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  • A Banquet

    (1,316 listeners)

    new wave, czech, futu-roll, indie

    A BANQUET, the uncompromising trio from Prague managed to fight their way to the very top of the Czech indie scene. They were announced as the Best new band of the year 2010 by IndieMusic.cz and they are said to be one of the most gifted and hardworking young bands in the Czech Repuplic, which has the potential to succeed outside the country.

  • Airfare

    (10,853 listeners)

    czech, indie rock, rock, indie

    Czech rock-and-roll band. It is led by american guitarist and song-writer Thomas J. Lichtag. The Band is known for their oddball sound, which is a result of recording their songs in the old analogue way. Their live shows are very wild and unpredictable.

  • Billy Barman

    (4,139 listeners)

    slovak, indie rock, indie, rock

    Dvaja hlavní aktéri sa spoznali ešte ako deti, keď spolu drali lavice Špeciálnej školy pre maloletých s poruchami správania (hyperaktivitou).

  • Blood Red Shoes

    (535,523 listeners)

    indie rock, indie, garage rock, british

    Consisting of Steven Ansell (vocals and drums) and Laura-Mary Carter (vocals and guitar), they formed in Brighton, 2005 after their previous bands (Cat On Form and Lady Muck respectively) had broken up and they decided to "have a jam".

  • Charlie Straight

    (9,398 listeners)

    czech, indie rock, indie, alternative

    "Catchy vocals and poppy mellow melodies" Charlie Straight uploaded their first demos on the net... After being picked as "the band of the week" by the Czech largest band database, the owner of the website became their producer. With him, they recorded an album through the summer and autumn of 2007.

  • Diego

    (33,158 listeners)

    indie rock, post-punk, indie, techno

    There is more than one artist with this name, (1) Diego González now signs as DIEGO BONETA is a Mexican singer, actor and musician. Please correct your tags. (2) German Indie/Pop Band from Karlsruhe. Founded in december 2005. (3) Five music lovers, five musicians, five friends, songs with lot of feelings. That's Diego from Slovakia

  • Dj Yanko Kral

    (891 listeners)

    hip-hop, slovak hip-hop, h16, dj

    Hip-Hop DJ from Slovakia

  • Example

    (558,929 listeners)

    hip-hop, electronic, british, rap

    There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Example is a rapper from Fulham, West London in the United Kingdom. Formerly signed to The Beats label run by Mike Skinner (The Streets)

  • Funny Faces

    (114 listeners)

    rock, alternative, alternative rock, slovak


  • Got Blue Balls

    (190 listeners)

    stoner rock, alternative, alternative rock, garage

    Nová slovenská nádej Got Blue Balls je na scéne síce iba rok, no za toto krátke obdobie si stihli vyslúžiť obdiv mnohých známych kapiel, hudobníkov či organizátorov.

  • Lavagance

    (7,310 listeners)

    slovak, alternative rock, alternative, electronic

    Lavagance is a Slovak indie-rock band from Bratislava. They recorded their first Back to Attraction EP with its popular single Miles in 2006. Lavagance label themselves as future-retro-cinematic-hippie sound alternative.

  • LUS3

    (443 listeners)

    indie pop, czech, discopunk, pop rock

    Electro / Punk / Tango/http://lus3.cz

  • Make My Heart Explode

    (168 listeners)

    white music, czech and slovak good music, brutal death metal with nordic influence and guest vocalist satan, seen live

  • Modestep

    (341,653 listeners)

    dubstep, electronic, chillstep, uk

    Modestep is a band from North London, England which formed in 2010 . The band started with Josh Friend {Vocals / Production / Keys}, Tony Friend {Turntables / Production / Guitar}, Matthew Curtis {Drums & Percussion} and Nick Tsang {Guitar}.

  • Morcheeba

    (1,204,000 listeners)

    trip-hop, chillout, electronic, downtempo

    Morcheeba are a British band that mixes influences from rock, trip hop, rhythm and blues and pop. The word "morcheeba" means "the way of marijuana" ("MOR" - the middle of the road & "Cheeba" - informal name for cannabis).

  • New Ivory

    (4,473 listeners)

    indie, rock, all, indie rock

    Up and coming indie rock band signed to Steve Aoki's Dim Mak Records. Have released an EP titled A Knight so far with a full-length coming "by the end of 2011".

  • Notes from Prague

    (194 listeners)

    hip hop, hip-hop, awesome, favorite

    Established in 2000 by David Chvatal, the famous Czech director of skateboard videos, and KAO aka Darcphayce, DJ Negative and producer Maykee, Dave´s brother.

  • Para

    (14,241 listeners)

    slovak, rock, alternative rock, indie

    There are four acts called Para in existence: 1. A Slovak pop-rock band formed in 1995 as a "packaged punk". In its formation and existence of the mix of pure punk became a pure pop.

  • Please the Trees

    (3,851 listeners)

    czech, post-rock, indie rock, indie

    In the begining there were post rockish Some Other Place, quite like Sigur Rós, strictly instrumental creating sound collages, and lonesome singer-songwriter Vaclav Havelka performing under the alias of selFbrush. Both missing something, Some Other Place a vocalist and selFbrush a band, they united one day for music experiments from which the PLEASE THE TREES were born.

  • Prago Union

    (10,812 listeners)

    hip-hop, czech, rap, hip hop

    Prago Union are a hip-hop duo from Prague, Czech Republic established in 2002. Largely a product of Kato's unique lyrical wordplay and storytelling as well as skillful beatmaking, Prago are considered by many fans and critics to be one of the best and most consistent hip-hop artists of the Czech hip-hop scene.

