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  • A Liquid Landscape

    (993 listeners)

    progressive rock, art rock, rock, dutch

    A Liquid Landscape is een alternatieve/ progressieve rockband uit Groningen. Hun combinatie van uitgekiende nummers en een intens geluid – van verstild en stemmig tot ontladende uitbarstingen – is ambitieus te noemen.

  • Akphaezya

    (12,217 listeners)

    avant-garde metal, progressive metal, experimental, avant-garde

    Akphaezya is an "Eklektik Metal" band formed in 2002 in Orléans, France, featuring the female singer and pianist Nehl Aëlin. Mixing each kind of metal with jazz and other styles freely. line-up : - Stephan H: guitar - Nehl Aëlin: vocals / piano - Loic Moussaoui: drums

  • Alarum

    (19,480 listeners)

    progressive metal, technical death metal, jazz metal, progressive death metal

    Alarum: (uh-lar-uhm, uh-lahr-) –noun. “A mechanism that produces awareness”. The Melbourne 4 piece progressive metal band have been just that since forming in 1992, and have been expanding that awareness ever since. But it would be unfair to simply lump them into the vague progressive metal genre, as they blend all forms of metal alongside rock, jazz, latin and fusion.

  • Anubis Gate

    (22,722 listeners)

    progressive metal, power metal, progressive power metal, danish

    Aalborg, Denmark (2003 - present) Anubis Gate is a Danish progressive metal band. Stylistically Anubis Gate is conglomeration of the classic 80's heavy metal, a more epic 90's ambience and a dark progressiveness of our days. You could describe it as metal with beautiful soundscapes, cool riffing, and a clear and powerful vocal performance.

  • AtlantisUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (31,217 listeners)

    post-rock, progressive rock, instrumental, psychedelic

    There are twelve artists using this name: 1. A dutch experimental/post-rock/electro/ambient 2. A British Ambient/Post-Hardcore band from Leicester. 3. A trance project 4. A German blues band 5. A 1960's Czechoslovakian rock band 6. An American progressive rock band active in the 1990's

  • Borealis

    (11,478 listeners)

    power metal, idm, ambient, progressive metal

    There are five artists by this name: 1. Borealis is a project alias of Canadian producer Jesse Somfay. The glowing star-core within Borealis radiates solely to spread subtle quantum coherence with those sharing the vibrational experience at any point in nonlocal reality whether within time or without.

  • Circus Maximus

    (77,511 listeners)

    progressive metal, norwegian, metal, progressive

    There are multiple artists with this name: 1) A Norwegian progressive metal band. 2) An American 60's psychedelic rock band. 1) Circus Maximus is a progressive metal band from Oslo, Norway. In 2000 long-time band mates Michael Eriksen (vocals) and brothers Mats (guitar) and Truls Haugen (drums) were joined by keyboard genius Espen Storø and Glen Cato Møllen on bass to form Circus Maximus.

  • Heaven's Cry

    (4,751 listeners)

    progressive metal, metal, progressive rock, canada

    There are atleast two seperate artists using the name "Heaven's Cry": 1) Heaven's Cry is a band was formed in the beginning of the 1990's in French Canada as a modern rock band with a progressive tangent. They released two albums, "Food For Thought Substitute" in 1996, and "Primal Power Addiction" in 2002. They have a loose connection with Voivod.

  • Nightingale

    (28,187 listeners)

    progressive metal, progressive rock, gothic rock, metal

    There are three artists with the name Nightingale. Artist #1: Nightingale began in 1995 as a solo goth rock project of Dan Swanö, designed to explore his brief fascination with the genre, also evident on Edge of Sanity tracks such as "Sacrificed". The first album The Breathing Shadow was recorded and mastered by Swanö alone in the space of a week at his home Unisound studio.

  • Persefone

    (21,937 listeners)

    progressive death metal, melodic death metal, progressive metal, death metal

    Hailing from Andorra, we now bring you one of the most exciting new acts on the ever-growing metal scene; Persefone.

  • Shattered Skies

    (4,156 listeners)

    progressive metal, djent, math metal, groove metal

    SHATTERED SKIES is a melodic groove metal band from Wicklow, Ireland. The band consists of vocalist Sean Murphy, bassist James Dunne, drummer Ross McMahon and guitarist and keyboardist Ian Rockett. The band's music is an attempt to combine heavy, groove metal riffs with powerful melodies and a lush atmosphere, influenced by anything from film scores to dance/trance music.

  • The Levitation Hex

    (1,022 listeners)

    progressive death metal, progressive metal, avant-garde death metal, metal

    The Levitation Hex was born in March 2010 by Adam Agius (Vocals, Guitars, Programming) after the collapse of Alchemist.

  • Thurisaz

    (11,184 listeners)

    melodic black metal, black metal, symphonic black metal, atmospheric black metal

    There are 4 bands named Thurisaz. 1) Thurisaz from Belgium (Atmospheric Death/Black Metal) 2) Thurisaz from Germany (NSBM) 3) Thurisaz from Poland (Pagan Black Metal) 4) Thurisaz from USA (RAC)

  • Uneven StructureUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (37,539 listeners)

    djent, progressive metal, math metal, ambient

    Uneven Structure is a band formed in Metz, France in 2008, playing a nuanced blend of progressive metal and ambient music.

  • Vanden PlasUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (32,625 listeners)

    progressive metal, progressive rock, metal, progressive

    Vanden Plas is a German progressive metal band, based in Kaiserslautern and founded in 1986. The band surrounding vocalist Andreas Kuntz have succeeded in making a name for themselves on an international level, enjoy almost cult status in France, have been touring all over Europe with established acts like Dream Theater…

  • Ørkenkjøtt

    (1,594 listeners)

    progressive metal, black metal, progressive black metal, extreme progressive metal

    Ørkenkjøtt (English: Desert meat) is a an extreme black/progressive metal band from Notodden, Norway. The band formed in 2005, and signed with Nordic Records in 2011. By combining extreme metal with elements from jazz, acoustic music and rockabilly, they want to explore new paths in the field of experimental metal. The band takes influence from the sea, death and love.