• Pierce the Veil?

    So, there's rumors going around that Pierce the Veil is going to be at the Warped Tour this year. The Warped Tour 2012 page on Wikipedia confirms that Pierce the Veil will be there, according to some blog. Here's the link to the list of bands that are SUPPOSEDLY going to be there:


    However, PTV isn't (yet) listed on the actual Warped Tour site. This concerns me. I wanted to go all because of Mayday Parade and PTV (my girl and I have been looking forward to seeing PTV for soo long). Can someone clear up if they're actually going to be there or not?

    Kerry Collins

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 4 Mar 2012, 17:59
    They're supposed to be on main stage from what I heard and main stage announcements are at the end of March

  • There's also an interview that confirms they are doing it as well.

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