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  • Adam Ant

    (181,270 listeners)

    new wave, 80s, post-punk, pop

    Adam Ant is the stage name of Stuart Leslie Goddard (born November 3, 1954, London, England), lead singer of 1980s pop group Adam and the Ants and also a solo artist.

  • Alt-J

    (508,975 listeners)

    indie, electronic, british, alternative

    ∆ (pronounced Alt-J) was formed when Gwil Sainsbury (guitarist/bassist) , Joe Newman (guitar/vocals), Gus Unger-Hamilton (keyboards) and Thom Green (drums) met at Leeds, UK University in 2007. The band currently resides in Cambridge.

  • Annie Mac

    (8,775 listeners)

    electronic, dj, bbc radio 1, dance

    Annie Mac is most well known for her Radio 1 show, The MASH UP, where she broadcasts 2 hours of dance music around the world every Friday night.

  • Bellowhead

    (37,706 listeners)

    folk, english folk, british, british folk

    Bellowhead are an 11 piece band that play arrangements of English traditional music. They have released one Ep, E.P.onymous in Oct 2004, and four albums, Burlesque in Oct 2006, Matachin in Oct 2008, Hedonism in October 2010 and Broadside in October 2012.

  • Ben Howard

    (460,305 listeners)

    folk, acoustic, singer-songwriter, british

    Ben Howard (born 24 April 1987) is an English singer-songwriter, born in London. He moved to Totnes, Devon, in his teens.

  • BIGkids

    (4,987 listeners)

    mr hudson, indie, british, superhero

    BIGkids is the collaboration of Ben Hudson (aka Mr Hudson) & Rosie Oddie.

  • Chas 'n' Dave

    (22,112 listeners)

    cockney, comedy, london, rockney

    Chas & Dave are a Cockney pop rock music artists, often billed as Chas 'n' Dave or erroneously as Chaz 'n' Dave.

  • Clement Marfo & The Frontline

    (7,508 listeners)

    grime, hip-hop, british, rap

    Clement Marfo & The Frontline are a seven-piece diverse collective from South London led by the charismatic Clement.

  • Dan Le Sac

    (36,789 listeners)

    electronic, hip hop, british, hip-hop

    dan le sac is a electronica, hip-hop and choppy breaks artist from Reading, UK. His Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip collaborations (with Scroobius Pip), are a distinctive take on hip-hop. Sites: MySpace and http://danlesac.co.UK

  • Daughter

    (386,763 listeners)

    indie, acoustic, indie folk, female vocalists

    Daughter is Elena Tonra, a singer/songwriter from North London, UK. After releasing a 4 track Demo EP, Elena joined forces with Igor Haefeli to produce 'His Young Heart' in April 2011. On November 2011, with the addition of Remi Aguilella on drums, 'The Wild Youth - EP' was released via Communion Records.

  • DELS

    (30,918 listeners)

    hip-hop, grime, electro, british

    In an era of homogeneous hip hop, the music of Kieren Dickins – better known as his on-stage alter ego DELS – comes as a breath of proverbial fresh air. DELS’ signature sound belies a truly eclectic range of musical influences, from his days in a two-step garage band as a teenager, to a long-standing creative partnership with Joe Goddard from electro-pop wonder team Hot Chip.

  • Django Django

    (262,547 listeners)

    psychedelic, indie, experimental, british

    Django Django consists of vocalist and guitarist Vinny Neff, drummer Dave Maclean (a brother of Beta Band's keyboard player John Maclean), Jimmy Dixon on bass and Tommy Grace on keyboards. They met at Edinburgh College of Art but formed in Dalston, London in 2008.

  • Emeli Sandé

    (431,006 listeners)

    soul, british, female vocalists, r'n'b

    Adele Emeli Sandé (born 10 March 1987: Sunderland, England and raised in Aberdeen, Scotland) known by her stage name Emeli Sandé, is a soul and R&B recording artist and songwriter signed to Virgin Records.

  • Field Music

    (170,717 listeners)

    indie, indie pop, british, indie rock

    Field Music are from Sunderland in the north-east of England. They make experimental pop music. The band is led by brothers Peter and David Brewis.

