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  • Caedere

    (1,210 listeners)

    death metal, brutal death metal, metal, grindcore

    Caedere is founded in 1998 when three members (Herbert - bass, Johan - drums and Niels - guitar/vocals) of the band Concrete decided to change the style of music they played, and therefore the name of band. After the alteration, the band had a few gigs.

  • Cote D'aver

    (156 listeners)

    brutal death metal, grindcore, dutch, goregrind

  • Gama Bomb

    (48,538 listeners)

    thrash metal, speed metal, metal, irish

    Beginnings: 2002-2005 Gama Bomb formed in 2002 and soon built up a loyal following in their native Newry, Northern Ireland and elsewhere in the UK, which they consolidated with a rigorous touring schedule and frequent forays into self-released recording.

  • Kutschurft

    (2,083 listeners)

    grindcore, death metal, goregrind, dutch

    The pale autumn sun has lost its courage and has disappeared behind the horizon, the sun sets quickly over Utrecht. The weather is bad and even the moon has got a bad day so the darkness in the streets of Utrecht is complete. A very valuable decision is taken at the extremely secured section of the observation clinic: “Pieter Baan Centrum”….

  • Napalm Death

    (244,767 listeners)

    grindcore, death metal, brutal death metal, metal

    Napalm Death is a grindcore/death metal band from Birmingham, England. The band was formed in the village of Meriden near Birmingham, England in 1981 by Nicholas Bullen and Miles Ratledge.

  • Neckbreak Nation

    (58 listeners)

    metalcore, thrash metal, dutch

  • Necrophobic

    (39,215 listeners)

    death metal, blackened death metal, black metal, melodic death metal

    There are two bands named Necrophobic. The more popular was formed in 1989 in Stockholm, Sweden by guitarist David Parland and drummer Joakim Sterner to give the world a band that created unholy death metal. Necrophobic had a few different influences and focused more on creating a much more dark and evil sounding music, in the beginning influenced by Morbid Angel, Slayer and Bathory.

  • The Rotted

    (7,788 listeners)

    death metal, grindcore, brutal death metal, deathgrind

    The Rotted was formed from the ashes of Death Metal / Grindcore ensemble Gorerotted by ex-members Ben McCrow, Tim Carley, and Phil Wilson, along with Gian Pyres (ex-Cradle Of Filth, Christian Death…