• i agree with the guy who had a tshirt saying 'die emo scum'

    11 Feb 2007, 03:26 by funnylikeawolf

    Sun 4 Feb – Big Day Out
    right, first off, all those frakking emo teenage losers who have no sense of decency and etiquette need to grow up - it's bad enough that everyone's crammed into the mosh and can hardly move, but it's just damn painful if you start shoving people every 5 seconds until they all fall down. for shame.

    but onto the good stuff - BDO perth 2007 was an absolute blast, and i wish every day would be like it.
    rocked up at about 11.30am to find some parking ($10 for the whole day is alright i reckon).

    drifted into the 'D' for the Sick Puppies at noon - they were okay, nothing special; maybe it was just too early and the crowd hadn't really got going yet, so the energy was a bit down. But they tried really hard to get the crowd going, so props to them for that. Obviously their big hit All The Same got a good reception - overall quite a reasonable set to kick things off.

    Made the mistake of leaving the D to get something to eat - when I went back there at about 1. …
  • Big Day Out, Perth -- 4th Feb 2007 pictures!

    5 Feb 2007, 04:03 by dahling

    So I managed to get some half-decent photos of various bands I saw up close/at a distance yesterday at the Big Day Out.

    They're all over here.

    There's a couple of Evermore, a couple (including a pretty decent one) of My Chemical Romance, a loooong shot of Eskimo Joe, couple of Jet, some rather good ones of The Killers if I may say so myself, and a couple of Muse.

  • Why does everything hurt so much? - Perth Big Day Out, 2007

    5 Feb 2007, 02:37 by schtef

    Sun 4 Feb – Big Day Out: Oh baby! The day after I'm in painy pain and I feel like I've been beated by a sack of potatoes. My head throbs, my neck aches and my throat is raw from lack of fluids. But I'd do it all again ;)

    In my musical preperation for BDO, I found that I actually really enjoy Tool. I guess I'd never really bothered with them before and finally found out how amazingly intense they were. I'd heard good things about their live shows and was pretty excited about seeing them.

    Started the day with a BBQ breakfast (at 11am) meaning that I missed The Spazzys. I kind of wanted to see them but at least breakfast was awesome.

    Got there in time to see The Herd who were pumping! I love The Herd for their uniquely musical hip-hop (they use an accordian!) which is often politically charged and just damn fun! I wanted to jump about like a crazy person but it was the time of day where shade was the best idea in the world, so I bopped from a distance.