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  • Aches

    (939 listeners)

    ambient, emo, idm, 2 step

    After carving out parallel paths in live sonic art and electronic music while living in Sheffield, Jonathan Fox located to Bratislava. This is where Aches emerged, forged in the excitement and trepidation of a new country. Erudite beat programming joins with fizzing clouds of guitar, synths and heavy effected vocals.

  • Ben Butler & Mousepad

    (1,859 listeners)

    all, uk, seen live

    Ben Butler & Mouse Pad is Joe Gay vs You/Germlin’s new project. Anyone exposed to the furious shake & pop of pixelated DIY dance fury from either act should expect excellence.

  • Black Tar Jesus

    (340 listeners)

    indie rock, rock, alternative, lo-fi


  • Blanck Mass

    (18,542 listeners)

    ambient, drone, electronic, psychedelic

    Blanck Mass is the side project of British musician Benjamin John Power, otherwise known as half of the experimental/noise duo Fuck Buttons.

  • Blithe Field

    (18,441 listeners)

    experimental, electronic, folktronica, electronica

    Blithe Field is Spencer Radcliffe from Ohio "Blithe Field/Ricky Eat Acid Split" CS (2012, Primitive Patterns) "Warm Blood" LP (2012, Poulpe Mort) "Two Hearted" LP/CS/CD (2011, Waaga/Messy Life) "Beautiful Wave '74" CD (2010, Messy Life) "Old Songs/New Songs" CD (2008, Self-Released)

  • Deceased Squirrel on the Phone

    (42 listeners)

    acoustic, minimal, lo-fi, freak

    performance duo https://soundcloud.com/deceasedsquirrel http://deceasedsquirrelonthephone.bandcamp.com/

  • Dikolson

    (942 listeners)

    ambient, indie, electronic, electronica

    Dikolson is a composer and multi-instrumentalist from Prague, Czech Republic. After the end of previous band Khoiba, Filip Misek started making his own sounds as well as composing music for film and theatre (for ex. Restart (CZ/FI), The Indefinite Kingdom (JP).

  • Dubai

    (312 listeners)

    psychedelic, noise, electronic, experimental

    This is currently a shared profile between the band known as DUBAI and various recording artists from the emirate of Dubai. -- DUBAI the band is the duo of Anna Barie and Johannes Buff from Lyon, France. Barie was the singer for Brooklyn noise dance band These Are Powers and Buff is a French producer, engineer and the recording artist Le Knell.

  • Ensemble EconomiqueUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (12,738 listeners)

    drone, ambient, experimental, psychedelic

    Ensemble Economique is a drone / psychedelic project of Brian Pyle (Starving Weirdos, RV Paintings) started in 2008 in Manila, California, United States.

  • Excepter

    (40,429 listeners)

    experimental, psychedelic, noise, drone

    Excepter is an American experimental music group from Brooklyn, New York, United States founded in 2002 by No-Neck Blues Band member John Fell Ryan. They have released their work on labels such as Load Records and Animal Collective's Paw Tracks, and are known for their improvisational approach to playing both live and in the studio.

  • Golden Axe

    (1,944 listeners)

    new zealand, newbreed, chillgaze, 5432fun

    The original Golden Axe soundtrack is by Tohru Nakabayashi, change your tags. There is a metal band from Houston, TX named Golden Axe.

  • Gross Magic

    (14,706 listeners)

    garage rock, lo-fi, indie rock, birp

    Brighton, UK's Sam McGarrigle was just 19 years old when he began recording lo-fi fuzz pop songs as Gross Magic in late 2010. From the strength of early online demos, much attention was flung at Gross Magic, critically praised by some as the brightest possible continuation of the lo-fi revivalism and '90s indie nostalgia championed by bands like Wavves and Yuck just years earlier.

  • Hans-Joachim Roedelius

    (33,375 listeners)

    ambient, krautrock, electronic, experimental

    Hans-Joachim Roedelius (Hans-Joachim Rödelius, born October 26, 1934 in Berlin, Germany) is an German experimental / ambient / electronic musician. He best known as a co-founder of the German krautrock groups Cluster and Harmonia and his work in the ambient jazz trio Aquarello.

