What Happened to Warped Tour??

  • What Happened to Warped Tour??

    okay, when I first hit the concert scene the VANS Warped Tour was a punk show, or pop-punk show. . . now I see these bands on there classified as "crunkcore" WTH is crunkcore?! is that seriously a new breed of music!?!? and what ever happened to well known or underground bands playing the show?? I hadn't heard of half the bands that were there last year, and I don't think there is a single one listed that I listen to as of yet(1/18/12) this is getting dumb VANS! you should be supporting the music you started with, and the people you represent NOT sell-out like you have (:

  • I hear you..

    I haven't been back to the Warped Your since 2002 because of this, but I think I might be going this year for two reasons: Ballyhoo! and Tomorrow's Bad Seeds. While they aren't punk, they're two of the best up-and-coming reggae/alternative bands. Ballyhoo! especially... they put on a wicked live show.

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