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  • 9 Maps

    (143 listeners)

    female vocalist, acoustic, urban folk, under 2000 listeners

    Ciosa Houlihan & Sherin Siew make up the acoustic outfit 9 Maps. They recently came in second for the Soundbase Acoustic Band Competition and won Best Original Song for their track 'The Harder Times'.

  • adopta

    (20 listeners)

    post rock, instrumental

    Members: Ano (Drums), Aris (Guitar), Deni (Guitar), and Rido (Bass)

  • Backwood Sun

    (1,093 listeners)

    indie folk, rock, indie, pop

    We were inspired and influenced from middle early 60's to 70's pop and rock music like Bob Dylan, The Byrds, Neil Young, The Zombies, Van Morrison, Fleetwood Mac and Vashti Bunyan. Our music is heading to east psychedelics. And we emphasize on the luxurious vocal harmonization, and involve the luxurious emotion in each inspiration in writting our song.

  • Belkastrelka

    (798 listeners)

    all, synth pop, electronic, under 2000 listeners

    .As A Band Belkastrelka is a music project of Yennu Ariendra and Asa Rahmana. Belkastrelka is the band based on community background, who invite everyone to involve; by sharing idea and view or playing music for the compositions. Main Theme Belkastrelka is a project on dream and memory, as we call it ‘music for space voyage’.

  • Bite

    (859 listeners)

    rap hardcore encore plus que la mort, ambient, minimal, glitch

    There is more than one artist named Bite. 1. Post-hardcore band from Indonesia 2. Experimental rock band from Harlow (UK). 3. All Girl Punk Band from Atlanta, Ga. (U.S.A.) 4. Virtually unscrobbleable powerviolence from Houston, TX

  • Deerhoof

    (447,139 listeners)

    experimental, indie, indie rock, noise rock

    Satomi Matsuzaki plays bass and sings, Greg Saunier plays drums, John Dieterich and Ed Rodriguez play guitars. But what is Deerhoof really? Hell if we know. Pitchfork went so far as to label Deerhoof as "the best band in the world.” The New York Times described them as “one of the most original rock bands to have come along in the last decade.

  • Dikeroyok Wanita

    (31 listeners)

  • Ghaust

    (3,439 listeners)

    post-metal, post-rock, instrumental, indonesian

    Formed in early August 2005 (Jakarta, Indonesia). With only two members, Ghaust is now restoring an Heavy Instrumental composition to it's authority! The improvisation of the sound range from Metal, Post rock, Hardcore punk, etc been combine together in perfect blend.

  • Goodnight Electric

    (8,829 listeners)

    electronic, indonesian, techno, synthpop

    Goodnight Electric project motorized by Henry Foundation, a trio dance group together with Bondi and Oom Leo( http://oomleo.tk/ )at the end of the year 2003 courtesy of HFMF records in Jakarta, Indonesia. Goodnight Electric released independently the first Album “Love and Turbo Action” in the end of 2004 under H.F.M.F records.

  • Hightime Rebellion

    (686 listeners)

    female vocalist, indonesia, indonesian, under 2000 listeners

    A breath of fresh air with a unique breed between Brit pop, funk, folk, the psychedelic beat and baseline of House music, perfected with the sultry voice of its female vocalist, Indonesian indie band Hightime Rebellion, shapes a music genre of its own.

  • Indie Art Wedding

    (2,985 listeners)

    indonesia, folk, lo-fi, female vocalists

    Mereka adalah, Cholil Mahmud dan Irma Hidayana. Cholil sendiri dikenal sebagai vokalis dari band yang sedang booming di kalangan anak muda ‘Efek Rumah Kaca’ dan Irma adalah istrinya yang baru saja dinikahinya 5 Oktober 2008 lalu.

  • L’Alphalpha

    (415 listeners)

    post-rock, dream pop, ambient, indonesia

    started with two people with similar sense of humor..Herald and Yudish grab two acoustic guitar and then they a play a nonsense song everytime they meet.

