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  • A Terrible Splendour

    (702 listeners)

    minimal wave, new wave, synth pop, making a drama out of a crisis

    A Terrible Splendour is a musical project from MM Lyle and Martin Block. The sound is a fusion of electro, pop and cabaret, with lyrical and stylistic influences coming from early 80's New Romanticism and the Weimar Republic. Their debut album 'Poseurs' is out now on Desire Records: http://desirerecords.bigcartel.com/artist/a-terrible-splendour

  • Addison Groove

    (32,608 listeners)

    juke, dubstep, electronic, house

    Addison Groove is the jukin' alter-ego of Headhunter (Antony Williams). Over the last 12 months he's become notorious for ripping through fierce sets of Chicago juke music; the mutant niche offspring of DJ Funk and Slugo's booty house designed to incite mind-blowing dance moves from liquid-hipped quicksteppers.

  • Annathema

    (320 listeners)

    thrash metal, speed metal, heavy metal, unknown

    Annathema was formed in October 1982. Bend was influenced by Judast Priest, Motorhead, Van Helen, AC/DC … and other bands from that period. First members of the bend were: Balaban Miodrag STRAVA – Bubanj

  • Armageddon

    (16,675 listeners)

    melodic death metal, power metal, hard rock, progressive rock

    There are several artists/bands by the name of Armageddon. 1. A hard rock band formed in 1975, comprising drummer Bobby Caldwell, previously a member of Captain Beyond, singer Keith Relf…

  • Art DepartmentUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (40,314 listeners)

    house, techno, electronic, minimal

    Art Department is the brainchild of Canadian techno/house Legend Kenny Glasgow and Canada’s fastest rising star and No.19 label owner - Jonny White.

  • As I Fall

    (236 listeners)

    metalcore, bosnian, metal, melodic death metal

    Band members are: Dario Glavonjic (vocals) Drazen Kecman (guitar) Nikola Mijovic (guitar) Miroslav Golubovic (bass guitar) Zarko Jez (drums)

  • Avicii

    (1,187,388 listeners)

    house, electronic, dance, progressive house

    Tim Bergling (born 8 September 1989 in Stockholm, Sweden), known professionally as Avicii, Tom Hangs and Tim Berg, is a Swedish DJ, remixer, and record producer.

  • Azari & III

    (115,736 listeners)

    house, electronic, disco, chicago house

    Azari & III were Toronto producers Christian Farley, aka Dinamo Azari, and Alphonse Lanza, aka Alixander III, from Toronto, Canada, with feature vocals by Fritz Helder and Cedric Gasiada. The single ‘Hungry For The Power’ was first released in 2009 through I'm A Cliché (France) followed by 'Reckless (With Your Love)' on Permanent Vacation (Germany) on the same year.

  • Banda Panda

    (4 listeners)

  • Bane

    (120,052 listeners)

    hardcore, straight edge, hardcore punk, melodic hardcore

    Bane is a hardcore punk band that began as a side project between Aaron Dalbec (then of Converge) and Damon Bellardo.

  • Baskerville

    (16,671 listeners)

    electronic, dutch, electro, electropop

    Baskerville‘s debut album has been released in 2010 with vocal guest appearances by Pete Philly, EVO ( who did the vocal parts on the hitrecord ‘I Wanna Be' from ChocolatePuma (nr. 2 Uk-Charts)), E1TEN, Jaqeuline Govaerts (former Krezip) and Michael "CLIP" Payne (Member of the P-funk Allstars).

  • Batucada Sound Machine

    (1,598 listeners)

    new zealand, ska, under 2000 listeners, dub

    13-strong band from Auckland, NZ creating who have been creating a storm around festivals in the UK and Aus over the past 12mths. Brazilian-based sounds featuring samba-reggae drums, horns and hip-hop vocals from MC Hazaduz.

  • Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka

    (6,629 listeners)

    techno, house, electronic, minimal

    UK house producers Doc Daneeka and Benjamin Damage produced "Creeper" around this time last year for 50 Weapons, an eight-minute vehicle for sleek, aerodynamic riffage, an exercise in the supremacy of simplicity. Label heads Modeselektor apparently liked the single so much they commissioned a whole album from the duo and flew them out to Berlin to accomplish the task.

