• Riot Fest 2006

    7 Nov 2006, 05:49 by effex0r

    Last night was Riot Fest 2006 at the congress theatre. Since we got there early we were able to get a spot in the congress theatre parking lot down the street for 15 bucks! Score! I got there around 2 and the bands that were playing were pretty horrible. The first band we saw looked like a meatloaf / Elvis rip off rolled into one. Jeff and I decided to take off and go grab some Thai buffet at Thai Classic… awesome!

    We got back to the concert at about 4:30 and the bands sucked just as hard till about 6:30 when the no leaving / entering rule came into play. Next year at riot fest I am not even going to bother going until 6. I tried to get drunk to make things go by a little faster but drinks were 8 bucks a pop and most of the bartenders were pouring half shots.

    I was really happy to see Mustard Plug but they were a little disappointing live. The vocals were down and they played mainly their newer shit. They didn’t even play Mr. Smiley.