  • Morfem

    (1,954 listeners)

    alternative rock, noise rock, indonesian, indonesia

    Morfem officially established on May 1st, 2009. Initiated by Jimi Multhazam and Pandu Fuzztoni, coinciding with their first gig, which was held on the opening of Jimi Multhazam's solo art exhibition titled "Jimi! Jimi! Jimi!" at Ruangrupa, Tebet, South Jakarta.


    (12 listeners)

    PAL/NTSC, sebuah grup musik yang ambisius dan memiliki stamina yang prima, walau dengkul mereka terdengar kopong (apabila terketuk), akan tetapi bisa di bilang secara musikal tidak begitu.

  • Risky Summerbee & the Honeythief

    (805 listeners)

    psychedelic, folk, blues, pop

    Risky Summerbee & the Honeythief was formed in 2007 with noteworthy line up of Risky Summerbee (vocals/guitar/keyboards), Erwin Zubiyan (guitars/keyboards), Nadya Hatta (piano/keyboards), Doni Kurniawan (bass), and Sevri Hadi (drums/toys). The band's tendency to dig musical ideas has brought them the reputation of being an experimental band in a wide sense.

  • Sigmun

    (1,408 listeners)

    psychedelic, blues, rock, sxsw 2014

    Sigmun is an Indonesian rock band formed in December 2011, consists of Haikal Azizi (vocal/guitar), Nurachman Andhika (guitar), Mirfak Prabowo (bass) and Pratama Kusuma Putra (drums). Started out as "LOUD", they are mainly influenced by the two founding fathers of heavy metal, the almighty Led Zeppelin and the god of heavy riffs, Black Sabbath.

  • Sir Dandy

    (1,733 listeners)

    folk, iwan fals kw, sikat jon-gaze, fock

    Adalah seorang front man sebuah band ternama di Indonesia Teenage Death Star, yang mengedepankan slogan "Skill Is Death". Band yang digawangi oleh Sir Dandy tersebut sering mengalami cercaan pada awla kemunculannya. Namun seiiring berjalannya waktu band tersebut menuai reputasinya.

  • Swimming Elephant

    (315 listeners)

    indie pop

  • Tenderfist

    (438 listeners)

    electropop, under 2000 listeners, seen live

  • The Cambodian Space Project

    (3,141 listeners)

    cambodian, cambodian pop, khmer, pop rock

    Srey Thy, The Cambodian Space Project's lead singer was born into war and poverty. Thy spent the first 10 years of her life moving about the frontlines of conflict (post Pol Pot) with her father, a tank driver, and has never had the opportunity to go to school. She has an enormous repertoire of songs, mostly memorized and improvises many of her vocals.

  • The Experience Brothers

    (792 listeners)

    blues rock, psychedelic, blues, rock

    The Experience Brothers, first well known as The Experience, was born at Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia in November 2001. With only have 2 members.

  • The Kuda

    (533 listeners)

    indonesia, all, indonesian, bogor

    The Kuda are a Indonesian Dumprak Sumbawa 77s Rock Band formed in Bogor, West Java, Republic of Indonesia.

  • triangle

    (3,247 listeners)

    progressive rock, 70s, neo-prog, rock

    There are at least FOUR bands and a one-man project called Triangle: Solo project: Guitar player from Belarus. Bands: (1) An English alternative dance music band; (2) A Dutch neo-progressive band;

  • White Shoes & The Couples Company

    (36,570 listeners)

    indie, indonesian, indie pop, retro

    In August 2002, in an art university in central Jakarta, two lovers from the fine art faculty Rio & Sari decided to form a band together with their confidant in the faculty named Saleh. This was the first formation of White Shoes & The Couples Company, which features Sari in vocal & violin, Rio in rhythm guitar and Saleh on melody guitar.

  • Zebra & Snake

    (1,373 listeners)

    electronic, finnish, electro, seen live

  • Zeke Khaseli

    (953 listeners)

    psychedelic, experimental, indie, indonesia

    ZEKE KHASELI: “SALACCA ZALACCA” Diproduksi bersama Blackmorse Records dan Demajors Seperti apa kehidupan di masa depan? Zeke Khaseli- vokalis/gitaris/pianis dari band LAIN, Zeke and The Popo, dan Mantra- menyiapkan paket audio-visual untuk debut album solonya, Salacca Zalacca.