  • Benoit & Sergio

    (34,668 listeners)

    minimal, electronic, electronica, indie

    Hailing from Washington DC, Benoit & Sergio are an electronic-pop duo whose sound owes as much to Galaxie 500 or The Jesus & Mary Chain as to any house or techno pioneers.

  • Blekbox

    (7 listeners)

    Blekbox are a newlyformed band from Belgrade, who will definitely change and refresh the Rock scene of this region, and beyond.

  • Block Out

    (5,972 listeners)

    alternative, serbian, progressive rock, depressive rock

    Block Out were formed in Belgrade, Serbia at the end of 1990 by singer Milutin Jovančić - Mita. The band originally started as Ad Hoc, but due to the existence of another band under the same name, they were forced to change their name. The band chose the name from a very popular computer game at that time, Block Out.

  • Boemklatsch

    (9,063 listeners)

    electronic, hip-hop, electro, lowlands 2009

    Boem, klatsch. Kick, snare. It’s as simple as that. The Boemklatsch dj-collective is a colourful creative and energetic group of friends who give a tear-the-roof-of guarantee to everyone who books them. The crew is known to be ahead of the pack in all types of uplifting electronic music, and they still don’t mind partying harder then their audience.

  • Borgore

    (363,820 listeners)

    dubstep, gorestep, electronic, experimental

    Borgore is the alias of Israeli dubstep producer Asaf Borger, who is currently releasing tunes through Shift Recordings, Terminal Dusk, Trill Bass, Zaudio, Mad Decent, and Sumerian records He is also a drummer for the deathcore band Shabira , and part of the dubstep duo Alphamale Primates, which consists of him and Tomba.

  • Brodinski

    (80,571 listeners)

    electro, french, techno, electronic

    Brodinski, 1 has his right hand on the hardened minimalist edge and his left hand on the electro party scene. He's part of the fluokids phenomenon. His sets are clean but the tracks are dirty, and the "mix tapes" he offers on his blog never disappoint.

  • Buraka Som Sistema

    (134,465 listeners)

    kuduro, electronic, portuguese, portugal

    Formed in Amadora, Lisbon, Portugal, in 2006, Buraka Som Sistema brings us a new kind of "Kuduro" (Angolan dance). It mixes techno/electronic sounds with the traditional beat of Kuduro (or Kuduru), resulting in progressive kuduro.

  • Christian Strobe

    (1,491 listeners)

    future house, retro house, cosmic disco, retrofuturism

  • Citizens!

    (115,547 listeners)

    indie, british, electronic, indietronica

    "Very few hearts resisted the rallying cry of Citizens! debut album hailed by British pop king Alex Kapranos (Franz Ferdinand). With its collection of hit slogan-like songs Here We Are (2012) established itself as an irresistible dance machine. For their second album, the band went on exile in their label Kitsuné's studio in Paris, the four Londoners have

  • Claude VonStroke

    (166,984 listeners)

    minimal, techno, electronic, minimal techno

    Claude VonStroke is a tech-house/electro-house producer based in San Francisco, California. "Claude VonStroke" is better known to locals as Barclay Crenshaw, the owner of San Francisco's avant-house label, Dirtybird.


    (4 listeners)

    metalcore, serbian

    Close at Hand is a metalcore band from Serbia! It started out as a high school band back in 2007, with Milan madly slamming around on the drums, Sloba hacking away at his guitar, and Stefan excessively slapping and popping on his extremely high worn bass.

  • Concrete Sun

    (874 listeners)

    stoner rock, southern metal, stoner metal, southern rock

    Concrete Sun is a five-piece band from Novi Sad, Serbia. "Southern sludge 'n' grunge" is probably the closest you can get in an attempt to put us into a genre, but there's a lot more to the story than just that. Our music is a blend of southern rock, blues, stoner, groove, sludge and grunge, characterized by bluesy melodies, sharp vocals and heavy riffage.

  • Cruel Hand

    (42,350 listeners)

    hardcore, hardcore punk, oldschool hardcore, punk

    Spawned in the lethargic backwoods of the pine tree state, Portland, Maine’s Cruel Hand play an eclectic blend of styles that embodies anything but the serenity of their surroundings.

