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  • Christine Plays Viola

    (1,292 listeners)

    gothic rock, darkwave, post-punk, ambient

    Christine Plays Viola is an Italian Darkwave/Goth rock band formed in Pratola Peligna in 2008.The group is the brainchild of three boys Christian, Fabrizio and Daniele starting to compose and record a few songs by the computer, marked with dark and very hypnotic colors.

  • Distorted Pictures

    (6 listeners)

    alternative, 80s, rock, acoustic

    Distorted Pictures are an alternative band hailing from Manchester, Leeds and Conwy, consisting of lead singer Petey James, guitarists Natasha Donald and Mat Thorpe, bassist Simon Collier and drummer Steve Drawbridge. Their style has been described as 'Jangly Swirling Guitars powered by pounding bass and drums' and Petey has been compared to Marc Almond and Brian Molko.

  • Lotus Feed

    (1,841 listeners)

    post-punk, darkwave, gothic, german

    The Band Lotus Feed was originally founded in 1995. Followed by several line-up changes, founding members Alex (vocals) and David (drums) met guitarist Marten and bassist Lars, who completed the band in 2009. Ever since the band emerged as an insiders’ tip of the cologne oldschool-goth and post punk scene.

  • Pretentious, Moi?

    (3,141 listeners)

    gothic rock, darkwave, gothic, post-punk

    UK, Gothic. Side project - Ex Autumn of North, Sins of The Flesh/2nd Coming/Star80 and currently Manuskript. With plenty of help from whoever could be roped in at the time, round about Sheffield, Edinburgh, and now London. Its been going on for a . l o n g . t i m e but has finally spawned both a live band, and the long awaited album - which is available from the website www.pretentiousmoi.com

  • Rhombus

    (30,656 listeners)

    dub, new zealand, gothic rock, electronica

    There are at least three bands called Rhombus: 1) New Zealand Dub/Reggae Band Rhombus are a Dub/Drum n Bass/Reggae/Roots band from Wellington, New Zealand.

  • The Last Cry

    (1,170 listeners)

    gothic rock, under 2000 listeners, post-punk, goth

    The Last Cry as they are now formed 3 years ago hailing from the towns of Brighton and Lewes in the UK, The band members are: Andrew Birch - Singer, Chris Carey - Bass and Keyboards, Tim Green -Guitars and Keyboards. The group took its cues from bands like The Cure and Depeche Mode fashioning a dark atomospheric and dramatic wall of sound which exhibites a coherency, intensity and emotional depth.

  • Vendemmian

    (13,381 listeners)

    gothic rock, post-punk, gothic, batcave

    Dave & Mark reformed Vendemmian in 2008 after initially splitting the band up in 1997. Since the comeback they have blazed a trail across Europe and established themselves as one of the main acts in their genre.