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  • 100 Demons

    (39,809 listeners)

    hardcore, metalcore, metal, straight edge

    100 Demons is a five-piece Hardcore band from Waterbury, Connecticut. Being fans of tattoos, the band derived their name from a book of traditional Japanese tattoo artwork by Horiyoshi III.

  • All Shall Perish

    (209,852 listeners)

    deathcore, death metal, metalcore, grindcore

    All Shall Perish is a deathcore quintet from Oakland, California formed in 2002, and are consistently cited by critics as one of the best bands in the genre. All Shall Perish combines various genres, including death metal, deathgrind and metalcore. Since 2005, All Shall Perish have delivered three records off of Nuclear Blast.

  • All That Remains

    (751,162 listeners)

    metalcore, melodic death metal, metal, hardcore

    All That Remains is a Massachusetts, United States-based melodic metalcore band. Originally established in 1998, the group is currently signed to Prosthetic Records.

  • Attila

    (114,466 listeners)

    deathcore, metalcore, experimental, hardcore

    There are at least five bands named Attila: (1) A metalcore/deathcore band from Atlanta, GA. (2) A traditional heavy metal band from New York City formed in 1983. (3) A Dutch power/speed metal band formed in 1983. (4) Psychedelic group including Billy Joel that released one self-titled album.

  • BaneUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (118,493 listeners)

    hardcore, straight edge, hardcore punk, melodic hardcore

    Bane is a hardcore punk band that began as a side project between Aaron Dalbec (then of Converge) and Damon Bellardo.

  • betrayal

    (20,655 listeners)

    hardcore, beatdown, moshcore, beatdown hardcore

    There are more bands with the name Betrayal: 1) Betrayal are a straight edge Hardcore/Beatdown band from Woodland Hills, California.

  • Betraying the Martyrs

    (68,040 listeners)

    deathcore, metalcore, christian, melodic death metal

    Betraying the Martyrs is a French deathcore band. With a new and refreshing attitude to modern metal that is certain to take the music scene by storm.

  • Carnifex

    (196,876 listeners)

    deathcore, death metal, brutal deathcore, grindcore

    There are 5 artists bearing the name Carnifex: 1) Deathcore band from the USA. 2) Finnish old school death metal band. 3) A Danish hardstyle act. 4) A death metal band from Germany. 5) A Norwegian black metal band.

  • CDC

    (25,655 listeners)

    hardcore, beatdown, beatdown hardcore, new-school hardcore

    CDC emerged in September 2003 from the silent suburban streets of 3 little towns by the names of Lansdale, Doylestown, and Perkasie. Having started as an "in-studio" project the original members decided to take the band to higher places. With a newly recorded demo and an instant "buzz" about them, CDC began playing shows all over the east coast.

  • Chelsea Grin

    (190,864 listeners)

    deathcore, brutal deathcore, grindcore, deathgrind

    Chelsea Grin is an American deathcore band from Salt Lake City, Utah. Formed in 2007, the group is currently signed to Artery Recordings and have released two EPs (Chelsea Grin in July 2008, and Evolve in June 2012) and two full-length albums, the latest being My Damnation (July 2011). The name of the band is derived from the torture method of the same name.

  • Cockpunch!

    (3,232 listeners)

    hardcore, straight edge, hardcore punk, oldschool hardcore

  • Conducting From The GraveUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (18,875 listeners)

    deathcore, metalcore, melodic death metal, death metal

    Conducting From The Grave were formed in the fall of 2003, from members and ex-members of local Sacramento bands With Passion, Promising Tomorrow and others. Their musical style has been described as fusing together elements of metalcore/deathcore with progressive death metal, resulting in a very ''catchy'' and yet technical sound.

  • Counterparts

    (57,981 listeners)

    melodic hardcore, metalcore, hardcore, melodic metalcore

    Counterparts are a Canadian melodic hardcore band. The band currently consists of lead vocalist Brendan Murphy, guitarists Jesse Doreen and Adrian Lee and drummer Kelly Bilan. The band's most recent two albums have received critical acclaim from magazines Rock Sound and Exclaim!. They were released through Victory Records.

