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  • Bernard Allison

    (27 listeners)

    blues, blues rock, blues-rock, guitar

    SEE ALSO: http://www.last.fm/music/+noredirect/BERNARD+ALLISON+GROUP ''Bernard Allison is the youngest of nine children. His father is Luther Allison, a famous blues musician. Bernard played the guitar in one of his fathers´s songs at the age of 13. After leaving school he played in a band called "Blues Machine" and later he played for Willie Dixons "Blues All-Stars".

  • Bill Abel

    (60 listeners)

    blues, mississippi, delta blues, under 2000 listeners

    Bill Abel is a Delta blues guitar player and singer through and through. Growing up in Belzoni, Mississippi, he befriended a neighborhood welder and blues guitarist named Paul “Wine” Jones. The future Fat Possum Records artist became Abel’s mentor.

  • Blind Mississippi Morris

    (745 listeners)

    blues, harmonica blues, blues harmonica, blues baba

    Blind Mississippi Morris (born Morris Cummings, April 6, 1955, Clarksdale, Mississippi) is an American blues artist.

  • Buddy Guy

    (485,383 listeners)

    blues, chicago blues, guitar, classic rock

    Buddy Guy (born George Guy, July 30, 1936 in Lettsworth, Louisiana) is an American blues music and rock music guitarist, as well as a singer. Known as an inspiration to Jimi Hendrix and other 1960s blues and rock legends, Guy is considered as an important proponent of Chicago blues made famous by Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf. He has influenced both widely known and local blues guitarists.

  • Charlie Musselwhite

    (61,468 listeners)

    blues, harmonica blues, harmonica, chicago blues

    Musselwhite was born in the rural hill country of Mississippi. He has said that he is of Choctaw descent, and he was born in a region originally inhabited by the Choctaw. However, in a 2005 interview, he said his mother had told him he was actually Cherokee.

  • Duke Robillard

    (28,705 listeners)

    blues, blues rock, guitar, jazz

    Blues guitarist. Swing and jump blues in the T-Bone Walker style. Guitarist. Bandleader. Songwriter. Singer. Producer. Session musician. And a one-man cheering section for the blues, in all its forms and permutations. And every one of those names has shared recording studio space or stage time with a man who is a legend in the blues community.

  • Gary Clark Jr.

    (177,511 listeners)

    blues, blues rock, soul, guitar

    Gary Clark Jr. (born February 15, 1984) is an American guitarist and actor based in Austin, Texas. Described as being the future of Texas blues, Clark's resume has included sharing the stage with various legends of rock and roll. He has stated that he is "influenced by blues, jazz, soul country, as well as hip hop".

  • John Hiatt

    (268,961 listeners)

    singer-songwriter, rock, blues, alt-country

    John Hiatt (born on August 20, 1952 in Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.) is an American blues and rock guitarist, pianist, and singer-songwriter. He has been nominated for eleven Grammy Awards. Hiatt's sales have never quite matched his reputation.

  • Johnny Winter

    (353,366 listeners)

    blues, blues rock, guitar, rock

    John Dawson "Johnny" Winter III (born February 23, 1944 died July 16, 2014) was an American blues guitarist, singer, and producer.

  • Kenny Brown

    (8,376 listeners)

    blues, fat possum, modern electric blues, mississippi

    Kenny Brown (born on the Air Force base in Selma, Alabama, July 5, 1953) is a blues slide guitarist from Nesbit, Mississippi. Skilled in the North Mississippi Hill Country blues style popularized by his mentor R. L. Burnside, Brown began his career by apprenticing with Mississippi Joe Callicott, Johnny Woods, and Mississippi Fred McDowell.

  • Larry McCray

    (6,918 listeners)

    blues, blues rock, modern blues, smooth blues

    If contemporary blues has a longterm future as we boldly venture into the 21st century, it's very likely that guitarist Larry McCray will play a recurring role in its ongoing development. His first two albums, Ambition and Delta Hurricane, signal both a strong commitment to the tradition and the vision to usher the genre in exciting new directions.

  • North Mississippi Allstars

    (116,582 listeners)

    blues, southern rock, blues rock, jam

    North Mississippi Allstars is an American rock/blues jam band from Hernando, Mississippi, founded in 1996.

  • Robert Belfour

    (20,015 listeners)

    blues, delta blues, mississippi hill country blues, fat possum

    Robert "Wolfman" Belfour (born September 11, 1940, Holly Springs, MS) is an American Blues musician. His father, Grant Belfour taught him the guitar at a young age and he continued his tutelage in the Blues from musicians Otha Turner, R. L. Burnside, and Junior Kimbrough. Kimbrough, in particular, had a profound influence on him.

  • Robert Randolph & The Family BandUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (145,094 listeners)

    funk, blues, soul, rock

    Robert Randolph & The Family Band is a multicultural American blues and funk band composed of Robert Randolph, Marcus Randolph (drums), Danyel Morgan (bass), and Jason Crosby (organ). Frontman Robert Randolph was trained as a pedal steel guitarist in the House of God Church, Keith Dominion, in Nashville, TN and makes prominent use of the instrument in the band's music.

  • T-Model Ford

    (36,449 listeners)

    blues, delta blues, fat possum, modern delta blues

    James Lewis Carter Ford (born Forest, Mississippi, 1924 - died Greenville, Mississippi, 16 July 2013) was an American 'Mississippi Delta Blues' musician better known by his stage name, T-Model Ford. Unable to remember his exact date of birth, he began his musical career in his early seventies, recording for the Fat Possum Records label.

  • The Nighthawks

    (12,004 listeners)

    blues, blues rock, jazz, rock and roll

    The Nighthawks are a blues and roots music band based in Washington, DC. The Nighthawks are Mark Wenner (harmonica), Paul Bell (lead guitar), Johnny Castle (bass guitar), and Pete Ragusa (drums).

  • Valerie June

    (57,599 listeners)

    folk, blues, country, alt-country

    Valerie June (born Valerie June Hockett in 1982) is an American singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist from Memphis, Tennessee. She began recording and performing in 2001, initially with her then-husband in the duo Bella Sun. In her solo work her sound encompasses a mixture of folk, blues, gospel, soul, country, Appalachian and bluegrass.

  • Victor Wainwright

    (96 listeners)

    blues, piano, bluesrock, rock & roll

    Though his career began over a decade ago with genuine rock n' roll honky-tonk, Wainwright has broadened his artistic scope over the years to include music representing virtually every corner of the blues.

  • Will Tucker

    (260 listeners)

    blues, memphis blues, blues guitarist, young blues guitarist

    Will Tucker was raised on blues and southern rock in Memphis, Tennessee. In the fall of 2009, Tucker collaborated with producer Grammy nominee Paul Speer and Memphis’ Ardent Studios to create Tucker’s debut album, Stealin’ The Soul. The album consists of nine tracks including “Your Sacrifice,” an original song written by Tucker.