  • Florence + the Machine

    (1,953,161 listeners)

    indie, female vocalists, alternative, british

    Florence + the Machine (a stylisation of Florence and The Machine), is a London, UK, art pop band led by singer-songwriter Florence Welch and formed in 2007.

  • Gallows

    (195,086 listeners)

    hardcore, hardcore punk, punk, british

    Gallows are a hardcore punk band from Watford Hertfordshire, England, formed in 2005. They consist of Stuart Gili-Ross (bass), Laurent 'Lags' Barnard (guitar), Lee Barratt (drums), and Wade MacNeil (vocals). They were signed to Warner Bros.

  • Jaguar Skills

    (8,565 listeners)

    mixtapes, mashup, hip-hop, british

    Who Is He??!! He came from London, England, and went into the mountains of northern Spain, to a hide out, to hang with Ninja Master Sho Kosugi and Wayward Taoist guru Barefoot Doctor. Now he's back, fools! Who? The Ninja Warlord of the Fillionaire party scene, DJ Jaguar Skills, thats who!

  • Jake Bugg

    (294,383 listeners)

    folk, british, indie, singer-songwriter

    Jake Bugg (born Jacob Edwin Kennedy 1994 in Nottingham) is an English singer songwriter. His work is influenced by Donovan, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Oasis, Don McLean, Johnny Cash, and The Beatles. At the age of 17 he got a contract with Mercury Records after his performance at the Glastonbury Festival.

  • Josh Kumra

    (8,349 listeners)

    singer-songwriter, british, acoustic, new band of the day

    Josh Kumra is a thoughtful young singer songwriter with a guitar on his back and a long road ahead.

  • Kate Nash

    (1,146,176 listeners)

    female vocalists, british, indie, singer-songwriter

    Kate Nash (born 6 July 1987) is a singer, songwriter, pianist, and guitarist from Harrow, North London, United Kingdom, best known for the UK #2 hit "Foundations".

  • Kindness

    (111,569 listeners)

    disco, british, electronic, indie

    Kindness is the stage name of British musician Adam Bainbridge. He first drew attention from the media with his cover of The Replacements' "Swingin' Party". His first LP, World, You Need a Change of Mind, was released in 2012. disambiguation:

  • Lianne La Havas

    (117,814 listeners)

    soul, folk, british, female vocalists

    Lianne Charlotte Barnes a.k.a. Lianne La Havas (born August 23, 1989, in London, England) is an English folk, soul, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

  • Misty's Big Adventure

    (8,571 listeners)

    indie, alternative, british, birmingham

    Misty's Big Adventure are an eight piece band from Birmingham, UK. Their music is an eclectic mix of jazz, lounge, psychedelia, two tone, pop and punk. The current lineup is Grandmaster Gareth (vocals), Hannah Baines (trumpet), Lucy Baines (saxophone), Lucy Bassett (keyboards), Matt Jones (bass), Sam Minnear (drums, percussion), John Nachtanoj (guitar) and Sri Erotic Volvo (dancer).

  • Palma Violets

    (88,281 listeners)

    indie rock, indie, british, garage rock

    Palma Violets are an English band from London, formed in 2011, based on the musical partnership of frontmen Sam Fryer and Chilli Jesson. The lineup is composed of Sam Fryer (vocals, guitar), Chilli Jesson (vocals, bass), Pete Mayhew (keyboards) and Will Doyle (drums).

  • Rizzle Kicks

    (172,669 listeners)

    british, hip hop, rap, hip-hop

    According to the Down With The Trumpets Songfacts, Rizzle Kicks is a British Hip-Hop/Pop duo comprising Jordan "Rizzle" and Harley "Sylvester.

  • Scroobius Pip

    (34,347 listeners)

    spoken word, hip hop, hip-hop, rap

    Scroobius Pip was born in 1981. Scroobius Pip had a speech impediment. Scroobius Pip realised the value and power of words. Scroobius Pip listened to great wordsmiths. Scroobius Pip started to write.

  • Skinny Lister

    (14,338 listeners)

    folk, indie, british, english

    Skinny Lister are not your average, modern day, gentrified English folk group. Fronted by Dan Heptinstall and Lorna Thomas; a vocalist with a lusty cackle and flirtatious presence, the London based five-piece hail from across England. Borrowing the nickname from the Lister family, pioneers in the use of anesthetic, the band have grown naturally and organically over the past two years.

