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  • Between the Buried and Me

    (267,952 listeners)

    progressive metal, metalcore, mathcore, metal

    Between the Buried and Me is a progressive metal band from Raleigh, North Carolina, comprised of former members of metalcore acts Prayer For Cleansing and Glass Casket. They have released six albums in addition to a covers album and an EP.

  • Cancer Bats

    (133,830 listeners)

    hardcore, hardcore punk, southern rock, canadian

    Cancer Bats are a hardcore punk band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada that formed in 2004. They have released four studio albums and six extended plays.

  • Cannibal Corpse

    (387,720 listeners)

    death metal, brutal death metal, metal, grindcore

    Formed in Buffalo, NY in 1988, Cannibal Corpse helped found, manipulate and transcend the very boundaries of death metal beginning with the scandalously controversial debut, Eaten Back To Life.

  • Dance Laury Dance

    (1,705 listeners)

    hard rock, rock, heavy metal, southern rock

  • Deftones

    (1,586,988 listeners)

    nu metal, metal, alternative, alternative rock

    Deftones is an American Rock/Alternative Metal band from Sacramento, California, formed in 1988, consisting of Chino Moreno (lead vocals and guitar), Stephen Carpenter (guitar), Chi Cheng (bass), Frank Delgado (keyboards and turntables), and Abe Cunningham (drums and percussion).

  • Exhumed

    (53,380 listeners)

    death metal, grindcore, goregrind, brutal death metal

    Exhumed is a Grindcore / Death Metal band from San Jose, CA. Formed in 1991, when sole remaining founding member Matt Harvey was at the tender age of 15, Exhumed spent much of the ensuing decade hacking its way through numerous demos, split CDs, and EPs.

  • Five Finger Death Punch

    (855,555 listeners)

    metalcore, groove metal, metal, thrash metal

    Five Finger Death Punch were formed in 2005 by guitarist Zoltan Bathory (formerly of U.P.O.). The American Capitalist Songfacts states that Bathory came up with the name after being amused by a scene involving a five finger punch in Kill Bill 2. Other members recruited to the band include former Motograter & Ghost Machine vocalist Ivan Moody, former W.

  • Fleshgod Apocalypse

    (63,929 listeners)

    technical death metal, brutal death metal, death metal, technical brutal death metal

    Fleshgod Apocalypse is a death metal band from Rome, Italy formed in 2007 by Hour of Penance member Francesco Paoli (Drums/Guitars/Backing vocals) , Christiano Trionfera (Guitars) and Paolo Rossi (Vocals/Bass, Promaetheus Unbound). Francesco Struglia joined the band after on Drums but left in 2008 due to personal interest change and other commitments.

  • Goatwhore

    (43,178 listeners)

    black metal, blackened death metal, death metal, metal

    Goatwhore is a blackened death/thrash metal band from the swamps of New Orleans, LA. They were formed by well known musicians from the Louisiana metal scene. They first came together in 1996/97 when Sammy Duet (former Acid Bath/Crowbar guitarist) and Zak Nolan (former drummer of Goatwhore, now replaced by Zack Simmons) jammed together as a little sideproject when Acid Bath was taking a break.

  • Gojira

    (310,870 listeners)

    death metal, progressive metal, progressive death metal, metal

    There are multiple artists called Gojira; 1) Gojira is a metal band from Bayonne, France. Their lyrics focus on life, ecology, and spiritual themes.

  • In Flames

    (1,108,497 listeners)

    melodic death metal, metal, death metal, swedish

    In Flames is a Swedish metal band from Gothenburg, formed in 1990. The band’s earlier work is considered to be a major influence on the melodic death metal music genre, although they have changed styles into a more alternative metal sound on more recent albums.

  • Job for a Cowboy

    (273,708 listeners)

    deathcore, death metal, grindcore, metalcore

    Job for a Cowboy is an American death metal/deathcore band from Glendale, Arizona. Formed in 2003, the band's debut album Genesis was released in 2007, peaking at No. 54 on the US Billboard 200 and selling 13,000 copies in its first week of release. The second album, 2009's Ruination, sold 10,600 copies in the United States in its first week to debut at position No.

  • Kataklysm

    (164,114 listeners)

    death metal, brutal death metal, melodic death metal, canadian

    Kataklysm is a Canadian death metal band. They call their musical style "northern hyperblast" after an advertisement in M.E.A.T. magazine describing another band, Fear Factory, as "hyperblast".

