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  • Spare tickets | Exchange

    Please use this thread for spare tickets. Thanks.

  • I have 3 spare OPS12 tickets for sale... €65 the early bird price.

    I will only sell by PayPal as it guarantees protection for both parties.

    Serious buyers only.


  • Further two spare tickets!

    I can no longer attend the festival so I have two tickets for sale! Super-cheap early bird price too! only 65 euros!

    PayPal preferably.

    Get in touch if you're interested.


  • EDIT: <estava aqui um anúncio mas agora d>

  • Hello, I have one ticket for sale, I'm looking to recuperate most of my £80.

    Personal message me if you are interested.

  • Got a spare cheap ticket. Asking cost price of £56, and able to exchange in London once I receive my tickets.

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    • 14 May 2012, 11:15
    passe vendido

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  • Eu tenho um passe de mais para os 4 dias, 75 euros.

  • I have one ticket left, for 75 euros the whole festival. Is a Ticketscript PDF, so I can send it by mail or give in hand the same thursday, before accesing the festival if someone thinks is safer that way. Private message if interested.

    • Joanaq said...
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    • 18 May 2012, 19:07

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  • i am selling a ticket very cheaply on ebay as I am very unfortunately unable to go... this it's only 35 just so that someone might take it! feel free to contact me if you would like any more information!

  • VENDO dos abonos para el Optimus Primavera Sound de Oporto a 75 euros cada uno.

    Interesados contactad conmigo :)

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  • Ticket for day 7

    I have one ticket for sale for day 7.


    people interested send a message please

  • -Abono Primavera Optimus-

    Hola! Vendo un abono para Primavera Optimus, parque da cidade, a precio de coste 85 €

    Hi!I sell a ticket for the 4 days of the festival for 85 €.

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm selling two four day tickets for 100 euros (both). Feel free to contact with me if you are interested.

    Thank you.

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  • Abono OPS12

    ¡Hola! Vendo abono de 4 días para el Optimus primavera sound por 77€. Los interesados que se pongan en contacto conmigo.

  • 4-day ticket for exchange

    I'll trade my 4-day ticket for a daily ticket (for Saturday, June 9th) plus 15€.
    So basically you get a 4-day ticket for 65€. Send me a message.

  • Hi!

    Selling a 4-day ticket for 60€ !

    Message me.

  • abono 4 dias 75 euros

    Estoy en Madrid, asi que si sois de por aquí...casi mejor!

    abono 4 dias OPS12... 75 eur!!! OFERTA IRRESISTIBLE!! :)

    twitter: @JRGE09
  • 2 Tickets.

    Vendo 2 passes para os 4 dias do festival. A todos os interessados é favor mandar mensagem.

  • Primavera Sound Porto

    I am selling 2 4-days tickets for the price I bought it for 85€ each. I will also be attending the festival, so I can meet at the door or send before. I have a receipt from FNAC proving the purchase.

    Vendo 2 passes de 4 dias pelo preço de compra 85€. Vou ao festival portanto posso entregar na porta ou antes em Lisboa. Tenho o recibo da FNAC da prova de compra.

  • 1 pass

    selling 1 pass also for 85 euros

  • hello,
    ill sell my two weekend tickets for 50 Euros each or something. me and a friend can't go. get in touch, could do it by paypal. cheers!

    • Fersk said...
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    • 31 May 2012, 09:55

    Primavera Sound Porto

    I want to buy 2 4-days tickets for Primavera Sound Porto.

    Send me a private message.


  • tickets now sold out, thanks to all the timewasters too

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