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  • DJ Inferno

    (328 listeners)

    hardcore breaks, old school hardcore, groovy, house

  • Kontext

    (8,075 listeners)

    dubstep, dub techno, experimental, techno

    Dissident aka Kontext is the production name of Russian based Stanislaw Sevostyanikhin. Residing in St.Petersburg at the Baltic sea shore, he spends most of his time slicing beats, sampling street and industrial sounds and creating trends in modern music culture. He is influenced by very different kinds of music that allowed him to produce such diverse and truly innovative tunes.

  • line_out

    (21 listeners)

  • LK & L-Mama

    (0 listeners)

  • Matras DeeBosch

    (16 listeners)

    ambient, lounge, house, techno

  • sdz

    (20 listeners)

  • Trojan Sound System

    (652 listeners)

    dub, make it reggae, womad 2006, womad

    Reggae has always been more than just music. Born from Jamaican independence, it has becomes a means for self-expression, a vehicle for protest - in some cases, almost a self-contained way of life. Founded in 2004, the Trojan Sound System is a way for sound system culture to be preserved through its advancement.