  • Killswitch Engage

    (1,138,530 listeners)

    metalcore, metal, hardcore, melodic death metal

    Killswitch Engage is a metalcore band from Westfield, Massachusetts, United States. Formed in 1999 after the disbandment of Overcast and Aftershock.

  • Marilyn Manson

    (2,085,058 listeners)

    industrial, industrial metal, metal, rock

    Marilyn Manson is an American rock band from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States formed in 1989 by frontman Marilyn Manson and Daisy Berkowitz.

  • OriginUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (83,002 listeners)

    technical death metal, death metal, brutal death metal, technical brutal death metal

    There are multiple artists with this name: 1) Origin is an American Technical Brutal Death Metal band from Topeka, Kansas/ They formed in 1998 by Guitarist/Vocalists Paul Ryan and Jeremy Turner. They were soon joined by Clint Appelhanz (Bass), Mark Manning (Vocals) and George Fluke (Drums).

  • Overkill

    (245,077 listeners)

    thrash metal, speed metal, metal, heavy metal

    Overkill is an American thrash metal band formed in 1980 in New Jersey. The band has been active since 1984, releasing 16 studio albums, 2 EPs, 2 live albums and a "covers" album. Despite their first album being released in 1985, most of the songs appearing on their first two albums were written between 1981 and 1984, and as such, they are often hailed as one the inventors of thrash metal.

  • Periphery

    (107,068 listeners)

    progressive metal, djent, math metal, mathcore

    Periphery is an American progressive metal band from Bethesda, Maryland, formed in 2005. Periphery is one of the pioneers of the djent[/ movement. History Formation and Lineup Changes (2005 - 2009)

  • Protest the Hero

    (242,908 listeners)

    metalcore, mathcore, progressive metal, post-hardcore

    Protest the Hero are a Canadian progressive metal band from Whitby, Ontario. Originally named Happy Go Lucky, the band line-up has remained the same since their formation in 1999.

  • Rose Funeral

    (73,961 listeners)

    deathcore, death metal, unocore, metalcore

    Rose Funeral is an American deathcore band from Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. Rose Funeral’s first demo, Buried Beneath the Blood, was self-recorded and self-released in March of 2006.

  • Slipknot

    (2,196,109 listeners)

    nu metal, metal, heavy metal, nu-metal

    There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Slipknot is an American alternative/nu metal band from Des Moines, Iowa. Formed in 1995, the group was founded by percussionist Shawn Crahan and bassist Paul Gray.

  • So Sick Social Club

    (1,905 listeners)

    canadian, canada, toronto, ontario

    A horrorcore/killer group based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Primary Members: -VooDoo Drew -Chris So Sick -Midnight a.k.a VooDoo Man Live DJ: -DJ Royal Touch Extended Family: -Klowny J -Little One

  • Suicidal Tendencies

    (318,980 listeners)

    hardcore, crossover, thrash metal, punk

    Early Career, Controversy, & First Hiatus (1981–1986) Suicidal Tendencies formed in 1981 as a punk band in Venice, California.

  • System of a Down

    (3,292,932 listeners)

    metal, alternative metal, rock, nu metal

    System of a Down is an Armenian American alternative metal band, formed in 1994 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

  • The Dillinger Escape Plan

    (382,747 listeners)

    mathcore, hardcore, experimental, metalcore

    The Dillinger Escape Plan is a band from Morris Plains, New Jersey, United States. The group originated in 1997 after the disbanding of Arcane, a hardcore punk trio consisting of Ben Weinman, Dimitri Minakakis, and Chris Pennie. The band performs a fast-tempo, technically proficient style of heavy music popularly known as mathcore.

  • The Faceless

    (123,630 listeners)

    technical death metal, death metal, progressive death metal, deathcore

    The Faceless is an American technical death metal band from Encino, California, formed in 2003. They released their début album, Akeldama in November 2006, and a follow-up, Planetary Duality, in November 2008. The band′s most recent album, Autotheism, was released on August 14, 2012.

  • Trivium

    (919,745 listeners)

    metalcore, thrash metal, metal, heavy metal

    Trivium is a heavy metal band which formed in Orlando, Florida, United States in 2000. The band currently consists of Matt Heafy (vocals, guitar), Corey Beaulieu (guitar), Paolo Gregoletto (bass) and Mat Madiro (drums). Heafy is the band's only remaining original member. Since their formation, the band has released six studio albums.

  • Veil of Maya

    (118,565 listeners)

    deathcore, progressive deathcore, metalcore, progressive

    Veil of Maya is an American deathcore band, formed in Oak Park, Illinois by members Marc Okubo and Sam Applebaum in 2004.