  • Horse Head

    (2,195 listeners)

    experimental, psychedelic, shoegaze, lo-fi

  • Japanther

    (79,525 listeners)

    punk, noise rock, lo-fi, indie

    Japanther is a punk rock band from Brooklyn, New York, United States formed in 2001 by two students at Pratt Institute. The band consists of Ian Vanek—who plays drums, cassettes, and sings—and Matt Reilly—who plays bass, a Casio SK-1, and also sings. They have recorded with Plan-It-X Records, Tapes Records, Wäntage USA and the Menlo Park label.

  • King Dude

    (21,301 listeners)

    neofolk, folk, lo-fi, acoustic

    As a side project of Teen Cthulhu and Book of Black Earth mainstay TJ Cowgill, King Dude explores a more darkly spiritual acoustic-folk side. Reigning from Seattle, WA.

  • Kristen

    (4,234 listeners)

    post-rock, noise rock, polish, indie

    Kristen started in 1997 in Szczecin They have released 4 records in Poland so far. Here ( http://www.pinkpunk.pl ) you can read the reviews and watch as well as listen to mp3s from these records. Kristen's official web page: http://www.kristen.pl/

  • Little Ruckus

    (120 listeners)

    Little Ruckus is a wildly entertaining traveling electronic self-help dance party. Their live shows will make you feel better about life. They've released a 10-song album called "We Love Evil" which was apparently recorded in Fairfield, Iowa. More on them here:

  • Lonely Boys

    (1,360 listeners)

    synthpop, synth pop, 80s, new wave

  • Maria Minerva

    (39,689 listeners)

    lo-fi, psychedelic, electronic, avant-pop

    Maria Juur, alias Maria Minerva, is a psychedelic, avant-pop and lo-fi music producer and artist from Tallinn, Estonia, currently based in London, United Kingdom. Her concert activities were started in early 2010. The debut cassette Tallinn at Dawn, followed by album Cabaret Cixous, was released in 2011 via Los Angeles' leftfield imprint Not Not Fun.

  • Mastroiany Praktik

    (0 listeners)

  • Meth Dad

    (1,121 listeners)

    take a look at, electronic, experimental, usa

    Meth Dad is a high energy, super sweaty, electronic dance party. Kind of like the olympic opening ceremonies but the year they had the olympics in hell. One of a kind fun time for everyone. LIVE RADICAL : STAY MAGICAL

  • Mile Me Deaf

    (3,640 listeners)

    noise rock, teenage angst, math pop, indie

    Mile Me Deaf is a noisy pop band from Vienna. Most songs were written and recorded by Wolfgang Möstl in his living room, but on stage they are a fully functional, shoegazing, rock and roll cabaret.

  • Molly Nilsson

    (25,940 listeners)

    synthpop, female vocalists, avant-garde, swedish

    Molly Nilsson is a Swedish singer and producer, currently based in Berlin, Germany. Her magical melodies and touchingly clever lyrics grow on you as you find yourself listening to them over and over again. With her one-woman-show, this escaped Swede brings her nostalgic pop, on a journey through life and death, with love and trouble, to a No Mans Land, on the border between reality and dream.

  • Munnen

    (433 listeners)

    swedish, post-punk, experimental, no wave

    What should you do? Pull everything away from you? Is it hard to be left behind? Want to leave yourself behind as well? Or do you want to be there and participate? In order to understand something specific? Kill the frustration? Cause you have what it takes…

  • My Panda Shall Fly

    (3,641 listeners)

    electronica, nu-jazz, downtempo, under 2000 listeners

    With a clout that sees him gigging relentlessly and garnering plenty of support in the press, it's mad to think that Suren Seneviratne is still in the early stages of his career with just a smattering of releases behind him. His long player "Tape Tekkno" for Italian label Gang of Ducks gives the perfect opportunity to get a handle on the idiosyncratic sound the London-based producer conjures up.

  • Nachtbote

    (41 listeners)

  • Oupa

    (4,186 listeners)

    lo-fi, acoustic, sadcore, folk

    Solo project from once Yuck frontman Daniel Blumberg. Was a collection of piano led “stripped down” songs billed as a side project to Yuck under the name Yu(c)k.

