stefan „Russ T. Rocket“ Buehler and Tobias „Ernesto Escobar de Tijuana“ Fischer specialise in covering pop, rock and hip hop songs in country style.

  • The BustersUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (57,640 listeners)

    ska, german, german ska, deutscher ska

    There are 2 bands called "The Busters": 1. A german ska band from Wiesloch, Baden-Württemberg. They've recorded 14 albums./* 2. A 50's Rock'n'Roll band: A photograph and an article at rockabillyhall.com

  • The Esprits

    (17 listeners)

  • The Muzzy Mystery

    (57 listeners)

    jazz, pop, radebeul, power jazz

  • TonbandgerätUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (6,247 listeners)

    indie, german, indie pop, deutsch

    The tape recorder revolutionized the recording technique, has been replaced, overhauled, but never forgotten. 57 years later, a band was founded, who took its name and carries it into the world since then. Hamburg four-piece Tonbandgerät have a penchant for melodic bass lines, rhythmic guitars, ambitious lyrics, diverse beats and children's keyboards.

  • Turbostaat

    (52,105 listeners)

    punk rock, punk, german, deutschpunk

    The band Turbostaat was founded in the year 1999 and consists of some members of the bands Zack Ahoi, Unabomber and Exil. After the band had moved to Flensburg, Germany, they released their first album Flamingo via "Schiffen" and "Rookie Records" in the year 2001. In 2003 they released their second album Schwan via the same labels.