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Dec 3

RRRec. Fest #2

Featuring Backwood Sun, 9 Maps and 24 more artists at The Jaya Pub, Tjikini Cafe, Tan Ek Tjoan, Halaman Teater Jakarta (TIM), Kineforum (TIM)


Saturday 3 December 2011Monday 5 December 2011


The Jaya Pub, Tjikini Cafe, Tan Ek Tjoan, Halaman Teater Jakarta (TIM), Kineforum (TIM)
Jakarta, Indonesia

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The festival name, RRREC FEST, was invented by the curators of RRREC FEST #1, Henry Foundation and Nasta Sutardjo; for a sub-event in the 10th anniversary celebration of ‘ruangrupa’, an artist initiative based in Jakarta since 2000, which was named “Decompression” festival (Jakarta, December 2010 - January 2011). ruangrupa has always been closely related to the world of music. Almost every exhibition program organized by ruangrupa is coupled with the appearance of musicians / bands / performers or DJs. In addition, as an art space, ruangrupa also opened his arms to support the musicians / bands / performers in organizing music concerts with artistic approach. RRREC FEST - ruangrupa Record Music Festival is a continuation of the activities adjacent to the world of music, celebrating it as a form of art and a part of contemporary culture of Indonesia and neighboring countries.


Besides being a part of the 10 Years celebration of ruangrupa anniversary, this music festival will also act as the launching party for RuRu Records. Staged in two different venues, indoors and out, this festival will present the most inspirational bands across various genres: indie, pop, new wave, rock, experimental, electronic, and even hip hop. Outdoor area will offer a festival ambience with a level of intimacy, blending with ruangrupa’s “Lonely Market”, a bazaar that caters all your tertiary needs. While the indoor area will grant your desire towards a stage complete with visualizations, lighting design, and cameras, ready to record the liveliness of the musicians on stage. RuRu Records is planning to release the documentations of this event.

RRREC FEST #1 featured: The Upstairs, White Shoes & The Couples Company, The Analog Girl (Singapore), Themilo, Sir Dandy, Mohd Jayzuan (Malaysia), Zeke Khaseli, Ghaust, Bangku Taman, Frau, Efek Rumah Kaca, Racun Kota, Sungsang Lebam Telak, L’Alphalpha, The Kucruts, That’s Rockefeller, Kuno Kini, Kelelawar Malam, Vague Under Lightning Tiger, Whispy Hummers, Jalan Surabaya, The Djembuts and Kapitalindo.


This time, RRREC FEST #2 is held in three days, where in the third day all the band performances will be divided in 5 locations alongside Cikini. The fifth venue is Kineforum (at TIM), which is where music related videos are screened, as ‘ruru.mov’ program. The purpose of this event, like the first one, is to document the energy of a generation within the music culture; whether as audio, in video, or to be recorded in the soul of all the music fans whom will be witnessing the event. RRREC FEST #2 also intends to showcase local independent musicians and bands with ‘that special something’, to more people; as well as other Asian and international bands. Besides music, RRREC FEST #2 also engaged all kinds of other creative activities, such as: a unique bazaar, merchandise, posters – murals – stickers exhibitions, video screenings, photography, etc. The curators of RRREC FEST #2 are The Secret Agents. ( http://www.thesecretagents.multiply.com/ )


RRREC Fest is dedicated to the invention, creation and promotion as well as to sustain creative ideas and spirits from local and international musicians/bands/performers. We decided to create music festival based on social and cultural consciousness in order to make a platform in developing meeting point. It is also an effort to open up the network
between musician/band/performers around Southeast Asia and other regions. RRREC FEST is also working with / engaging several local independent record labels, as well as alternative medias such as various blogs and websites (especially those focusing on music).

more info & download program book of RRRec Fest #2 please visit : http://rrrec.ruangrupa.org


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