  • Puding Pani Elvisovej

    (9,251 listeners)

    slovak, electronic, alternative, indie

    PPE are: Milos aka drum machine Pino aka speedy keyboard master Slivka aka supersonic Viliam aka pump up the bass

  • Rara Avis

    (11,544 listeners)

    indie, alternative, slovak, czech

    There are multiple bands with the name "Rara Avis". 1) RARA AVIS from Czech Republic/Slovakia. They releasing their debut album on January 29, 2010.

  • Republic of Two

    (1,618 listeners)

    indie, indie folk, czech, alternative

    A new band from Prague. We can talk about them as "czech answer to Kings of Convenience". Music Republic of Two si indie-folk without any electronic sounds. Band was founded by producers and musicians Mikoláš Růžička and Jiří Burian (alias Gregory Finn). There are two other musicians - cellist Terezie Kovalová and bass Štěpán Růžička. 20th October 2010 was released debut album Raising the Flag.

  • Skyline

    (25,041 listeners)

    electronic, czech, drum and bass, dance

    There are more than one band called Skyline ..... 1. Czech Band The wildest electronic band from Czech Republic formed around 1997 in Prague.

  • Stratasoul

    (530 listeners)

    experimental, dubstep, chill, beats

    Stratasoul (Dalibor Hriadel) is a young soul that has been lost in stratosphere. As a young 12 year old fella he fell in love with his atari ST and sequencing and emerging from rave,hip-hop scene around mid 90's, he developed a passion to make deep dope beats, ranging from deep house to electronica, hip-hop and so on, obsessively searching for musical patterns that are all around and within us.

  • tasun

    (90 listeners)

    dnb, underground, slovak


  • Tata Bojs

    (18,364 listeners)

    czech, alternative, alternative rock, electronic

    Tata Bojs is a Czech alternative rock-electro band formed in Prague, Czech Republic in 1988 by Marek Huňát aka 'Mardoša' (bass) and Milan Cais aka 'Bublajz' (drums, vocal). Present members are: Mardoša, Bublajz, Vladimír Bár, Jiří Hradil and Dušan Neuwerth.

  • The Bloody Beetroots

    (584,346 listeners)

    electro, electronic, dance, italian

    The Bloody Beetroots are an electro and dance music duo from Bassano del Grappa, Vicenza, Italy. Formed in late 2006 by Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo, an international indie producer, and DJ Tommy Tea. Often compared with French duo Justice and Italian DJ duo Crookers, the duo wear Grendel masks while performing.

  • The Bright Eye

    (67 listeners)

    rock, indie, alternative, alternative rock

    Nové Mesto nad Váhom, Slovakia, (2008 - present) The Bright Eyes is band from Nové Mesto nad Váhom, Slovakia. They play alternative rock/indie/post-punk music. Influenced by many bands like Killers, Muse, Placebo, Radiohead are one of the youngest musicians who have "ripely" sound.

  • The Cellmates

    (185 listeners)

    rockabilly, english, rock n roll, indie rock brazil fun

  • The Subways

    (912,888 listeners)

    indie rock, indie, british, rock

    The Subways are a British garage rock/indie rock band. Their debut album, Young For Eternity, was released on 4 July 2005 in the UK and February 14, 2006 in the US. Billy Lunn (guitars/vocals), Charlotte Cooper (bass/vocals), Josh Morgan (drums)

  • The Twilight Sad

    (208,955 listeners)

    shoegaze, scottish, indie rock, post-rock

    The Twilight Sad are an indie rock band from Kilsyth, Scotland formed in late 2003. The band is composed of James Alexander Graham (vocals), Andy MacFarlane (guitar/keyboards) and Mark Devine (drums).

  • The Uniques

    (50,530 listeners)

    rocksteady, reggae, ska, indie

    The Uniques is the name of more than one band: 1) Slovak electroclash 2) Jamaican rocksteady 3) 60s US garage band 4) Doo Wop 1) The Uniques are a electroclash band fromed in Slovakia, Bratislava around 2006. Based in Berlin they are influenced by its current music scene. The band has changed its name (to avoid confusion) and is now called Nvmeri (latin for numbers).

  • Tornádo Lue

    (1,162 listeners)

    alternative, czech, slovak, female vocalists

    Bratislava based indie-rock band with equal parts of cabaret and klezmer mixes up into a delicious cocktail. http://www.tornadolue.cz/

  • Vec

    (7,632 listeners)

    hip-hop, slovak, rap, slovak rap

    Branislav Kováč (born 1976 in Zlaté Moravce, Slovakia) known as Vec. With Midi, together known as Trosky crew, in 1997 they released the eponymous album.

  • Voodooyoudo

    (75 listeners)

    rock, indie, czech, seen live

    VOODOOYOUDO vznikli na podzim roku 2005 v sestavě: Tomáš Hruban - guitar Jan Uiberlay - bass / vocal David Mikeš - drums Miloš Rejsek - synthesizer

  • Walter Schnitzelsson

    (1,047 listeners)

    slovak, seen live 3x, indie rock, alternative

    Rock n roll Bratislava Jozef Rezník Jakub Joštiak Miroslav Michale http://www.wsch.sk/

  • Wolf Gang

    (215,322 listeners)

    indie, electronic, british, indie pop

    You may have heard of Wolf Gang already. The 23-year-old singer, real name Max McElligott, was the curious creator of singles ‘Pieces Of You’ and ‘The King And All Of His Men’. Supports with Florence And The Machine, Miike Snow and Metric – as well as his own sold-out show at London’s hip White Heat night – have cemented his status as one to most definitely watch.