  • Crysalys

    (1,656 listeners)

    italian, gothic metal, symphonic metal, female fronted metal

    Crysalys is more than just a musical project, it’s a concept, a word of lucent yet cruel fairytales, it’s like reality trapped into illusion, a vibrating dream.

  • D.R.I.

    (112,299 listeners)

    crossover, thrash metal, hardcore, hardcore punk

    Dirty Rotten Imbeciles (also known as D.R.I.) are a hardcore punk/thrash metal band formed in Houston, Texas in 1982.

  • dandelion children

    (688 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, garage rock, country, indie

    Dandelion Children is a three-piece alternative rock band from Ljubljana, Slovenia, European Union. Consisting of Jure on bass/guitar, piano and vocals, Katja on drums and percussion, and Anže on the guitar/bass and backing vocals. Style of their music is varying from song to song, but they always stay true to their non-cliche, alternative rock.

  • DAT Politics

    (45,364 listeners)

    electronic, glitch, idm, experimental

    facebook * soundcloud * myspace DAT politics is a French electronic band created in 1999. Their energetic live shows explain the cult like enthusiasm that surrounds the french electronic combo as they’ve been touring the world extensively over the years.

  • Death by Chocolate

    (73 listeners)

    indie pop, twee, indie, spoken word

    1. Death By Chocolate is the confectionary pseudonym of one Angie Tillett, purportedly a teenage chambermaid from the kitschy English tourist town of Clacton-on-Sea.

  • Detachments

    (21,442 listeners)

    post-punk, new wave, electronic, indie

    Detachments are a London based troupe (led by creative force Bastien Marshal) that have caused waves of excitement on the more discerning dancefloors and clubs over the past two years with singles such as “Circles” “H.A.L.” and "Holiday Romance" not least thanks to collaborations with PItchfork favourites Salem, Tim Goldsworthy (DFA), Andrew Weatherall and Trevor Jackson (Playgroup / Output).

  • Dječaci

    (7,753 listeners)

    hip-hop, croatian, split, rap

    Dječaci su rep grupa iz Splita. Dobro repaju al su stvarno debili. Drugi album ISTINA je izašao 2011. za Croatiu Records. Prva naklada RASPRODANA u 2 dana! Debitantski album ” D R A M A “, osvojio je Zlatnu Kooglu za ALBUM GODINE i INDEXI 09 prvu nagradu za HIP HOP ALBUM GODINE!

  • Drumsound & Bassline Smith

    (119,240 listeners)

    drum and bass, dubstep, drum n bass, jungle

    Drum & Bass would not be the same without Drumsound & Bassline Smith (aka Andy Wright, Benjamin Wiggett and Simon Bassline Smith).

  • Duran Duran

    (1,409,376 listeners)

    new wave, 80s, pop, synth pop

    Duran Duran (named after a character in Roger Vadim's sci-fi classic, Barbarella) is an electronic pop rock band that was part of the New Wave movement of the 80s and 90s. Created by Nick Rhodes (keyboards) and John Taylor (bass) in Birmingham, England in 1978, it later add took in Roger Taylor (drums), Andy Taylor (guitar), and Simon Le Bon (lead vocals).

  • Eats Everything

    (24,521 listeners)

    tech house, deep house, electronic, house

    Few producers in the history of dance music have made such a rapid and far-reaching impact on the electronic music scene as Eats Everything aka Bristolian Daniel Pearce.

  • Edo Maajka

    (15,684 listeners)

    hip-hop, balkan hip-hop, bosnian, rap

    Edo Maajka (born as Edin Osmić on December 22, 1978 in Brčko, Bosnia and Herzegovina) is a rapper from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Edin's stage name "Edo Maajka" means "Edo the Mother".

  • Elektra Monsterz

    (2,063 listeners)

    punk, grunge, psychedelic, metal

    For a band designed to make a lot of noise, Elektra Monsterz can be hard to find. One of them reads, in translation: "Elektra Monsterz are three pretty miserable young guys, playing electric psychedelic rocks. last autumn they went into a local garage and composed their first ever song, called 'Hair.

