• 2007 - what happened this year!

    30 Dec 2007, 19:45 by Endar

    2007 was a long, strange year for me. It started out in cold winter months with heavy snowfall - so heavy, in fact, that I don't recall havin' seen anything like it before, in Denmark.
    First concert was in January and that was the olde Hatesphere, as I loved them.

    Then I met 19 years and onwards into glory ride!
    And then to Cannibal Corpse, at the Rock!
    Doesn't quite deserve the !-mark, however, as it sucked pretty bad ass, at least to my metallic tastebuds.
    And then, two days later, I had an experience shake my world:
    After seeing them live in the Max-Schmeling-Halle in Berlin, nothing would ever be the same for me again - no live show would ever feel the same, for that was an absolutely fuckin' brilliant kick to the face the Metal Kings delivered there, in that hall.
    I'd never seen a show that big, a band that big or a crowd that...loving (or fanatic, for the sake of that) and I soon found myself as one of them.

  • ICED EARTH, Pumpehuset - 27th of October, 2007

    27 Oct 2007, 12:10 by Endar

    Fri 26 Oct – Iced Earth

    So yesterday, me and my friends (users Taipumaton, Johnpeace and ThomasFerguson) went to see Iced Earth in Pumpehuset. Warming up were Turisas and Annihilator.

    We were a little late and at first, didn't mind, 'cuz the tickets said the show would start at 9 PM. However, when we arrived at roughly 8:50 PM, we heard music from outside the building - Turisas!
    A bunch of curses swept the air and we hurried inside. And what a sight to behold! And what music and atmosphere!
    On stage were six people, and one with an accordion and one with a violin. All were dressed in furs and warpaint, red and blue (at least, I think it was blue).
    The frontman also wore a big armour, leather braces and stuff. The thing was, it didn't look cheesy or idiotic, but it completely worked to their advantage. It was damn cool.
    And the music, folky as it is, was to get up and dance for. I felt a surge of power and after they went off, I felt the need to punch someone, to get out with all that berserker energy. …
  • Fr., 6. Jul. – Magic Circle Music Festival

    16 Jul 2007, 14:03 by Grimbolosch

    Fr., 6. Jul. – Magic Circle Music Festival
    I just uploaded a review onto my Homepage. Sorry, it's in German language, but there are also some photos. ;-)
  • Manowar Resurgence

    9 Jul 2007, 11:16 by db0

  • for fucks sake

    8 Jul 2007, 19:35 by Vredens_Tid

    Fri 6 Jul – Magic Circle Music Festival

    I don´t like Manowar´s music that much, but is was the main reason why I visited the MCM...

    But it was worth the 10€! This was the best fucking band appearance I have fuckin ever seen!!


    (by the way...I´ve seen just 3 Bands...Manowar,Gamma Ray and Majesty...and nothin suckt that much like Gamma Ray!
    Majesty was really nice...but it isn´t my kinda music...so I better s.t.f.u.

    PS:Sorry for this Review...but cun´t help meself...I had to say this kind words ;)
  • I'm gonna meet Manowar at Magic Circle Festival!!

    1 May 2007, 11:33 by Endar

    Hail and Kill!

    By the Crown and the Ring!
    I still scarcely believe what I learned about half an hour ago. It has shaken the foundations of my being and I am reborn with a soul of steel!

    I am going to meet Manowar! The Kings of Metal! The Gods of War!

    That's right!
    I entered the Gods of War picture contest on the 29th of April, the closing date for the competition. After the picture was sent, I thought "well, there's only five winners in the entire world..." - so the chance of me winning was incredibly small.
    Also, the cover of my Gods of War album, which was a requirement on the picture, is made from metal and the sun was shining straight into it on the picture - so it was impossible to see that it was anything more than a metallic plate. I feared the judges might have said "that does not qualify, the album simply isn't clear enough".

    Today, after 2 days, I read my mail.
    And I could hardly believe the information that shocked and completely surprised me - I'd won. …