  • Cruel Hand

    (41,382 listeners)

    hardcore, hardcore punk, oldschool hardcore, punk

    Spawned in the lethargic backwoods of the pine tree state, Portland, Maine’s Cruel Hand play an eclectic blend of styles that embodies anything but the serenity of their surroundings.

  • Dead End Path

    (13,863 listeners)

    hardcore, metallic hardcore, metalcore, dead end path

    1) Dead End Path is a Hardcore band from Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, USA. Released their first Demo in 2009 and an EP called "Death Walks Beside Us" on Triple-B Records in 2010. They released their first LP on Triple B records in 2011, called Blind Faith.

  • Death Threat

    (25,511 listeners)

    hardcore, nyhc, straight edge, hardcore punk

    1. Death Threat is an American hardcore band formed in Connecticut in 1997. At its inception, Death Threat was composed of former Hatebreed members. Lead vocalist Aaron Butkus co-founded the band with CJ. Before leaving the band after the release of Peace and Security (2000), CJ played a key role in writing many of the band's songs.

  • Diamond Plate

    (4,391 listeners)

    thrash metal, american, metal, street thrash metal

    DIAMOND PLATE formed in 2007 in the southwest suburbs of Chicago. DIAMOND PLATE unknowingly arrived at the right time, just as thrash-metal was beginning to make a huge comeback worldwide. Due to the ferocity of their music, coupled with a revived hunger for thrash, DIAMOND PLATE quickly established themselves as one of the top forces in the emerging U.S. thrash metal scene.

  • DragonForce

    (635,553 listeners)

    power metal, speed metal, metal, extreme power metal

    DragonForce is a Power Metal band that was formed in 1999, from the remnants of black metal band Demoniac under the name of DragonHeart.

  • Elitist

    (26,591 listeners)

    progressive metalcore, metalcore, technical metalcore, hardcore

    1. Progressive Metalcore from Los Angeles, CA.They played the "Pull Me From The Gallows Tour" with The Human Abstract and Scale The Summit. They released two EPs in 2010 and 2011 and their debut album, Reshape Reason, in 2012 through The Anti Campaign.

  • Every Time I Die

    (322,686 listeners)

    hardcore, metalcore, southern rock, screamo

    Every Time I Die is a five-piece Metalcore band from Buffalo, New York, founded in the winter of 1998. Though popularly classified as hardcore, Every Time I Die's sound also contains strong elements of metalcore, southern rock and mathcore.

  • Expire

    (21,858 listeners)

    hardcore, hardcore punk, punk, melodic

    At least 2 artists with this name: 1) Heavy metalcore from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Ex-members of Take Control, Wholehearted, and Barriers Now Bridges, recently signed to Bridge 9 Records.

  • First Blood

    (78,327 listeners)

    hardcore, straight edge, beatdown, moshcore

    There is more than one artist with that name: 1. Vegan/Vegetarian Straight edge metalcore/crossover band from San Francisco CA. Heavy, honest, challenging music with an overtly controversial and political tone. along the same vein as bands like Hatebreed , Thick As Blood And early Throwdown .

  • Fit For An Autopsy

    (14,248 listeners)

    deathcore, brutal deathcore, death metal, deathgrind

    Over the past year, Fit For An Autopsy has grown into a monster. With a few member changes and a new outlook on the music they want to create, FFAA will carve their name into the backs of every venue they play.

  • Fleshgod ApocalypseUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (62,426 listeners)

    technical death metal, brutal death metal, death metal, technical brutal death metal

    Fleshgod Apocalypse is a death metal band from Rome, Italy formed in 2007 by Hour of Penance member Francesco Paoli (Drums/Guitars/Backing vocals) , Christiano Trionfera (Guitars) and Paolo Rossi (Vocals/Bass, Promaetheus Unbound). Francesco Struglia joined the band after on Drums but left in 2008 due to personal interest change and other commitments.


    (4,640 listeners)

    hardcore, straight edge, youth crew, hardcore punk

    FOCUSEDXMINDS is a Straight Edge band out of Milwaukee, WI. FxM stands for forward thinking and the Straight Edge, The demo is available now for free download at http://focusedxminds.bandcamp.com/ . Our debut 7" "Stay Focused" is out now on 6131 Records. http://6131records.bandcamp.com/album/stay-focused MIDWEST HARDCORE.