  • Električni Orgazam

    (13,972 listeners)

    new wave, serbian, punk, ex-yu

    Električni orgazam (Electric Orgasm) were formed in 1980 in Belgrade by Srđan "Gile" Gojković (vocals, guitars), Ljubomir "Jovec" Jovanović (guitars), Marina Vulić (bass) and Ljubomir Đukić (keyboards, organs). Their first recordings were published in 1981 in the Paket Aranžman omnibus album that also included songs from the bands Idoli and Šarlo Akrobata.

  • Erykah Badu

    (925,679 listeners)

    soul, neo-soul, female vocalists, rnb

    Erykah Badu (born Erica Abi Wright on February 26, 1971 in Dallas, Texas) is an American R'n'B/neo-soul artist whose work crosses over into jazz.

  • Eyesburn

    (9,459 listeners)

    reggae, hardcore, crossover, serbian

    Eyesburn is a reggae core band from Belgrade, Serbia formed 1994. The original line up was: Hornsman Coyote (guitar & backup vocals), Laza (bass), Alek (drums) and Nenad (vocals). Since the band originated from the BG HC scene, the first album (MC) was recorded live at BG club KST. Eyesburn played mostly in Belgrade clubs, occasionally having a gig or two elsewhere in Serbia.

  • Farcry

    (1,434 listeners)

    hard rock, melodic rock, aor, rock

    1. Farcry is a melodic hard rock band with two albums on Kivel Records available now at http://www.farcryband.net . Embracing the hard rock style of the 80's, FarCry is not afraid to show their monster hooks, soaring vocals, and guitar solos.

  • Felix Da Housecat

    (455,958 listeners)

    electronic, house, electroclash, electro

    Felix da Housecat (born Felix Stallings Jr. on , 1971 in Chicago, Illinois) is a DJ and record producer. He was born in Highland Park Hospital. Felix is a producer and DJ mostly known for house music and electroclash.

  • Formless Terror

    (430 listeners)

    brutal death metal, death metal, macedonia, macedonian

    Formless Terror is a Brutal death metal band from Macedonia. They formed in 2006 consisting of Embryotomy and ex-Demency members. Official Myspace

  • Franz & Shape

    (6,399 listeners)

    electro, electronic, electroclash, minimal

    Franz & Shape are the Italian deejay/producer Francesco Spazzoli and the sound engineer Chris Shape, releasing on Headman/Manhead's label Relish Records. Their musical influences come mainly from the new wave and electronic scene of the 80's. Their live performance is characterised by their unique slamming electro touch with synths and samplers.

  • Garlic

    (925 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, indie, indie rock, lo-fi

    Think of me when I was in my prime...

  • George FitzgeraldUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (59,342 listeners)

    dubstep, future garage, dub techno, techno

    George Fitzgerald first appeared on our radar with his "Don't You" cut on Scuba's Sub:stance mix. Fast-forward a year and he's got his first release on Hotflush, dropping the future garage soul of "The Let Down" and a luscious dubtech gem in "Weakness".

  • Goblini

    (6,039 listeners)

    punk, punk rock, serbian, serbian punk

    Goblini is a serbian punk band founded in March, 1992. Guitarist Alen Jovanović and Vlada Kokotović, who lived in Karlovac, played in the band Lorelai until 1991 when Lorelai disbanded. After playing with numerous bands from Zagreb, the two moved to Šabac and in 1992 with singer Branko Golubović formed Goblini. The band changed several drummers until Nenad Divnić came to the band.

  • Goldie

    (152,586 listeners)

    drum and bass, jungle, electronic, drum n bass

    Goldie refers to both a British pop/rock band and a UK Drum & Bass/Jungle producer. 1 - Clifford Price, better known as Goldie (born September, 1965 in Wolverhampton) is a British electronic music artist, disc jockey, and actor. As a musician he works mainly within the jungle and drum and bass genres, and has helped to promote these styles globally.


    (6,893 listeners)

    trip-hop, experimental, blues, serbian

    Goribor is a alternative rock band from Bor, Serbia (ex Yugoslavia). Having performed as a teenage band called Projekat from 1988 until 1992, after a four-year hiatus, the band was reformed in 1996 by the founding members, the vocalist Aleksandar Stojković St and guitarist Željko Ljubić Pity with the guitarist Predrag Marković Peđa.