  • Pictureplane

    (87,253 listeners)

    electronic, witch house, lo-fi, electropop

    Pictureplane is the stage name of electronic musician Travis Egedy. He first appeared in the music scene of Denver, Colorado, making a name for himself at the warehouse where he also lives, Rhinoceropolis. His 2009 album, Dark Rift, attracted attention when it was well received by Pitchfork Media and other critics.

  • Planety

    (655 listeners)

    shoegaze, psychedelic rock, czech, dream pop


  • PS I Love You

    (37,180 listeners)

    indie, canadian, lo-fi, indie rock

    PS I Love You is a indie rock band from Kingston, Ontario, Canada. The band is currently on the label Paper Bag Records. The band is a duo, with Paul Saulnier on vocals/guitar and Benjamin Nelson on drums.

  • Qluster

    (1,574 listeners)

    ambient, electronic, experimental, drone

    Qluster is a new formation to follow Cluster. Its two main members Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Onnen Bock will continue to work under the concept of improvised music with electro-acoustic sound sources that in 1969 Conrad Schnitzler started to realise as Kluster in a Trio along with Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Moebius.

  • S ND Y P RL RS

    (1,555 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, drone, lofi, dark ambient

  • Saigon

    (184,554 listeners)

    hip-hop, rap, east coast rap, hip hop

    There are at least six artists with this name: 1) An American Rapper 2) A Post-Punk band from Leamington Spa 3) A Swedish heavy metal band 4) A punk band from Orange County, California 5) A Finnish poprock group from the 80s 6) A Swedish group formed in Berlin in 2010 but, at the time of writing, based in Stockholm.

  • Sand Circles

    (9,208 listeners)

    electronic, ambient, experimental, chillwave

    Stockholm-based Sand Circles started activity in late 2010, releasing fuzzy tapes filled with deep synth chords filtered through tape echo units. http://sandcircles.tumblr.com

  • Sean Nicholas Savage

    (20,812 listeners)

    pop, indie pop, lo-fi, 5432fun

    Sean Nicholas Savage is from Edmonton, Ab and makes great pop music with nice hooks. He is currently living in Montreal. Sean Nicholas Savage co-wrote and sang lead on many songs for the Silly Kissers debut album.

  • Stay+

    (21,010 listeners)

    witch house, experimental, electronica, electronic

    This anonymous Manchester outfit were formerly known as Christian Aids. They are quoted as saying, in an interview with Drowned in Sound, "Our original name Christian AIDS was a cynical attempt to get people talking about us.It worked. Our new name Stay+ is much more representative of our sound and ideas".

  • Sun Worship

    (2,044 listeners)

    black metal, atmospheric black metal, german, german black metal


  • Terror Bird

    (9,474 listeners)

    lo-fi, indie pop, indie, electronic

    Terror Bird is the bedroom-based pop project of Nikki Nevver. The project was first conceptualized in 2004 after Nevver moved to Montreal and began writing songs on acoustic guitar and electric piano. The first songs were mainly strange, satirical break up songs with lyrics influenced by early Bowie, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and Leonard Cohen.

  • The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt!

    (10,155 listeners)

    alternative, birp, electronic, experimental

    Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt is a visual performance, soul- infused party band started in 2005 by college classmates Neil Fridd and Jesse Cooper Levy in New Paltz, New York. Their show consists of lights, costumes (e.g. a suit of stuffed animals), loud party music and audience participation.

  • Wild Tides

    (432 listeners)

    surf rock, surf punk, alternative, czech

    http://wildtides.bandcamp.com http://www.facebook.com/wildtides http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPvS-BtEoM0

  • Xaddax

    (301 listeners)

    noise rock, big black, sicbay, dazzling killmen

    Nick Sakes (ex-Dazzling Killmen, Colossamite, Sicbay) Chrissy Rossettie (ex-My Name Is Rar-Rar, The Hex)

  • ██████

    (4,709 listeners)

    post-black metal, black metal, atmospheric black metal, screamo

    Post-black metal band from Pilsen, Czech Republic. They were founded in the end of 2011 and started playing shows in March 2012. They play a mixture of black-metal, post-hardcore and screamo with ambient elements. Their lyrics are about personal feelings. Members of the band have played in bands like Barrel, Owls Are Not What They Seem, Demoralyzer or noise projects Be aching to see and K-lxm.