  • For the Fallen DreamsUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (146,781 listeners)

    metalcore, hardcore, melodic hardcore, melodic metalcore

    Coming from Lansing, Michigan, For the Fallen Dreams signed to Rise Records during the summer of 2007. The band's 2008 debut release 'Changes' caught the ears and hearts of many, making them one of the biggest acts playing metalcore with a melodic hardcore influence. Their second full length, 'Relentless', was released in 2009. Back Burner was released on May 24, 2011 through Rise Records.

  • For Today

    (110,037 listeners)

    metalcore, hardcore, christian, christian metalcore

    For Today is a Metalcore band from Sioux City, Iowa, United States currently signed to Razor & Tie. Known for their non-stop touring, high energy live performance, and unrelenting message, For Today will stop at nothing until the name of Christ is proclaimed to the entire world.

  • Gideon

    (23,675 listeners)

    hardcore, metalcore, melodic hardcore, christian

    Two artists share the name Gideon. 1) metalcore band from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Gideon, an aggressive, melodic hardcore band with an already impressive repertoire. Well-placed gang vocals and a powerful front man set Gideon apart from many of their peers, while the band as a whole, whose members have been playing together only since 2008, come off sounding like seasoned pros.

  • God Forbid

    (171,333 listeners)

    metalcore, metal, thrash metal, melodic death metal

    God Forbid is a metalcore band from New Brunswick, New Jersey that was formed in 1998. Their style is different than the styles presented by other, popular metalcore bands: God Forbid's influences are deep-rooted in thrash metal.

  • Holy Grail

    (9,790 listeners)

    heavy metal, speed metal, power metal, thrash metal

    Holy Grail consists of White Wizzard alums James Paul Luna, James J LaRue and Tyler Meahl, along with the blazing co-shred guitar of Eli Santana and the thunderous deathblow of bassist Blake Mount. In smoldering cauldrons of wicked brutality, Holy Grail combines elements of NWOBHM, Shred, Thrash and Doom featuring unmatched vocal domination and guitar astro-technics.

  • Hour of Penance

    (39,543 listeners)

    brutal death metal, death metal, technical death metal, brutal technical death metal

    Hour of Penance is a technical death metal band from Rome, Italy that was formed in 1999. They have released six full-length albums, the latest album Regicide being released in May 2014 through Prosthetic Records.

  • HundredthUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (47,813 listeners)

    melodic hardcore, hardcore, metalcore, progressive

    Hundredth is... Chadwick Johnson - Vocals Andrew Minervini- Guitar Alex Blackwell- Guitar JP Gressman - Bass Matt Koontz - Drums

  • Hung

    (1,394 listeners)

    progressive death metal, extreme progressive metal, melodic death metal, dark metal

    Hung is an Extreme Progressive Metal band from the United States. The violinist Lyris Hung gives the name to this band which is quite an original mixture of melodic death and black with progressive elements, plus the unusual addition of a electric violin.

  • Huntress

    (9,277 listeners)

    heavy metal, female fronted metal, thrash metal, female vocalists

    Huntress Heavy Metal United States of America (Hollywood, California) Line-up: Vocals - Jill Janus AKA DJ Penelope Tuesdae Bass - Ian Alden Drums - Carl Wierzbicky (ex DarkBlack) Guitar - Blake Meahl (Professor - Hollywood, CA) Guitar - Anthony Crocamo

  • Incendiary

    (12,034 listeners)

    hardcore, hardcore punk, nyhc, oldschool hardcore

    Incendiary began in the summer of 2007 on Long Island, New York playing an angry style of metalcore. Incendiary's debut LP "Crusade" was released on May 16th, 2009.

  • Iwrestledabearonce

    (118,609 listeners)

    experimental, deathcore, mathcore, grindcore

    iwrestledabearonce are a band from Shreveport, Louisiana that utilizes a variety of genres and musical influences.

