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  • Don Vito

    (4,571 listeners)

    noise rock, noise, nerdcore, instrumental noisecore

    Don Vito is: 1) instrumental noisecore band from Germany 2) Nerdcore rapper from Los Angeles, more music at: http://ogdonvito.bandcamp.com/

  • Inborn

    (1,026 listeners)

    progressive metal, jamendo, metal, indie

    Combining innovative songwriting with the experimentations of progressive music and the dynamics of modern hardcore structures, Inborn have forged their own path far from the musical trends of their time. Largely inspired by modern architecture and the artistic landscapes of the bizarre, the band always displayed a will to put their ambitions into concepts and design-oriented patterns.

  • Lincoln Hawk

    (15,169 listeners)

    rock, gossip girl, classic rock, acoustic

    Fictitious 1990s Alternative Rock band found in the tv show/book series Gossip Girl, with actor Matthew Settle portraying the singer/guitarist Rufus Humphrey. The song "Everytime" was performed on the show at the conclusion of season 1.

  • Metro

    (28,056 listeners)

    hip-hop, rap, jazz, polish

    The listing for Metro consists of some acts: Heavy Metal/ Hard Rock band from Serbia, a Hungarian beat band; a jazz ensemble; a band from Passau, Germany; a soft rock band from the 70s; a soundsystem; an Indonesian pop rock band.

  • Torpid

    (69 listeners)