  • Stealing Sheep

    (40,942 listeners)

    indie pop, dream pop, female vocalists, british

    Liverpool psych-folk darlings Stealing Sheep create lo-fi, DIY pop in the shape of noisily drenched old time vocals, spiraling psychedelic guitars, hypnotic beats and sixties style drone synths. http://stealingsheep.co.uk

  • Sticky

    (21,461 listeners)

    garage, all, uk garage, british

    There are at least six artists named Sticky. Number one: Sticky is a UK garage producer Number two :

  • Stooshe

    (70,531 listeners)

    pop, british, female vocalists, girl groups

    Stooshe is a 3 member British girl group based in Southeast London, UK. The group is comprised of Courtney Rumbold, Alex Buggs, and Karis Anderson. They debuted in March 2011 with the song "FUCK ME" The Love Me Songfacts reports that the song was reworked into a more radio-friendly single titled "Love Me" featuring a guest rap from Travie McCoy and with production by Future Cut.

  • Summer Camp

    (131,162 listeners)

    lo-fi, indie pop, indie, british

    Summer Camp are a London based duo formed in 2009. Having formed by accident after deciding to cover The Flamingos' I Only Have Eyes For You, the band did not initially reveal their identities, claiming to be six Swedish teenagers, but a report by independent music newspaper The Stool Pigeon revealed that they were solo artist Jeremy Warmsley and journalist Elizabeth Sankey.

  • The Horrors

    (573,581 listeners)

    garage rock, indie, horror punk, british

    There are at least three bands called The Horrors: 1) A garage rock band from Essex, England. 2) A garage rock/punk band from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 3) An American psychedelic rock band active in the 1960s.

  • The Lovely Eggs

    (13,779 listeners)

    garage rock, british, lo-fi, indie

    David and Holly are lovely eggs. They like to play music together and share a drink (although David doesnt like Strongbow anymore. It doesnt agree with him.) Holly likes books and historical things.

  • The Staves

    (64,010 listeners)

    folk, female vocalists, british, singer-songwriter

    There are at least two bands named The Staves: 1) The Staves are a three girls folk-rock band from the UK. 2) The Staves are a baroque pop band from NYC. 1) The Staves are a three girls folk-rock band from the UK.

  • The xx

    (1,437,939 listeners)

    indie, electronic, british, post-punk

    The xx are a Mercury Prize-winning trio formed in 2005 in London, United Kingdom and signed to Young Turks. The band members are Romy Madley Croft (vocals, lead guitar), Oliver Sim (vocals, bass guitar), and Jamie Smith, known as Jamie xx (beats, MPC sampler). Second guitarist and keyboardist Baria Qureshi was dropped from the band mid-tour in 2009. The reasons behind her ousting remain unclear.

  • To Kill a KingUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (37,352 listeners)

    indie, indie rock, british, london

    Rock band from London, UK. The name of the band was taken from a line in Hamlet. As Ralph Pellymounter pointed out :"I liked the idea of Claudius killing King Hamlet by pouring poison into his ear – and how that relates to music.” More information about them @ http://tokillaking.co.uk/

  • Two Door Cinema Club

    (1,337,512 listeners)

    indie, electronic, british, alternative

    Two Door Cinema Club is a Bangor and Donaghadee, Northern Ireland, UK, electropop / alternative band, formed 2007, consisting of Alex Trimble (vocals, guitar), Kevin Baird (bass, vocals), Sam Halliday (guitar, vocals) and, live only, Benjamin Thompson (drums).

  • Young British Artists

    (1,462 listeners)

    manchester, british, under 2000 listeners, lost radio outpost

    YBAs is a band. They make music in a room. No. 7. Underneath the corner of Newton St and Hilton St. With amplifiers, guitars, keys and drums. http://www.myspace.com/youngbritishartists

  • Zulu Winter

    (72,854 listeners)

    indie, british, experimental, indie rock

    Zulu Winter are a five piece Indie rock band formed in London, UK in 2011. The band consist of Will Daunt (vocals & guitar), Iain Lock (bass), Dom Millard (keyboards), Henry Walton (guitar) and Guy Henderson (drums).