  • Killswitch Engage

    (1,132,024 listeners)

    metalcore, metal, hardcore, melodic death metal

    Killswitch Engage is a metalcore band from Westfield, Massachusetts, United States. Formed in 1999 after the disbandment of Overcast and Aftershock.

  • Legion

    (15,084 listeners)

    thrash metal, rac, polish, deathcore

    There are mutliple artists with this name: 1) Apocalyptic Hardcore band from Birmingham Alabama. Releases include: Split with Mammoth Grinder, Split with Fingers Crossed, Savior 7", Home Recordings(2006-2007), Demo 2k7 and more.

  • Like Moths to Flames

    (62,443 listeners)

    metalcore, post-hardcore, hardcore, progressive metalcore

    Like Moths to Flames is a five piece metalcore band from Dayton, Ohio, United States, getting ready to make a big start in 2010.

  • LionheartUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (36,468 listeners)

    hardcore, metalcore, moshcore, straight edge

    There are several bands with the name Lionheart: 1. A old-school style metalcore band from the Bay Area.

  • Manners

    (3,811 listeners)

    melodic hardcore, hardcore, hardcore punk, screamo

    There are four groups called Manners. 1. Manners is a hardcore band from New Haven/Hartford, Connecticut, formed in 2010.

  • Molotov Solution

    (98,949 listeners)

    deathcore, grindcore, death metal, experimental

    Molotov Solution is a deathcore band from Las Vegas. They were notable for their politically charged lyrics, which include themes of government conspiracies and world issues. They went on hiatus in June of 2012, and the band announced July 4th of 2013, they are back together and are planning on beginning the writing process for a new record very soon!

  • MyChildren MyBride

    (104,113 listeners)

    metalcore, hardcore, christian, deathcore

    Hailing from the ever growing metal scene of north Alabama, brutal Hardcore influenced Metal act, Mychildren Mybride , are proud to have landed a home with Solid State Records.

  • Naysayer

    (8,250 listeners)

    hardcore, hardcore punk, metallic hardcore, punk

    Naysayer is a Hardcore band from Richmond, VA, USA. Playing music along the lines of Madball, and other notable NYHC alumni.

  • Nile

    (248,897 listeners)

    death metal, technical death metal, brutal death metal, metal

    There are multiple artists with this name: 1) Nile is a Technical Death Metal band from USA. They formed in their hometown of Greenville, SC, in 1993. They combine extreme speed and brutality of modern death metal with the ancient styling of Middle Eastern music.

  • No Bragging Rights

    (19,670 listeners)

    post-hardcore, metalcore, melodic hardcore, hardcore

    No Bragging Rights began to take its present shape in the summer of 2005. Since then, the 5 piece Metalcore band has self released 2 CD's (an EP and a full Length) which have collectively sold 8k+ copies World Wide.

  • Obey the Brave

    (21,941 listeners)

    hardcore, metalcore, moshcore, moshable hardcore

    || Official Site || Facebook || Twitter || Tumblr || Youtube || Montreal and Ottawa, Canada - 2012 "Not trying to reinvent the wheel. We keep it simple. We keep it real."

  • Oceano

    (105,871 listeners)

    deathcore, brutal deathcore, death metal, grindcore

    1) an American deathcore band 2) a Spanish singing group 1) Oceano is an American deathcore band from Chicago, IL, formed in 2006. The band signed to Earache Records and released their debut album, Depths on April 7, 2009. Their second album, Contagion was released on November 9, 2010.

  • On Broken Wings

    (40,510 listeners)

    metalcore, hardcore, moshcore, metal

    This Boston 5-piece metalcore band formed in early 2001 and have been compared to groups like Converge, Poison The Well, Every Time I Die, Eighteen Visions and Glassjaw.

  • Overkill

    (242,695 listeners)

    thrash metal, speed metal, metal, heavy metal

    Overkill is an American thrash metal band formed in 1980 in New Jersey. The band has been active since 1984, releasing 16 studio albums, 2 EPs, 2 live albums and a "covers" album. Despite their first album being released in 1985, most of the songs appearing on their first two albums were written between 1981 and 1984, and as such, they are often hailed as one the inventors of thrash metal.